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Published: Sunday, Nov. 3 2013 8:05 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT


BYU/Utah game stats:
1st Downs: UT 16, BYU 24
3rd Down Conversions: UT 1/14, BYU 5/21
Total Yards: UT402, BYU 443
Rushing Yards: UT 129, BYU 183
Passing Yards: UT 273, BYU 260

When you say "We totally/unequivocally controlled this game throughout," I assume you must mean the total dominance of 13 extra yards in passing, since I'm not seeing that Utah was really even close to BYU in any other meaningful non-score statistic. Congrats on the final score, but claiming total dominance of the game is an embarrassingly false claim.

@Uteology - with the 21st toughest schedule in the country, BYU has a tougher schedule, according to Sagarin, than Alabama (47), Florida State (54), Ohio State (81), or Oregon (62). Yes, Utah's (4), and Stanford's (12) schedules are even tougher than BYU's, but I don't suspect you credit BYU for improving the Utes' schedule strength. Give us all a laugh and return to tell us that Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, and Oregon don't play a "real schedule," and that the 21st toughest schedule is not a "real schedule."

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

byu. bcs.


Mesa, AZ


byu ran 27 more total plays, 13 more passing/14 more rushing, in order to accumulate an utterly meaningless extra 41 total yards.

What's meaningful is The U avg 7.8/pass to byu 5.4 [both avg 3.9/rush] and the fact TW threw for 2 TDs/0 INTs while TH threw for 0 TDs/1 INT.

This all ties directly into the most glaring disparity between the two and that's what The U did upon reaching the redzone and what byu didn't do once there, as well as missing a chip-shot FG.

And again, as I stated in my previous comment above, byu's sole TD should never have occurred, in the first place. Not even the home-cooking by the refs could change the fact that we totally/unequivocally controlled this game throughout, from start-to-finish, never trailing, whatsoever.

Lindon, UT

@AZUTE1 - so, now it was refs fault the normal statistics used to determine statistical superiority went in BYU's favor? I thought blaming the refs was supposed to be in the BYU fans' wheelhouse. 1 of 14 in 3rd down conversions means that proportionally, in order to reach the 5 such conversions BYU made in 28 attempts, it would have taken the Utes 70 such 3rd down attempts. But, since the Utes had 2 more yards per pass, that means they totally dominated BYU? Typical Ute logic.

Ute fans like you should recognize a hard-fought, close victory when you see one. Instead, you cherry-pick the stats that make it look lopsided and then claim a dominating beatdown. Which, of course, reduces your credibility significantly and makes you look like a homer. Even the stats I cited, which very obviously are the ones they show in game summaries, admittedly don't show a dominance of the game. Just that BYU won the non-scoring statistical game by about as much as Utah won the more important statistic of final score. Anyone who argues that either team dominated the other is a joke amid objective analysis.



East Salt Lake City, Utah

Frisco, TX

mn_online - "Any hope BYU had for a BCS bowl vanished when the clock hit triple zeros in Charlottesville against a team that has since been proven to be really bad."

That didn't stop Stanford from being in the discussion for a BCS.


That's because they play a real schedule."

No. 21 isn't a real schedule? It's better than most BCS AQ conference team's schedules. Just further magnifies what a joke the NCAAF postseason is.

Cedar Hills, UT


You keep telling yourself that Utah thoroughly dominated BYU. If 2 more yards per pass play and perceived home-cooked reffing make that idea work for you, and that's what it takes to sooth the teased and tormented heart of a Ute fan repeatedly betrayed by his favorite team, then you keep on believing it and hold tight. Sorry I disrupted the pleasant mirage.

Overton, NV

AZUTE1 is on this trip again? Dude, that game was ages ago. Can't you let it go? It's over! Time to move on, little buddy.

I mean, can't you at least wax nostalgic on the Standford game? That at least was more recent.

Just more proof that BYU is everything to some Ute "fans."

West of I15, UT

@Tators..."And lastly, as BeSmart pointed out, BYU will be playing 2 nationally ranked and nationally known teams this month... both games with national tv coverage. The percentage of college teams doing that this year is actually very small."

Really? Utah has already played a top 5 team and they play 2 teams this month who are both ranked higher than wisconsin and notre dame.

Y fan's crack me up as I've posted many times same story same song and dance.

Jan - Aug "we have the greatest team on earth best coach, heisman QB, will be in BCS bowl or nat title this year"
September- Y fans dissapear to tulsa for awhile
October - first of November- Back to "we are going to BCS we are definitley better than the teams that beat us they are just lucky they don't play us now"
November 10th- Y fans back in hibernation till Idaho St comes to town

LOL the funniest thing I have read all year is Y fan's thinking they have even a small chance to go to a BCS bowl. Only one team in this state has accomplished that and done it twice!

Cheyenne, WY

Tators is right. BYU is playing two well respected National Programs on National TV as in NBC and ESPN that is a huge step up from the Pac-12 network.
Although Oregon Utah may be on Fox Sports 1 because it is Oregon.
Wisconsin was jobbed at ASU. The new rule in CFB says a team can clock it with 8 seconds left the refs did not let them clock it. They may have missed the FG though.
So that ref job caused Wisconsin not to have as high of ranking as ASU.
Oregon is indeed a great team. The game my guess will not be repectable but I could be wrong. Many sites and articles state that BYU could finish in the top 15.
And He is also right in saying the BYU tv coverage only belongs to a few programs in the nation.
And the experts do say BYU has a BCS chance.

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