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Published: Sunday, Nov. 3 2013 2:55 p.m. MST

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Mount Pleasant, UT

To: Gandalf...your choice of words speaks loudly as if you are a Democrat . Mitt Romney was not dishonest - he was truthful and the Democrats don't like the truth, they prefer to cloud everything over with false pretense and they did do a good job on Romney and the American people and continue their socialistic beliefs today. I believe it will not last long. Because of this last debaucle the American people have had their eyes opened.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

You can blame Obama on the apathy of republican voters. Mitt may not have been the 'perfect' candidate but he was/is better than the current president. But because the Republican idealogs stayed home and didn't vote, they actually cast a vote for Obama.

The repubs can't point fingers at anyone other than themselves!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

The Tea-Party reminds to much of Monty Python and the Holy Grail ---

See as both the loosing Black Knight who thinks he is "invincible" ,
and the villagers trying to burn a young girl (one of their own) for having a wart therefore being a witch.

Keeping going,
You don't realize that the whole world is laughing AT you.

Moab, UT

Wow! So much hate directed at the Tea Party by both the Dems and the establishment GOP. I would expect that from the Dems, but it really exposes the fact that the rinos are no different from the Dems. That's why they can't stand the Tea Party. The establishment GOP are making a big mistake by vilifying their base, but they don't care, not even Romney. They are fools. The GOP is the only party that forms the firing squad in a circle and then wonders why they didn't win.

salt lake city, utah

rvalens2, What he failed to say is that that percentage equates to 15 million people. That number is not exactly true. No one knows right now what the number is for people who had individually bought insurance who will have to change.

If it were to climb to 15 million what a horrible indictment of the old system that allowed 15 million people to buy insurance that first of all would be canceled the first real claim they had and secondly covered very little. That kind of coverage works until it doesn't and then the holders basically join the millions of non insured who were the prime motivators for the ACA in the first place.

Anti Government
Alpine, UT

Obama lied about obamacare? Wow! (sarcasem)

This is amazing news except it was the tea party back in 2008-9 that trumpeted the lies the president sold as fact.

Romney is nothing but closet liberal anyways. We really don't need much advice from a proven loser. He would not know conservatism if it drove over him. He was busy saying anything he could to appeal to as many as he could. Ultimately people saw through the bunk and did not vote for the chameleon.

Granted he would he would have been better than obama but then again that isn't saying much considering how incompetent this idealogue administration is. Everything is theoretical fantasy and time after time we see that nothing this administration recommends or implements actually works.

Financial reform? Complete farce. Corporations now pay to plays as much as ever before and they are bigger than ever.

Healthcare reform? They literally built and intended for this to fail so they can ram universal healthcare down your throat after it all collapses.

Now he is taking credit for an improving budget outlook/savings but sequestration which he totally denounced is the only reason it is improving!!

Lies, lies, and more lies.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Just wondering...
Which Mitt Romney, out of the various selections available during the previous election period....
.....is not going to friendship the Tea Party?

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

Pots & kettles, Gov. Romneycare. Pots & kettles.

Durham, NC

@T.Party... you said "My message to Barack Obama (and his followers) is: don't make a promise if you don't intend to keep it."

And I completely agree. Sometimes we can't keep promises we intend to keep, through changing circumstances. But knowingly making a promise or commitment, when you have no intention of keeping that promise or commitment - is simply wrong - no matter who - or what party.

It is just that simple.

Hyrum, UT

@ pragmatistferlife:

You lost all credibility by claiming "280 million people" will get to keep their health insurance and will see some kind of a premium decrease. Wow. I wished I could tell if you're actually sincere or are just being sarcastic. If sincere, you qualify to be the next Obama speechwriter... one who never lets anything as trivial as mere facts get in the way of an agenda.

Obamacare will yet prove to be one of the greatest train-wrecks to ever come out of Washington DC. At this point, it's basically a given.

So much of the anti-Romney rhetoric in this comment section helps prove the claim that many Obama backers are low-information voters. Some of the comments written are just unbelievable in their level of extreme bias. Such comments make me sincerely worry for the future of our country.

