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Published: Sunday, Nov. 3 2013 2:55 p.m. MST

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no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

There are those in other places in our world who are feeding the hate in America in a subtle way, and in a way where they cannot be traced.
These people are standing on the sidelines watching how we are learning to malign and hate those who used to be our friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.
A large number of America's powerful politicians, and well know radio hosts are only looking to strengthening their own egos and wealth.
There will be no more planes flown into buildings. Those who want to see our country fail have only to whisper rumor, anger and distrust in the appropriate places to bolster the flames of our country's destruction.
America is destroying itself to it's core from within with the help of numerous outside sources.
Strange that more citizens cannot see this truth.

Vacaville, CA

Romney didn't say how he would deal with Democrats stonewalling and refusing to negotiate the budget. Most likely he would have done the same thing Orrin Hatch did -- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I am sick and tired of "politics as usual." Americans deserve honesty and integrity in our leaders, not candidates that make promises they have no intention of keeping and purposely lying.

Romney is wrong that we need "moderate" Republican candidates. Democrats are taxing and spending America into extinction. We need hard-nosed politicians, like Lee and Cruz, who are willing to fight for America.

And then their is a media that fails to vet politicians and hold them to their word. Case in point, it is disingenuous for papers, such as the Deseret News, to insinuating that the Republican hardline approach caused a "near-default on the nations debt." Anyone that believes government needs to borrow trillions of dollars each year to pay our bills is a fool. The media should never be a sounding board for such lies and deception.

Lack of accountability and balanced journalism is part of the problem. Do your job!


I wish we could start from scratch and boot all the current office holders out of D.C. and bring in a whole new crop of representatives and Senators who will truly work for the American people and uphold the Constitution. I don't care about Party affiliation as much as I care about patriotism and honesty and morality. I don't think morality should be legislated, but I do think those who hold office should have a strong moral compass by which they make their decisions and determinations. I love this country and believe we should elect those who also love this country and aren't afraid to uphold the Constitution and put the needs of this country and it's citizens before their personal agenda.

west valley, UT

Romney was better than obama. But a Rino. sorry to tell you. I didn't think he was dynamic enough. And failed miserably to attack Obama. You have to be a freedom fighter to see what Obama stands for. A need to point out the ideological defects was not there. No one seems to want to do this other than the Tea Party. We need a fighter. Romney is not a fighter. He's a lover. For some reason no one wants to attack Obama. Is it because he's half black? Isn't FREEDOM worth fighting for. We need a general, OAKS is my suggestion,

Fayetteville, NC

NeilT, the TEA Party didn't exist when Obama was first sworn in. He and the other Socialists helped create their own nemesis and now conveniently use them as scapegoats for their own failed policies and agenda.

Fayetteville, NC

Thanks you for your contribution msc. If the system would allow it, I, too, think that there should be considerable house cleaning in Washington. Though, considering the nature of the electorate, it is not likely that we will get exactly what you suggested. Too many people have eaten from the Democrat trough and will always support them in order to keep the entitlements flowing. "when you rob Peter to pay Paul, you will always have a friend in Paul".

willows, ca

More from a chameleon whose colors change with what the perceives voters want - even turning socialist - "I had a very conservative platform . . . My own plan was to say to each state, 'You've got a requirement to move to a point where all your people are insured. . .' "

Phillip M Hotchkiss
Malta, Mt

Tea in Tea party means . Taxed enough already. I for one stand with said party because I can not afford to pay more taxes.

Sandy, UT

Did Romney say he would have initiated a Federal requirement for everyone to have insurance with no pre-existing conditions? I didn't see the full quote in this article. If so where is the difference when we are being forced to buy something regardless if its from the Federal or State Government. The Commerce Clause comes to mind? I am more convinced everyday that my decision to join the Constitution Party has been the right decision.

Owasso, OK


You didn't address the comment about Obama's dishonesty. This president has said more than 47 times "If you like your health care you can keep your health care, period!" That has proven to be a totally dishonest statement when the Federal Register said that between 40 and 67 percent of those could not.

Stay on subject...

us, CA

Mayhem...so you think it was a "distinguished" thing to do to label Christie as "puffer fish"? Was it "distinguished" for his son to come out the day after the loss and say well my mother and I didn't really want him to take the job in the first place...after the countless hours his volunteers put in tirelessly? To me it was a slap in the face. I voted for him but I believe it was his race to lose and he did with bad choices...including too many people like his kids who didn't know what they were doing. He should have hired the Huntsman girls who seem to have more political savvy than his kids.

Bill Fitz

MRKJ, I trust your little diatribe helps you feel better about your current president?

New to Utah

Obama and Reid were the bullheaded leaders that would not do what has been done in the past negotiate and compromise. Obama and Reid refused to give the house any input and just said its my way or the highway. They shut the government down but the media is so invested in Obama they refused to report the facts.

Ogden, UT

Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop. Typical Romney. I thank everything that is holy that he isn't in the White House.


We keep the two party system, everyone loses. Those brought forward by either party are owned BY that party, to run for specific positions, not by his qualifications. All but several Politicians in office today are there to do what their party tells them to do. Who do you think has put America in the position it is in now ? Anyone else besides the Republican and Democratic parties? Has ANY ONE of them come out and exposed the corruption in our Federal Government? Of course not because they are a party to it. Have ANY ONE of the pressed the Constitutionality of all of the laws that are stripping us of our Constitutional freedoms? Of course not, let alone Government agencies (over 1300) that should not even exist or that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation not a Fed. Agency. We need a third party folks.

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