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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 5 2013 3:05 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

And yet that record is STILL best among coaches here in Utah.

Every coach has a better winning percentage against losing teams, why not give us some averages comparing him to Bronco? Or to the rest of the nation?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

After this year, Kyle will have TWO wins against BCS bowl participants and END of season top 10 teams(Alabama and Stanford - likely top1 10 and BCS bowl)

Number of wins against END of season top 10 wins for Bronco?


Number of wins against BCS bowl participants for Bronco?


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I'll be that 60% is pretty similar for coaches. Another smear article by the des news against a coach who actually has proven he can have a quest for perfection and BCS glory.

Highland, UT


What makes you so sure stanford will finish in the top 10? They will more than likely lose to oregon this week which will once again drop them out of the top 10. If oregon goes to the bcs championship game, a likely occurance, then stanford will default into the rose bowl where they will probably get unceremoniously pummeled by a superior ohio state team. That is at least 3 losses right there and no chance of being in the top 10.

I'll give you this, you aren't afraid to make foolish comments and predictions, or maybe you truly believe them which makes it even sadder. LOL!

Salt Lake City, UT

"Or do Kyle Whittingham-coached teams struggle against quality opponents in general?"

The past three years they've struggled to have a healthy QB by mid season when conference play is going which tends to be a problem. Has Utah even had their beginning of season starting QB healthy for even a third of these conference games? Utah has shown an ability to still get quality wins when healthy as evidenced by 3 early season wins against the quality opponent BYU during these three years.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Utah is a good program, just have to learn to compete every week. Instead focusing on "BSC Glory", they should focus on winning a game.

Some people are really obsessed with defending their teams by knocking down other teams. Sad really.

Orem, UT

Versus PAC 12 Teams
Bronco 9-8(53%)
Kyle 12-18(40%)

Versus BCS Teams
Bronco 15-15(50%)
Kyle 21-20(51%)

AP Top 25 Finishes
Bronco 4
Kyle 2

AP/Coaches Top 15 Finishes
Bronco 3
Kyle 1

11+ Win Seasons
Bronco 3
Kyle 1

10+ Win Seasons
Bronco 5
Kyle 3

Conference Championships
Bronco 2
Kyle 1

Wins versus teams with winning records
Bronco 31
Kyle 28

Losses versus teams with losing records
Bronco 5
Kyle 6

Losses to 10+ loss teams
Bronco 0
Kyle 2

Bowl Games
Bronco 8
Kyle 7

Losing Seasons
Bronco 0
Kyle 1

Overall Record
Bronco 80-31(72%)
Kyle 74-36(67%)

If not for Kyle's perfect storm 2008 season, the Utes wouldn't have much, if anything, in the way of any real accomplishments under Kyle's leadership.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Omitting 2008"? Yeah, THAT's an objective view of Whit's record.

Ute fans need a red pompon-waiving homer writing for the DNews so hit-pieces like this have some balance by comparing Whit's entire record with the other coaches in-state, and strength of schedule, etc.

But if that homer is like Dick Harmon, never mind. We don't need our own house organ to tell us the U is in a tough conference and yet still beats the Y like a rented mule.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Whittingham - a great MWC coach. Pac-12? Not so much.

West Valley, UT

College football in Utah is always interesting. BYU started bad and has worked its way to be good. Ute's started good but now are falling, and USU started moderate then got hurt and now going back up to be a decent team.

Crisco B
Salt Lake City, UT

Let's face it, there are very very very few teams who manage to maintain a national profile year after year. Again though, having a membership to an elite gym does not make you able to automatically lift 500 lbs. The Utes had some glory. Give them credit. Give Whittingham credit. But outside of beating BYU (and Standford? How did that happen?), there hasn't been much to glory for these past few years.

Go Utes, CA

Only 28% of Oregon's FBS wins this year have come against winning teams. I guess Oregon is not very good.

100% of BYU's losses this year have come against teams that are .500 or below. BYU must be terrible.

What do they say about statistics?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

True Blue,

Simply being in the top 25 isn't all that impressive, 25 teams do it ever year.

Tell me, would you rather have a team that has a #2 end ranking one year and a #48 ranking the next year, or two consecutive years at #25 and #25.

I'll take a program that has higher highs and lower lows any day!

Best season ever for Whit or Bronco?


Best bowl win ever for Whit or Bronco?


Highest ranking ever for Whit or Bronco?


Brooklyn, NY

Look at the Mountain West conference standing right now. 7 out of 12 teams are at or below .500. It's obvious Utah has stepped up in competition. Look at TCU. Same scenario. I don't think that diminishes the coaches record. People thinking Utah was going to take over the PAC 12 were being somewhat naive. The Utes haven't had solid QB play in a while. I don't think Whit's seat is hot, but if they are still going 6-6 in Wilson's senior year, then I expect the temp to be extremely warm.

Can't really take out a full year and several opponents for a solid statistical analysis. Ask Oregon State about playing FCS schools and whether or not they still have to show up and play (lost 2 FCS games in the last couple of years). Many SEC schools pad 33% of their schedule against cupcakes at the beginning of the year. The games still count and help the teams climb the rankings because they are an SEC team with a 5-0 record at the start of the year.

jed c
Payson, UT

"Phibbs was raised in Sandy, Utah where he graduated from Alta High in 2008 and is a current senior at the University of Utah."

This is hardly an article from a BYU homer people. Do your homework. For the most part he is just listing statistics. It is a touch harsh though. I normally do not post but I am continually amazed at how many clueless sports fans (for both teams) are out there. Think before you post, try to have a clue, and show a little respect for both coaches who are by any standard great representatives for their schools, the state of Utah and the coaching profession.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Doesn't that mean 40% are against winning teams? Unfortunately, BYU is one of the winning programs on that resume. Too bad, the U is part of the 60%.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Chris B

"Tell me, would you rather have..."

I'd rather have EIGHTEEN Top 25 finishes in the last 37 seasons, NINE Top 15 finishes, FOUR Top 10 finishes, and a National Championship, over Utah's pathetic FIVE lifetime AP Top 25 finishes, ANY DAY!

The Utes have never finished higher than #4 in the Coaches poll, the official final poll for the BCS, and the Utes have never finished higher than #6 in the final BCS standings.

BYU's Best - #1 AP, #1 Coaches
Utah's Best - #2 AP, #4 Coaches

Utah's best pales in comparison to BYU's best.

Mcallen, TX

Fifty percent chance of the utes making a bowl this year.

How will they do it next year without a Cougar gift?

Go Utes, CA

True blue, please also let us know their head to head record. Thanks in advance.

Provo, UT

The problem for some fans JohnInSLC is that Bronco hasn't had any perfect storm seasons and inexplicable losses to teams like Virginia to derail big-time hopes. I actually like both coaches but fair is fair. The 2008 season did happen and Whittingham was in charge. Plus, winning the last four games vs. BYU has to count for something. I guess you forgot that stat.

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