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Published: Sunday, Nov. 3 2013 2:55 p.m. MST

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Springville, UT

First, Romney has no room to talk. None. We can list his deficiencies, including his inability to tell a straight story throughout the campaign. Second, he needs to be honest that he is the godfather of Obamacare. Deny all you like, but it's a fact. Third, the election is over and you lost, Mitt. Have the class of George W. Bush. You are in the world of Dukakis and McGovern. Nobody really cares what you think. You couldn't even pull your own party together, let alone pull from the majority party.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

The GOP should consider that they have offered up Sarah Palin, John McCain, Mitt Romney, plus several gong show acts in the Senate. The 'best' of the Grand Old Party is the BEST reason to vote Democrat.
The next president, Hillary Clinton, can thank the buffoonery on the other side for her victory.

The republican party is a rudderless ship, headed downwind in the wrong direction, and nothing can save it ...not the way it is now.

Burley, ID

"I've kept my healthcare plan. So have everyone I've talked to about it.
So what was the lie?" - Ernest T. Bass

Pragmatistferlife has it right. Just because you didn't lose your health care plan doesn't mean others didn't. An Obama spokesman recently said, "It's only about 5% who are having their current insurance plan canceled." What he failed to say is that that percentage equates to 15 million people. No small figure in my mind and more than enough people to tip a Presidential election; hopefully, the next one.

So again, the LIE was: "You can keep your insurance, nobody is going to take it away from you." Now, do you still believe Obama didn't lie? Or is the next line going to be, "Well he didn't realize all the possible ramifications that could come about."

Joan Watson

James - one can be born in Canada yet be a US citizen if both parents are US Citizens.

Joan Watson

Red Shirt - you may replay Romney's speeches and interviews while he was running for President. The questions was asked of Romney if he believed Obama was born in Hawaii - and he said "yes".

Saint Louis, MO

I voted for Mr. Romney and would do so again. However, the media trashed his image and many people stayed home. The number of Republican voters was way down. The Repubicans need to change their image and yet stay morally on the right path. We now have a modern day version of Les Miserables playing out before our very eyes. The guillotine is right around the corner and with it fiscal responsibility.

Cedar Rapids, IA

I think there are some selecttive memories at play here. Regardless, the current president has lied time after time, regardless of what his local syncophants want us to believe.

If as in days of yore when the media today was halfway the watch dog of government, we'd have had more of an idea where each candidate really stood. In the old days when journalists weren't members of one party's fan club, we had reporters who did investigate and did report what was really what.

Not so today. The media shills for the current administration and his political party.

I've identified with the Republican party all my life until the last few years. I can hardly identify with my country anymore. I suppose there were those in the Revolutionay War days who thought the patriots were too radical as well.

Orem, UT

Mike in Sandy,

The IRS has seen his returns...and if they haven't, I'm pretty sure, as Obama's attack dogs, they would have paid Mitt a visit by now. Stop being silly.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Mit Romney = 15 Minutes = Over = Go away Mit!

Joan Watson

When one is born in another country and the birth was not recorded (as some Canadian births in the 1930 era) that person needs to submit proof that their parents were US citizens. That information is either their birth certificates, or lacking that, family history and geneology records. AS one who had to prove citizenship, by family records, one can testify that the process involves intense scrutiny by US immigration officials before US citizenship is confirmed. Too many are ignorant of the laws governing citizenship - thus ignorant statement that Mitt's father was a Mexican citizen.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The tea party has been abandoned by the main stream Republicans and is following the Canadian born Senator leading the radical extreme house.

Plano, TX

While I do wish Mitt Romney was the President right now, he was never my first choice. I am still hanging in there for someone who has read, studies and understands the constitution to actually STICK TO IT! These moderates will be shocked when they learn that conservative principles solve a host of problems for the federal government. They place those problems squarely upon the shoulders of the states, who can solve them (or ignore them) in their own chosen way. The citizens can vote with their feet.

Mitt, I'm disappointed. And if you think Chris Christie is a shining light, UGH!


@MIke in Sandy, Mitt released a summary of taxes for 12 years. Btw, just an FYI theie is no requirement to release tax records.


It was difficult to support McCain and Romney in the last two presidential elections but they were the least offensive of some terrible choices. I've concluded the GOP no longer has the necessary grit. If they foist another lame, soft-headed nominee on us, I guarantee I'll vote Libertarian. Seems the nation now needs to collapse, a la Greece, strip off major unnecessary departments, e.g., Education, Energy, Environmental Protection, Commerce, et al., and simply start over. On the other side of the aisle, dear leader hasn't the brains (corp., corps, corpse) to lead such a big organization and seems capable only of reading speeches from teleprompters.

Sandy, UT

I don't worry about Mitt's tax returns or "offshore accounts." That's his business and between him and the IRS. However, by backing a RINO liberal like Chris Christie, he's showing just how out-of-touch with reality he actually is now. The "Tea Party" people seem to be the only folks working to actually represent American taxpayers and workers, while people like Mitt live in a world of upper-crust political cronyism.


MIke in Sandy, Oh yeah... you mean the debate where Romney DESTROYED Obama !!!!!! EPIC. Obama should have stayed at home.


Mrkj, You do realize that Obama will have added more debt by the time he leaves office that the first 43 Presidents combined. Obama has no plan to fix our economy.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Destroyed? How come he didn't win?


bikeboy, Romney is a fiscal conservative. He took a debt of $3 billon in MA and left them with a $2 billion surplus when he left offive.

I am glad to know you realize Cruz is a RINO. As for McCain, he was never a good candidate to begin with.

The TEA party types ARE our problem. We lack the votes to win elections on our own and they want to run candidates that are unapealing to the cross over voters we need to win. Then when the TEA types don't get their candidate, they then turn around and don't vote for our candidate.

No wonder we lose. Our lack of UNITY is KILLING us.

Given our inter-party division... it is amazing that Romney did as well as he did. He nearly defeated Obama. He only needed an additional 342,000 votes to win the election. Most of you that criticize Romney don't even know the election was that close.

Romney could be one of our best Presidents.

I know one thing, short of another run by Romney, which he has currently ruled out, we are dead in the water for 2016. We have no one.

sparks, NV

Mitt Romney is now in class with Christie, McCain, McConnel, Boehner, etc (well, honestly, Mitt has been in their class all along - based on his record of flip flopping and support of big government). I feel better for switching my "party" affiliation to "Independent" a couple weeks ago. So disgusted with the Republicans.

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