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Published: Monday, Nov. 4 2013 7:50 p.m. MST

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Montreal, QC, 00

Ernest T. Bass:
[This will be so great for my daughters! Can't wait to hear about modesty and how to be supportive stay at home wives.]

I can't tell if this is sarcastic, based on the rest of the overblown excitement for this "oh so inspired announcement" on this board.

I just really hope it is sarcastic, as I would feel sorry for any girl whose father expects them to be "supportive stay at home wives".

Tampa, FL

I personally think that this is inspired. Probably not done by revelation, per se, but you can be inspired without receiving revelation, since revelation and inspiration are not one in the same. I believe that this change will help the girls and women of the church feel more united, as well as help us feel fortified and strengthened as a sisterhood and in our divine roles as daughters of God. I'm excited, and I've been waiting on this change for about a year and a half... The Lord really does answer our prayers.

Alex 1
Tucson, AZ

While some are, not every decision made by the leaders of the church is an eternal event. Some are merely tactical practical decisions made within the context of their stewardship. I'm quite sure the Lord is alright with them adjusting the controls to comply with His mandate. Sure, this may be inspired, but it doesn't have to be either.

Springville, UT

I don't know why this is a big deal.

Brigham City, UT

Esquire: It's not. Carry on and find something else to stress about.

Kalamazoo, MI

I would like to see the women's broadcasts included in the Audio CD's of General Conference. They could be included at the end just like in the Conference Addition of the Ensign magazine. I listen to the GC talks many times over when they are on CD, but only read them once from the magazine. This would make those messages just as available to church members as the priesthood sessions in an audio format for those of us who use CD's.

Gonzales, LA

I guess I can hardly believe people that are LDS can be so shallow and relate things to the common trends such as women petitioning for more and then making comments like and that's called inspiration wow or comments like why cant the 8 yr old boys, or an explanation on why they would let the 8 yr old girls. For all of you that are members and raise your hand to the square and sustain the Brethern do you not know what revelation is? Looking at the comments really make one wonder what part of this Church you don't understand and its sad because a lot of these same people comment on a lot of things in unfavorable ways. My advice perhaps you need to get on your hands and knees as those that support sustain and love the revelation that is received, and maybe if you humble yourselves you will get the same answers, just food for thought

Somewhere in Time, UT

This has nothing to do with "pressure" from women. The Lord, through the brethren, has instituted a new meeting that includes all female members of the Church. That is wonderful and the Lord has his reasons for establishing this at this time.

General Priesthood meeting is for Priesthood members ONLY. The issue is NOT age, it is membership in the Priesthood. The way these meetings are conducted is based on the needs of each group and it is not necessary that they be equal or even similar.

Springville, UT

@ NedGrimley. No stress here. Just asking, especially when some folks seems to equate such things into miracles from above, when they really aren't. That's all.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I guess if the people that are complaining about it being on a separate week. They could go back to when Conference week was held on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. It seems like there was also a Friday. Each of them filled using more time than now.

It's obvious in the world we live in, that it would be a harder to try and get work off.

terra nova
Park City, UT

This change is designed to make the move from Young Women's to Relief Society easier. Expect to see the Young Women and Relief Society combined more often (and perhaps permanently) on a ward level in coming years. Doing so will bless both organizations, simplify the ministry of growing world-wide church and add depth young sisters considering missions.

These are all good things. Good things are always inspired.

Farmington, UT

Hahaha! So amusing to see everyone reveal their biases, worries and insecurities. Tons of armchair quarterbacks who see a piece of the puzzle and assume they viewing the big picture...great entertainment.

City, Ut

2blitz-- try lds.org. You can listen to them over and over as much as you want.

Medical Lake, Washington

I am not surprised by this at all. I have wondered for the past 15 years or so if something like this might eventually come -- not sure why, I just did.

8 year old girls, like mine, attend Achievement Day Girls, this will be a nice addition to their lives. The boys that age are already involved in Scouting and have various scout activities and events, including Day camps, which the girls did not have in their schedules.

Let's just enjoy this change and take advantage of it. Any time the church makes a change or a policy, many of us celebrate and see the wisdom in it; while too many others complain and accuse church leadership of pandering to some anonymous group or another. The church continues to move -- let's move along with it.

Belinda, Melbourne Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Have you stopped to think that perhaps we are needing to go back to the combined meeting now for some particular reason that you and I aren't currently privy to? I agree and understand that not all decisions are inspired, but why can't this one be?? The decision to separate the meetings back in 1993 was definitely inspired. As a YW leader at the time, it was necessary for this to happen so that the YW of that period could be prepared more to serve in the Church and in their homes and to prepare them for the things they were about to face and continue to face as parents of youth today. But times and needs change and we need to be able to prepare ourselves for that. That's how I look at this decision. The bottom line is, does it really matter in the big scheme of things whether you or I feel this is inspiration or not. Just a thought.



I'm actually not misinformed; you are. The general sisters' meetings are only as connected with general conference as that they are in the season and are archived into the same Ensign issue and webpage as general conference is. They aren't the opening session of general conference, because if they were, then the leaders would conduct them thus and name them as one of the SIX sessions of general conference, rather than as conferences themselves. And then Lloyd Newell and the conductor wouldn't announce the current Saturday morning session as the first session of general conference! Also, if the sisters' meetings were truly part of general conference, then the leaders should've either put the priesthood session on the previous weekend too (at a different time slot for babysitting purposes), or they would've had a slot for one of the sessions on the main Sunday at 6:00 (preferably a general session for the best final closure).

I don't know where you got the idea that we men weren't encouraging our wives to listen/watch/go to the RS meetings. I know many men who do, including my dad. When I'm married I will too.


TigerSue again:

(I meant "... meetings that were then still just RS....")


Yes. Cub scouts, regular church, stake conference general session, and the 4 main sessions of general conference. What did you really mean: something that compared to the sex-exclusivity of the sisters' vs. priesthood meetings?

Ohio LDS:

Yeah, they should allow 8-11-yr. boys in person into the general priesthood session shouldn't they? As for what you called "sneaking," there's no need to think that if you let him watch the priesthood session at home with you it would even be considered “sneaking,” because 1. that's not really being sneaky anyway (though I did understand your figure of speech), and 2. now even the sisters can watch it live that way anyway (instead of having to wait for it to show up on the site only after the conference was over). Anyone can now watch the priesthood session live; but just not all in-person. However, you MAY be able to get away with getting him into a priesthood session in person! I don't think they check id.s (birth cert.s for people that young) there! ;-D

Dan Taylor
Keyser, WV

Exactly! Why is there Always somebody ready to complain about something.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

This is a good development. It is interesting that girls as young as 8 will be included. I wonder if they will leave the cut off for general priesthood meeting at age 12. I will be sure to tell my primary children about this.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

The Lord speaks to us in our own language. This means he fits the meetings to the needs of the people at the time the meetings occur.

Actually, the question I have that presses most on my mind is, should teachers who have primary children age 8-11 in their primary classes plan to attend these meetings?

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