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Scope of data loss 'is not anything I have seen before,' investigator says

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 5 2013 12:45 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, UT

Unbelievable. Time for Swallow to go away.

Salt Lake City, UT

He is turning into Nixon.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Swallow himself is even MORE disturbing.

Video evidence of him worrying about leaving a 'paper trail".
Free use of houseboats, fancy spas.

The decent and honorable thing to do would be to resign before MORE of our millions are being wasted here.

But nobody ever accused John Swallow of being decent and honorable.


Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

His arrogant smirks have got to go as well.
He looks like Romney.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

This whole thing stinks more and more each day.
Resign please.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

According to the Krispy Kreme meeting tape, it sounds like Mr. Swallow was well aware that he was going to under investigation. His statement on that tape, "I delete all my emails" is very telling. Nixon only erased 18 1/2 minutes. Mr. Swallow? thousands of smoking little emails.

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

@Mike in Sandy. This article isn't about Romney, but since you brought him up...I'll take the bait.

Your comments, which follow, should be directed toward Swallow, if he is proven guilty. AND also toward our do-no-good POTUS, who is obviously guilty of misleading the country about many issues, most notably Obamacare:

Enough. His arrogant smirks have got to go as well.
This whole thing stinks more and more each day.
Resign please.

So beautifully said. Thank you.

Draper, UT

What's most frightening is what Swallow is trying to hide is probably routine for government officials.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To JRM: Swallow is nothing like Nixon. Nixon was competent.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Everyday, this guy looks more and more guilty.
If he has any moral compass or conscience,
and was truly serving the Public's best interest - he would resign, NOW!

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Reich said not only do investigators want to recover information missing from Swallow's desktop, laptop and home computers, cellphone and PDA, they also want to figure out if it was deliberately deleted.


I've accidently lost data on ONE device before, that's believeable.

But to "mysteriously" loose data from a desktop, and a laptop, and home computers, and cellphone, and PDA -- all owned by the same guy, and all at the same time -- now that's an intentional cover-up!

And as Utah's top Attorney -- He of all people should know it!

slc, ut

Is it a tragic loss of date (evidence), or blatant obstruction of justice. This does not bode well for our AG.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

Where there's smoke, there's fire.

South Jordan, UT

The press has declared him guilty and now the sheeple are bleating for his head. I don't see why they even need an investigation.

Orem, UT

Everyone needs to take a step back and take a deep breath on this issue. So far, nothing has been found to convict Swallow on anything. Most of the charges have been thrown out. This whole investigation has been bankrolled by special interests that want Swallow out of office. If the committee finds nothing, then we should let him finish out his term and if we are dissatisfied with his performance, then find another candidate. We do not need to be sucked into allegations that have led us no-where and continue to show nothing for all we have spent to investigate something that is costing taxpayers money and time.

Sandy, UT

The AG's actions are hard to Swallow - time to see big John leave Utah politics once and for all. Maybe he could take Orin and Dan L with him too! Time for more people like Mike Lee throughout our sate and federal representatives and all elected levels of government. People who do what they say they are going to do and not back away when it gets uncomfortable. See ya John.

Brooklyn, NY

Another corrupt politician. Anyone with common sense will come to the conclusion that this "loss" of info wasn't an accident. This is very disturbing for Utah residents.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The delete (I am being investigated) key.

Kaysville, UT

Even though this is a John Swallow event for the House, it is actually a legacy for Mark Shurtleff who has jeopardized his time in public service due to this elected Attorney General who didn't have the support of the AG staff attorneys prior to his election. Many wanted Sean Reyes and Swallow got the thumbs up all the time, even the day of the election from Mark Shurtleff who was still Swallows boss and confidant, in more ways than one.

Trust, integrity, enforcer and applier of laws federally and of the State of Utah. It appears that telling all the truth to his fellow human beings is not part of his modus operandi. Habreus corpus and ex post factor are also part of the law he is to enforce.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

If there is ANY agency in government that ought to safeguard the integrity of data it would be the AG office. Even if this were a series of innocent mistakes it clearly indicates incompetence at the very least.
On that issue alone Swallow should resign.

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