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Published: Monday, Nov. 4 2013 7:50 p.m. MST

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Mount Pleasant, UT

I believe that would be an incredible experience to be there in the presence of those humble young and older women together. As always, another inspired change.

Glendale, AZ

Wow--that's pretty cool! I hope the world can handle it...that's going to be some very awesome spiritual power gathered together all over the world.

Home Town USA, UT

This is a great change. The Northwest Area, Washington Kennewick Mission had a similar Regional meeting with the General Presidencies of Primary, Relief Society and Young Women's Leaders speaking to the Primary ages eight year old, through young women to adult age women. It was a unifying experience throughout the stakes of Washington and some of Oregon. The messages were applicable to every female present. We drank in the feelings of the still small voice and were filled. Sister missionaries were also a part of it. We went away fed and nurtured by the Spirit. The general presidencies left us with such hope and confidence we could meet all challenges in today's world. It was powerful.

We thank you for the wonderful opportunity to bond with our leaders, daughters and each other as women.


I've been looking forward to taking my young sons to Priesthood meeting, and now my wife can look forward to the same thing with our daughters! Inspired change for sure.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, all of the Wasatch front ice cream shops are preparing for 2 additional peak Saturday evenings per year.

Grandma 20
Allen, TX

What a marvelous, inspired change. Three years ago I attended the Young Women's meeting in the Conference Center in SLC with my granddaughter (17 years old at the time) and her mother. It was a marvelous, refreshing sight then to see all of those beautiful women and to feel of their enthusiasm and spirits. It will be even more marvelous that we, as sisters, both young and old, will be able to come together twice a year to hear the words of our inspired leaders. This will be a great unifying time in our lives.

Wasatch Front, UT

I wish the article had mentioned WHY they want to make this change.

I don't get it.


Heheheh, well now there ya GO, sisters! With this addition of girls even down to as young as age 8 now, well... you may still not have the priesthood and its accompanying general meeting, but you have beaten us priesthood holders in one way here: that is that now even younger members of your sex get added to the pile of those who can attend the meetings in person than even our deacons! :-)

Oh, and the other thing is that now all you sisters 8 and over get TWO meetings to yourselves--and you get your meetings by themselves too; while we priesthood holders only get our one general meeting to ourselves, but ours has to be attached to general conference. It doesn't get to be its own thing like yours have been and still are. How do you like that? Is that pretty cool?

(I guess you could find ways to look at that as either pessimistically or *optimistically*!)


Richmond, VA

I love being a member of this wonderful church! So grateful my parents accepted the gospel when it was presented to them. It has truly being a blessing in our lives! Inspiring changes like this testifies to me that the Lord is at the helm of this great and marvelous work! What a joy to be led by a prophet of God in these turbulent yet exciting times!

Buena Vista, VA

any meetings planned where 8 year old boys can attend?

Cinci Man

I love this change. What a great prophet President Monson is.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

This will be so great for my daughters! Can't wait to hear about modesty and how to be supportive stay at home wives.

play by the rules

I am LDS, but this is not worthy of a news story. This could be a one sentence announcement.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

What a blesskng for those that travel Long Distances to attend General Conferenc, Making that long trip twice a year with the entire family, now Mom and the grils can go along, and do it all together. There are changes in the church that are for better and they happen all the time. I remember when June Conference was held for all of MIA, it was a blessing, however, it is no longer held. Also General Conference use to be for 3 days instead of 2. So don't complain just "Follow the prophet" he will do what the Lord whould have us do.


I am also curious as to whether 8-11 year old boys will be allowed to attend Priesthood Session. I have two boys in that age group. I guess I can "sneak" them in by just watching the session together at home. But it would be nice to hear some guidance on why 8-11 year old girls are now invited to a special conference session but not 8-11 year old boys.

Also, it seems odd that the General Primary Presidency will be speaking in a meeting that half of their organization is not allowed to attend (boys). I always viewed these good Sisters as leaders who preside over children rather than leaders who preside over just girls. Hey, maybe we can invite them to speak to the 8-11 year old boys in Priesthood Session!

Lehi, UT

Like so many people you are misinformed. The General Women's meetings are attached to general conference, just because they are held the weekend before the rest of the meetings does not mean they are separate from Conference. They are actually the opening session. They can't put them on the weekend because it is already busy with the other meetings so they are scheduled the Saturday before. It is because of this misunderstanding that so many people seem to think the women have no role in General Conference. Women have been praying in Conference settings long before but because this session is not "valued", men don't encourage their wives to go, it isn't set aside as important as the Priesthood session for men, it is not seen as important as the rest of the Conference sessions.

I myself am ambivalent about this change. I have always enjoyed the separate meetings and having a RS meeting where I don't feel talked down to, but talked to on a intellectual level. I don't like feeling talked down to in a sticky sweet voice that is common with women working in the Primary for so many years.

SomewhereIn, UT

@play by the rules

"I am LDS, but this is not worthy of a news story. This could be a one sentence announcement."

...so, your 2-sentence opinion/comment is twice as important or newsworthy?


I'll get all my brethren from the Elder's quourum to attend that meeting, I would like to know what women talk about. JUST KIDDING! Great and inspired idea. AI totaly support this decision and glad for all the women in church.

Buena Vista, VA

If this was an inspired change (and I'm not saying it was, but sometimes changes just happen because of decisions leaders make), than was the discontinuance of combined meetings in 1993 uninspired? Don't get me wrong, I believe our leaders receive inspiration, but not every decision made is by inspiration. Not every calling is made by inspiration.

Orem, UT

Once again pressure from women in the church results in "inspired" change.

Alex 1
Tucson, AZ

I like the idea, although it won't affect me. I only have boys.

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