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Published: Sunday, Nov. 3 2013 8:05 p.m. MST

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Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"There’s been some talk that if BYU can win its final four games, it could be a darkhorse for a BCS bowl bid."

Wouldn't that be some poetic justice?? lol.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

We as fans need to do what the players do - take one game at a time and let the chips fall where they may.

Fun to think about, but plenty of more pressing things to think about first.

St George, Utah

Tom in CA,

It is definitely a long shot. Several things would have to bounce our way.

#1- We need to win out with convincing wins over both Wisconsin and Notre Dame
#2- We need Houston to unseat UCF and Louisville from the rankings and remain unranked themselves
#3- We need Texas to beat Baylor and win the Big 12.
#4- Finish the regular season ranked higher that Fresno St. and Northern Illinois
#5- Finish the regular season ranked in the top 15

Even that might not be enough. But it would be a beautiful end to the BCS era.

Boise, ID

@ Tom in CA

Don't plan on it man. I'm a BYU guy, have been my whole life, I'm not trolling here. But there is absolutely NO chance BYU goes BCS bowling with losses to pathetic Virginia and hapless Utah. It's not uncommon for a special season and a good season to be decided by a few plays.

It's still been a fun year with some good wins. I loved watching BYU expose #15 Texas, and the thriller against Houston and decimation of Boise St are games I loved watching. I would LOVE to see the Cougs win out from here.

Farmington, UT

I'm thinking they would have a much, much better chance if they had taken the victory against Virginia and not decided to get fancy and thereby lose the game after a turnover. While that's 20-20 hindsight and Monday-morning quarterbacking, I hope the coaches learned a thing or two. I also hope they remember when happened to Taysom hill when they left him in and didn't instruct him to take a knee some months back. Hopefully when we get the game in the bag the back-up will get a few reps. It should have happened already this season but hasn't yet. I do hope they win the remaining four and watching Wisconsin last week, it appears to me the Cougars can be victorious if they bring their best game.

Go Cougars!

Max for President
Brighton, MA

While I'm as excited as the next at the possibility of running the table, Wisconsin seems like they'll be a tough opponent. While scrappy, both Houston and Boise State were comparatively undersized opponents (O-line weight averages 313 and 293 respectively). BYU is at 280 on the O-line. By comparison, Wisconsin O-line average is 6'5 322, good enough for weighing in at 7th in the country Same goes on the D-line. And their Corners are taller, making it unlikely Cody and Mitch will have as much of a heyday out there.

Add to that an away game in an 80,000+ stadium at Camp Randall, and I wonder if we're going to have our hands full in a hostile environment.

My fear is that a really fatiguing, physical game might spell trouble against Notre Dame. Any thoughts on this?

Cinci Man

Just worry about what you can control, which involves winning every game. That means you bring it to the field and put all your effort into every down at every position. I hope BYU can do this the rest of the way. They can beat anybody. But they can also lose to anybody. They've proven that twice this year. It's time to play ball with the best Cougars. Please do your best on the field, but in the hype blogs.

Tooele, UT

@Tom in CA

Sorry my friend, I hate to be the one to say it but our beloved BYU Cougar's shot at a BCS bowl game ended when they lost to Virginia.

So without a shot at a BCS bowl or even conference title, what is BYU truly playing for then? Several things.

1 - A road win against a ranked team (this week Wisconisn is ranked #21 in the AP and #22 in the coaches poll) is always a plus for recruiting.

2 - A road win against a ranked team will prove to the sports writers that the Cougars can in fact win games against tough opponents.

3 - (And perhaps the most important one of all) It will really annoy the Ute trollers

Tooele, UT

This game, in my opinion, will be BYU's toughest up to this point in the season. And that includes the Utah game.

Wisconsin is a ranked, Big 10 school with a wild fan base, and of course, Coach Gary Anderson has solid experience coaching against the Cougars.

Wisconsin is beatable and the Cougars have already shown they can defeat ranked schools like Texas. But BYU must avoid turnovers, penalties and sloppy special teams play or its going to be a long day for them in Madison.


BYU Fan in DC
Washington, DC

I wonder why the press even talks about a long-shot BCS when we have a tough Wisconsin team ahead. Start that conversation if we go 3-0 and are about to play Nevada

Frisco, TX

@KTar - I agree. Might have been a possibility for a BCS with 1 loss, but not with 2. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Two tough games remaining with the Badgers and Irish. If we finish strong, the Cougs will likely start the season in the Top 25 next year, and with a little easier schedule in 2014, magic could happen.

I also think there is a slight possibility, if the Cougs win out, that another bowl could buy them out of Fight Hunger.

Looking forward to Saturday. Let's go Cougs, and get this big win.

Salt Lake City, Utah

BYU just needs to stay focused, win out, and let the cards fall where they may.

No amount of politicking will sway the BCS bowls, but it is interesting to see BYU beginning to be included in the discussion after starting the season with losses to pathetic Virginia and fading Utah.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm holding my breath on the Wisconsin game. It could go either way but the Y has been improving weekly throughout the season. I did not like how they came off their last bye week.. I hope they learned some lessons on that one and come out with a killer attitude at the very beginning.

Gilbert, AZ

Article says Falslev broke his hand in a "team activity". Does anyone know what that "team activity" was besides a game or practice? Just curious.


Sam Francisco in December. Already bought the tickets. Not because we will lose but because we already lost. Its ok - big games ahead and chances for big bowl type wins.

Truth is BYU v ND is a way bigger game than playing in a non BCS Bowl against a MWC opponent or in SF against a PAC 12 midlevel.

Bowls are just the last game - not always the biggest.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Wisconcin will win byu by 39 so go write it down!

Go Utes!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

BYU wins out and yes they will be discussed for an obligatory two- minutes max time frame during the BCS seeding discussions. I just want BYU to win this week though. Go get Wisconsin!!

Horrible Stumper
Hyrum, UT

Sorry BYU fans, no way do you make it to a BCS bowl. You may win out as well as the Cougs are playing, but having Idaho State on your schedule is a problem. You cannot score enough points against them for the BCS computers to not hold it against you. And a win against a down Nevada won't help you either. Loss to Virginia......a killer.

J Poll
Gilford, NH

It's easy to see why Wisconsin is favored in this one given their past few seasons and their conference. Add the fact that BYU has barely beaten (and once been beaten) by a Gary Anderson Coached team that had less overall talent and depth. With a bigger arsenal at his disposal, we can bet Anderson and his badgers will bring everything they have at the Cougars and we will not sneak up on them. We are in for a real fight. We are in their hostile house. We will need to play our best game this season. I think this is the best, most solid team we will play this season. We have to win on turnover margin, field position (without Falslev), 3rd down conversions (Off & Def), and Red Zone production which means cutting way down on False Starts, Delay of Game and other nagging penalties. It's a tall order. Go Cougs!

Idaho Falls, ID

@AZTim--Faslev's injury occurred at an "an indoor entertainment center" according to another report. I imagine BYU coaches aren't saying much about it because they are a little embarrassed by the fact that it occurred at a team sponsored event that had nothing to do with football.

I am still scratching my head over the loss to Virginia. Man, they are really stinking it up this year. Maybe one of these years BYU offense will actually be ready by the first game, instead of 4 games into the season.

Maybe the 1 in a billion ("so you're saying there's a chance") chance of going to a BCS is enough to motivate this team against Wisconsin. But what if they lose? What will motivate them agains ND? That is one of the drawbacks of independence, I guess.

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