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Published: Saturday, Nov. 2 2013 7:10 p.m. MDT

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Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Great win Aggies... Garretson is looking solid!

Farmington, UT

Congratulations. This would look more impressive if: 1) Hawaii could win a game on the mainland, and 2) This year Hawaii could win a game anywhere. But I'm happy for the Aggies. Keep rolling!

scottsdale, AZ

Fackrell's interception was an amazing athletic fete. And it was made possible by the touchdown saving tackle by DG (during the Hawaii interception run) at the three yard line. Hawaii went from what looked to be a certain touchdown, to a 14 point swing in the blink of an eye. Should be on Sports Center tomorrow….

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

It was a fun game to attend today. Amazingly warm on the East side and the Aggies burned it up on the field for most of the game. USU did struggle at times with defending the pass. The freshman quarterback did a great job. I don't see any reason why the Aggies will not end the season 8 and 4.

Logan, UT

USC gave up more points than than USU did. BCS ranked Fresno let them score 37 only beating them by a TD. I'd say pretty impressive. Aggies future looks bright.

Salt Lake City, UT

Garretson had the statistically best game ever as a true freshman at Utah State. 370 yards and three touchdowns is amazing for someone like that!

I'm getting quite comfortable with him as our quarterback. We should win the last three games of the season without too much of a problem.

West Valley, UT

When Chuckie got hurt the Vultures came out, but since USU has started to gain momentum where are the Vultures. Stangy

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

The silence is deafening!

Idaho Falls, ID

Stang, didn't you tell us all that the Aggies were not going to go bowling? One more win and we are there. Also, the invite to come to the last two games is still available It will be PATHETIC if you don't take me up with this offer.

Southern, UT

Look at your schedule. It's not hard to win when you play in the WAC 2.0 is it? Again I have better thinks to do. It's not that I don't want to. But I have better things to do.

Southern, UT

Things! Sorry about that.

Logan, UT

I was right in the southwest corner of the endzone. I got on TV during after the Wyatt Houston TD (how do you let a 6'5" 240LB tight end get that open??) and I had a GREAT view of Kyler's pick 6. Great game.

Aggies, baby. Aggies.

Logan, UT

Yeah, Stang, it's also not hard to win when you play Northern Colorado and Fort Lewis (whose biggest accomplishment this year was collaborating with a local ice cream shop to make apple ice cream). I think it's funny that an SUU (SOS #147) fan would attempt to pull the SOS card on Utah State (SOS #65).

Southern, UT

Glad you show your true T=Bird colors Aggie238. We are having a great season against some great teams. Weather they are great in your eye's or not is irrelevent. Hey neither one of us are in the top 25. But SUU is winning against some quality competition and USU is losing against the big boys. Don't brad about being 65 when you've lost to some top 25 teams.

Logan, UT

If, by "winning against quality competition" and "having a great season against great teams," you mean playing exactly two FCS teams with a winning record so far, and beating only one of them in a squeaker, not to mention losing by 38 to lowly Washington State...

Southern, UT

Dumb spell check. It was supposed to say brag. Hey a win is a win is a win and we are winning. Last I checked Washington State was better than you. If you had the choice between the Pac12 and the WAC 2.0 and you weren't an aggie, which would you go for? SUU is winning. If memory serves me right and it usually does, you haven't beaten a ranked team. All of your wins have come against unranked WAC 2.0 schools. You lost to Utah, BYU, Boise, and USC. USC being the highest ranked team. Keep throwing statistics at me. I'll just throw them right back. I know Utah and BYU aren't ranked. I'm just trying to prove a point and I did.

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