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Published: Sunday, Nov. 3 2013 8:05 p.m. MST

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St Louis, MO

I've always felt kind of sorry for the "you have nothing left to play for" crowd. Obviously it's more fun to root for a team that's undefeated or has a legitimate shot at a national or conference title, but if that's all that keeps you interested in your team, you ain't much of a fan. It also means that, by this time of the year, most fans would have no reason to buy a ticket or find their team on TV.

Whether you're one of the few hundred commited Ute fans or one of the thousdands of BYU die-hards, I would hope you would still have at least some emotional investment in the last few games. Keeping the BCS flame alight is kind of sad at this point, but so what? Winning out, or even finishing with only one more loss, would make for a nice, if imperfect season. Is there a little regret over the VA and UT games? Sure. So we're not one of the handful of teams with a realistic shot this year, just like 95% of the field.

Lindon, UT

idablu-- Yes, that's the case THIS year. I'm not sure the MWC will be in playoff discussion in the future very often and if there was a playoff this year, Fresno wouldn't be going either. The playoff formula is not made to reward teams like FS. I think most BYU fans enjoy seeing them play name brand teams from all over the country. It seems the BYU power brokers chose exposure a few years ago.

Hyrum, UT

@ mn_online:

Very few teams play on national TV as much as BYU does... almost every week. 10 times this year. That's great exposure that most teams can only dream about. Utah plays on a sports channel that the biggest satellite company in the country (Direct-TV) doesn't even carry.
I'm quite sure the only time Utah played on ESPN this year was when they played BYU, and consequently was their highest watched game this season.

On top of that, BYU is making more than 4 times as much revenue now than when they were conference affiliated.

And lastly, as BeSmart pointed out, BYU will be playing 2 nationally ranked and nationally known teams this month... both games with national tv coverage. The percentage of college teams doing that this year is actually very small.

@ Chris B:


Even more of a LOL!

West Jordan, UT

BYU has about as much of a chance of making it to a BCS bowl this year as Utah does.

Hyrum, UT

@ SoonerUte:

When Urban Meyer qualified for a BCS bowl game while at Utah, they played an 8-3 Pittsburgh team that was ranked in only one poll... and number 24 at that. And that's not the only time a team with multiple losses have played in BCS bowl games.
Granted that it pretty much requires an affiliation with an automatic qualifying conference. But still, it has happened and theoretically could happen again involving a 2-loss team if the cards all fell in the right way. Not likely, but indeed possible.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Utah will intentionally tank the season going 0-4 if it meant that BYU's computer numbers would put them in contention of a BCS bid!!

Allen, TX

After seeing UCLA struggle against Colorado this weekend, the Utes might be a little concerned. Here's how I see them:

Nov 9, 2013 @ Wisconsin on ESPN BYU in a squeaker, 31-30
Nov 16, 2013 Idaho State @ Provo on BYUTV BYU slaughter, 51-9
Nov 23, 2013 @ Notre Dame on NBC ND in a close one, 40-34
Nov 30, 2013 @ Nevada on CBS BYU in dominating fashion, 36-10
BYU final record: 9-3

11/09/13 vs. Arizona State TV? ASU 45, Utah 10
11/16/13 at OregonTV? OR 67, Utah 21
11/23/13 at Washington StateTV? WSU 30, Utah 35
11/30/13 vs. Colorado TV? CO 30, Utah 24
Utes final record: 5-7

Frisco, TX

mn_online - "Any hope BYU had for a BCS bowl vanished when the clock hit triple zeros in Charlottesville against a team that has since been proven to be really bad."

That didn't stop Stanford from being in the discussion for a BCS.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I'll take BYU's mediocre 2013 year anytime over most of BYU's past schedules. It's been fun (and frustrating) to watch. If BYU could somehow win all its games on such a schedule then bring on the BCS. Otherwise let's keep going with 8-11 win seasons playing national teams on national tv, it's really fun! And who really cares about the lack of a conference championship. This scenario is really all Utah has to play for too, a rare chance that they win the PAC12 and thus hit another big bowl. The Utes are poised to compete for their division in good years and then have a tough road to win the conference...not dissimilar to BYU's situation. Go Cougars and keep bringing good games against good teams!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@birwin, great find! @ChrisB, please post the youtube link so we can all enjoy it! Or would you prefer to wait out the season and see just how far off your original 1-4 estimate ends up?