It's possible Mitt Romney may've been one of the best presidents this country has ever had... as some of his previous media foes later claimed after actually getting to know the real Mitt. But it's absolutely unquestionable he would've been much better than what we currently have.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

Can someone explain to me how those of us who cannot afford insurance are "required" to have it ? this is a real question. what happened to freedom ?

Bruce A. Frank
San Jose, CA

It is too bad the Romney wasn't the candidate with which we could have defeated Obama. But, much like it has been said that if we had elected McCain we would be going in the same direction as we are now, only slightly slower, clearly the same is true about Romney. Oddly the 4 million Conservatives who stayed home during the Presidential election, which is said would have provided the votes to elect Romney, had more insight into his true colors than the rest of us.

I am sorry that Romney does not recognize that the Conservative/TEA Party movement engenders the self sufficiency and independence embraced by the historical LDS Church. I am sorry to see that a person who has been so successful in business, and one who has lead such a exemplary moral life, has not developed the core beliefs that are necessary to lead this democratic republic. It is really most unfortunate that when, Romney properly spoke up to criticize the current administration, he so spectacularly reveled the ultimate character flaw that caused his defeat.

Cedar Hills, UT

Romney is wrong. Last time I checked it was the Tea Party that won the 2010 mid term elections and NOT the establishment GOP. The establishment GOP will never win another national election period. The John McCains of the word are out of touch and much too weak to defeat the radical leftist Democrats. Conservatives are the only answer going forward and they CAN win as they proved in 2010.

Durham, NC

Patriot, i am not sure what part of math you don't understand.... but when you kick out all of the "moderate" Republicans, what is left is a very small percentage of Americans. 2010 was a mid year election, where voter turnouts are very low - and 2010 was a poster child for that. It was not a huge ground swell from the populace. It was a small election where the fringes have always had more influence.

If you think someone like Lee or Cruz is more electable than a moderate, you are seriously living in a world where you don't think you need independent voters, you don't need moderate democrats to cross over like they did for Reagan, and you don't think you even need moderate Republicans. How you get to 50.1% without any of those groups, I don't know.

It is one thing to be passionate about your cause. It is another to be living in complete denial. Math is math.... it doesn't bend to emotion.

Saratoga Springs, UT

@Mike in Sandy

As it really doesn't matter anymore now does it. But you say "Has anyone seen Mitts Tax Return yet?" Well since he released them all the way back to 2002, I would have to say yes in answer to your question.

So since I answered yours, why don't you try one of mine. Has anyone seen Obama's real Birth Certificate yet? I am not referring to the "Certificate of Live Birth", I am referring to his Birth Certificate. They are two different documents. And while we are on this. Has anyone seen Obamas college transcripts yet? I know I haven't because Obama had them sealed. Hmmmmmmm, who's dishonest again?

Agua Dulce, TX

Why can't he just go away? And why does this paper keep giving him a platform?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Obama flat out lied about Obama care. Flat out LIED. Obama care became "law" under false pretenses. It needs to be repealed, if for no other reason, because it was sold on a lie. The supreme court bought into the lie hook, line, and sinker. The Supreme Court was duped by Obama.

kaysville, UT

to James D. Morrison
TEd Cruz was an U.S. citizen at birth, due to his mother's citizenship.

Boise, ID

I voted for Mitt because I believe we need a technocrat to fix the fiscal mess the Republicans and Democrats have created. However, blaming the Tea Party is not justified at least as far as Tea Party version 1.0 is concerned. For those who do not know what version 1.0 is, let me explain. The first version was bipartisan and focused just on fiscal issues. Tea Party version 2.0 is the one where the religious zealots took control and wanted to force their social agenda on everyone. Version 2.0 can be said to be the child of the ultra conservative anti-everything that is not like them movement which includes most of the Evangelical movement and even some LDS.

Idaho Falls, ID

The Tea Party basically has 2 main positions. They advocate fiscal responsibility and adherence to the Constitution.
I have an honest question. How is this extreme?

Yet the Liberals and Main Stream Media have successfully painted this stance as extremist and terrorist. Nothing could be further from the truth, but then your "heroes" like Obama, Pelosi, and Reed, really don't care about the truth, do they.

Christie representing the GOP in the next presidential election? Give me a break!! The Democrats have clearly shown they have absolutely no interest in compromising, why should we be so willing to elect someone who would be more than willing to give up the ranch so easily.

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