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Published: Monday, Nov. 4 2013 7:50 p.m. MST

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John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

For what it is worth, men who have been baptized but not yet ordained to the priesthood are invited to General Priesthood Meetings, and I actually know some men who attend church regularly and have not yet been baptized who come as well.

I could even see the brethren setting a lower age for general priesthood meeting. I do not expect it in the near future.

I do not understand the 8 years for women, however I also don't understand why men can go on missions at 18 and women not until 19. I am content to not know all things, even if I seek more than many to know as much as possible.

Home Town USA, UT

To Tigersue: I beg to differ your comments about being "talked down to" by the General Primary leadership. Sister Wixom's talk was every bit as inspiring as Sister Burton's ever since she was called and spoke to the general audience as General President of the Primary.

As a great-grandmother I found Sister Wixom's talk intelligent, uplifting and in no way condescending. She is a woman who understands what is needed to encourage the listener of any age and applicable to the primary ages as well. I admire her insights and preparation for her call to serve.

Saint Louis, MO

The LDS has pretty much the same philosophy as Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Eastern Rite Catholic, and Orthodox Judaism. This is something to build on.

Marsha N.

Sis. Julie Bangerter Beck advised us a few years ago that in these times our primary objective should be to teach our youth how to value their gender by teaching them the great aspects of motherhood and fatherhood before teaching careers. This step brings us closer to that goal of helping our young women focus on their great gift of womanhood. Standing with their mothers (or other feminine role models) will help our young girls commit themselves to developing the great qualities of womanhood. A culture that values the qualities of women will be a kinder, stronger, more giving society.

San Luis Obispo, CA

There have been several references to "pressure from women" to bring about this change in the General Relief Society meeting. The prophet and apostles are obviously competent, very discerning adults and it seems like they rarely are successfully pressured into anything. More likely, they take this input from members and pray about it if they feel that is needed. That is why it is important to voice your concerns and not to squash or criticize others who simply have different concerns than you.

Wasatch Front, UT

I make the following observation with a HUGE dose-of-humor for this topic (so, DNews-MODERATOR, please don't deny posting this comment), but......

I gotta say that this story has the weirdest eclectic collection of reader-comments I think I've ever seen on this website! **GRIN**

We're all just a funny bunch of "busy-bodies", aren't we?! 8^)

As I said in my original post: I'd still be interested to hear an "official explanation" from the church as to WHY they are making this change.



Maybe I wasn't paying attention but I suppose that the "Women's Conference" will probably be renamed since, under no stretch of the imagination, are 8 to 11 year old girls women. "Females Conference" doesn't sound great; perhaps "Sisters Conference" would fit the bill as all are sisters, or daughters of God.

I know my wife is not well pleased with the changes as she feels that she will receive less instruction and feel, more than ever, that there is no Church conference that deals with her concerns. She does not want to share the time with the YWMIA or Primary girls; we don't do that at our block meetings so logically it seems the more strange.

The idea that not everything is a revelation that is done in the Church might be said without disrespect, though. For example when additions were made to existing scriptures recently, adding revelations on the Spirit World, they were placed in the Pearl of Great Price.

My feeling then was to regard the Doctrine of Covenants a more logical choice. Though I made no comment, the scriptures were soon thereafter moved from the Pearl of Great Price to the D and C anyway.

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