Salt Lake City, UT

CougFaninTX notes that a loss "didn't stop Stanford from being in the discussion for a BCS."

That is because Stanford was a highly ranked team from an automatic qualifying conference. BYU is the opposite of that. The Virginia loss was killer for unranked non-AQ BYU, ending hopes to join the ranks of 47 other teams to play in a BCS bowl game. Next year begins the 4 team playoff, and the same (or tougher) criteria applies to mid-majors: one loss and you're out. Know what it takes to get there.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Frisco, TX

mn_online - "Any hope BYU had for a BCS bowl vanished when the clock hit triple zeros in Charlottesville against a team that has since been proven to be really bad."

That didn't stop Stanford from being in the discussion for a BCS.


That's because they play a real schedule.

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

BCS, Maybe they will, maybe they won't. If they can split Wis and ND it will be a great start for next year. Against the schedule they have played, 9 and 3 is excellent. It could propel them into being a player next year. Go Independence, Go Cougars.

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

To me, this week is the barometer week for BYU. If they win at Wisconsin, I will believe that they are a legit top 25 team and better than Utah, despite being hammered at home by the Utes. I like BYU against ND. I think that the D can hold the Irish under 20 and the offense finds a few big plays to win. I'm looking forward to these two. Good luck Cougs!

Provo, UT

Let's be honest, we aren't going to a BCS bowl. There would need to be a lot of bad things to happen around the NCAA for that too happen, plus we would have to win out.

Enid, OK

@ birwin - Herrmian, UT - "Anyone wanting a good laugh should search DesNews for "BYU football Cougars unveil tough balanced 2013 football schedule" and then look for the Chris B. Post. at 9:09 Jan 28th. He said that if BYU would do better than 1-4 against Texas, Boise, Notre Dame, Utah and Wisconsin, he would sing the BYU fight song and post it on You Tube...Ha Ha... I was on You Tube today searching for his song, but I could not find it...

Mark it Down!!!"

So....apparently Chris B. owes us a singing permformance on an international (YouTube) stage, eh? I mean we already beat Texas AND Boise so we're already "better" than 1-4.

Chris B, what say you? Are you a man of your word? Utah fans ARE men of their word, aren't they?

It's a great time to be a Cougar!

Enid, OK

@ goutahutes - Cedar Hills, UT - "This article seems to be written with the purpose of attacking the Utah program. It seems to be out of line calling for Kyle Whittingham's job. It is clearly written by a pro BYU fan/journalist with an agenda. Unprofessional journalism."

Yeah, riiiiight......

Those little things like "facts", "records", "statistics" and such....we don't wanna talk about THOSE things.....

I mean, after all, you guys ARE the best team in the state, right?

Go Cougars!

Mesa, AZ


"Is there a little regret over the VA and UT games?"

What do these 2 have to do w/each other? byu = UVA's sole FBS victory.

byu fans always create these hypothetical games where byu brutalizes by an outrageous/obscene margin, like by 31/24/44 points or something. Then, they must awake and play the real games, always ending in the same, identical manner w/a U victory.

This year was no different, as we led the game from start-to-finish and were never seriously threatened. byu's sole TD was a gift from the refs after we shut byu down on 3rd and 10 from our 44 yardline, forcing an obvious punt, when ER was dead-ball PF'ed for trash-talking, resulting in byu''s 1st down near our redzone. This after trash-talking/extracurricular-activity flourished unpenalized on both sides for the vast majority of the game. Final margin of 7 points was utterly misleading. We totally/unequivocally controlled this game throughout.

Remember, after max's famous words he waited to utter 'til he knew he'd never have play against The U again, Coach KW responded w/stating we'd never lose to byu again -- 4 and counting.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Good match up and a big challenge for BYU. Too bad they can't play their way into a better/higher tier bowl. Looking forward to the game!

St Louis, MO

AZUTE1: What are you talking about? Hypothetical obscene margins? Revisiting specific moments from the Utah/BYU game? What exactly do you think you're responding to, bra? You seem to be reading a heck of a lot into one brief line from my post.

Let me sum up what I meant, though I never thought I'd have to clarify something so simple: it stinks we lost to Virginia (a bad team) and to Utah (a mediocre team). But, both games happened, so what are you gonna do?

Any other random objections to imaginary statements?

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