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Published: Sunday, Nov. 3 2013 8:05 p.m. MST

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Allen, TX

idablu: I appreciate the Dumb and Dumber reference. But it would be Dumbest to think BYU can get a BCS bid.

Falslev's injury is huge. Even without him, the Cougs have a shot, but 3 road games, 2 against ranked opponents is going to be a tough row to hoe.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

We're going to crush Wisconsin and win the Independant Conference.

Springville, UT

"There’s been some talk that if BYU can win its final four games, it could be a darkhorse for a BCS bowl bid."

Really? By whom...BYU fans?

Not going to happen. We get a cheap bowl in California every year. That's it.

Cheyenne, WY

@ MapleDon
I personally think BYU has pretty much no chance of being in the BCS with 1 loss maybe.
But CBS and National Football Post have both discussed BYU in the BCS.
As far as I know those two publications are not BYU "fans"
One thing interesting I found on ESPN are the drive for a championship rankings (no idea that that is) But they have BYUs schedule #12 and Utah's #2 so this has by far been the toughest year for the Utes and Cougs.
Hopefully the cougs can pull out a really tough game.
And hopefully the Utes can improve and make a bowl game.

Provo, UT

Not likely, in fact near impossible for a BCS bowl this year. But we have a chance to beat a few teams that may be playing in a BCS bowl. Texas, Houston, and Wisconsin are still in the hunt for their conference championship and automatic BCS birth. Wouldn't that be ironic IF BYU beat Wisconsin and IF all three of those schools won their conference? What would that say about the BCS system?

Just thinking....

Idaho Falls, ID

@ Cletus = Arizona State wins utah by 39 so go write it down.
Go Cougars!

Lindon, UT

The details on Falslev's injury I heard was that he caught himself falling on the waverider at Provo Beach Resort. I can totally see that happening and understand why they'd want to keep it under wraps. Stupid way to lose your starting PR and good WR. I understand wanting to have these "team building" activities on a bye week but can they pick something a little less physical?

Lindon, UT

Voodohound--- I like the way you think. There's virtually no way BYU will get a BCS bowl but it is always fun to give the "big boys" cause to pause and fumble over their conference snob ways. I'm still thinking Wisc. wins this one but feel more hopeful now than I was a month ago and think an upset is certainly possible. Andersen will make sure his team doesn't overlook BYU the way Texas did and they are sure to game plan for our weaknesses. Can't wait for this game. Go Coug's!!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

If BYU can play well we can win out. Worst case we're 8-4 on the season. Best case we're 10-2. Either way it's been a good season, minus poor losses to two bad teams. But seeing the improvement by the whole squad week after week has been great to see!

In, UT

Any hope BYU had for a BCS bowl vanished when the clock hit triple zeros in Charlottesville against a team that has since been proven to be really bad. Those who wanted to fool themselves into believing that BCS hopes remained should have been shocked back to reality with the loss to what has been proven to be another mediocre Utah team. With those two losses, there is no scenario where BYU backs into the BCS, so can we all stop fooling ourselves?

I'll admit BYU's better off out of the MWC, but independence continues to hurt the football program. We can keep telling ourselves that these November games matter, but they don't. BYU is going to San Francisco and there is no conference championship available to the Cougars to change that fact. Despite two bad non-conference losses, Texas now sits atop the Big XII and controls its destiny for a BCS bowl berth. Can BYU claim the same, despite handing Texas one of those losses? Nope. (Oh, and teams in good conferences also play on national TV against high-profile opponents in the month of November.)

Still think independence is awesome?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT



Cheyenne, WY

Actually I like independence.
And BYU is playing two high profile opponents in November
Ever heard of Wisconsin or Notre Dame?
Wisconsin has been to 3 straight rose bowls.
Notre Dame is Notre Dame.

Marysville, WA

To all the haters who for the past two and a half years, clucking and crowing about how as an indy, BYU would never have anything to play for late in the season, and how as part of an AQ conference, Utah would always be in the national conversation and in the hunt for the Rose Bowl. Who has more to play for now?

Will BYU get that oh-so-coveted BCS invite this year? Vanishingly small chance. But in setting the conversation for next year, in finishing as high in the national polls as possible, and in playing on the biggest stages in November, I'll take this every time.

Go Cougars!

Mt Rushmore
Arlington, VA

Chris B

At least BYU is still in the BCS discussion.

Utah, on the other hand, isn't even in the bowl discussion.

Mission Viejo, CA

Forget the BCS. Focus on beating a really good team that may go to the Rose Bowl again.

As for Virginia, well, a QB with two or three starts under his belt total, a new OC, a new offense dumbed down, a new offensive line, played in a monsoon, delayed for two hours after the start. And the loss was because of a final pass through the hands of a running back, right into the hands of a defender who took it to the red zone.

As for Utah, 30 incomplete passes and a stacked box defense cost BYU the game. Those were both bad losses, so all we can do is get a couple of good wins and beat USC or Washington in the Hunger Bowl.

Wisconsin is real, but so is BYU, so I would take BYU and the points for an upset win. But it will be an upset and the odds maker will have Wisconsin by 7 to 10 points at game time. So don't bet what you can't afford to lose.

Lindon, UT

Some people-- usually Utah fans---like to compare BYU being an indy team or being in one of the big 5 conferences. Of course it would be better to be in a big 5 conference but that's never been an option for BYU (Big East invite doesn't count, dodged a bullet there). Most of us BYU fans realize we come with baggage (scheduling, TV rights, etc) which is why an invite hasn't come yet. The real comparison should be between being Indy and still being in the MWC. Yes, we'll take independence every time with those options! Maybe the playoffs will make a difference somewhere down the road or the MWC will make an offer we can't refuse but you can't be sure either of those will happen. For now, independence is working quite nicely and we hope to win enough games to stay in the national conversation and land in a bigger conference when further changes come along. Right now, it's all about winning games. Go Coug's!!

Salt Lake City, UT

"At least BYU is still in the BCS discussion."
They are not in a national discussion. Nothing on ESPN/CNNSI/FoxSports/CBSSports. Nationally, the discussion is about Fresno State, NIU, and Central Florida. The local discussion of BYU in the BCS is either a cruel joke or delusion.

As the 14 year run of the BCS comes to a close, the reason that BYU never got there is "they didn't understand what it takes". Urban Meyer understood it took a perfect season, and that's what he did. Kyle Whittingham understood it took a perfect season, and that's what he did. To say a 2-loss mid-major could make a BCS Bowl shows ignorance of the system.

Herrmian, UT

Anyone wanting a good laugh should search DesNews for "BYU football Cougars unveil tough balanced 2013 football schedule" and then look for the Chris B. Post. at 9:09 Jan 28th. He said that if BYU would do better than 1-4 against Texas, Boise, Notre Dame, Utah and Wisconsin, he would sing the BYU fight song and post it on You Tube...

Ha Ha... I was on You Tube today searching for his song, but I could not find it...

Mark it Down!!!

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

Wisconsin with their 2 stud RB's will run wild on ybu. Badgers win going away 35-17.

Idaho Falls, ID

Not so fast. Right now Fresno State, a MWC team is in the driver's seat to a BCS bowl bid. Considering the fact they barely squeaked a win against Boise State and should have lost to SDSU, BYU would have no problem beating this team. Yet they are the top non BCS team for a BCS bowl offer. With the right scheduling, this year and next year, BYU would probably be going to a BCS game.

Don't get me wrong. I think independence is still a net plus. However, if the objective is to play in a BCS bowl, then staying in the MWC gives us our best chances. If exposure is the priority, then independence or BCS conference is the best option.

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