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Published: Saturday, Nov. 2 2013 4:50 p.m. MDT

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play by the rules

Mike Lee does not have low approval numbers. Remember the pollster used has a spouse who is a Democrat member of the legislature. I counted thousands on hand and there were over 660 T-shirts given out! Why does the Des News dislike Mike Lee?

Bob K
porland, OR

Lee told the crowd that he's up to the task of "taking on the establishment."

Folks, being against something, not for something, is pretty easy.
If that is all you want, elect more Mike Lees, and watch them do their job as puppets of rich republican interests.

No matter what flaws President Obama may have, I don't see how it is American or Christian to continually pull down the Country and refuse to pass positive legislation, in the hopes of making the democrats fail.

South Jordan, UT

YES, we attended this rally with a few thousand other patriots! It was exciting to see such a huge turnout for an event that was planned by a couple of moms last Monday. Too bad detractors got any press. They were all but nonexistent at this rally. It was 99.9% Mike Lee all the way! We out-cheered the 8 minute standing ovation that Texans gave Ted Cruz by about 3-4 minutes. Proud moment to be in that wonderful crowd of freedom-loving Americans! Mike came into the crowd shaking hands, giving hugs, and thanking everyone for their support right before he spoke. I got one of those hugs! Mike was brilliant in his remarks. He's very smart and well spoken!

With all the corruption going on in this country right now, here is a man who is doing what he promised he would do when he got to Washington, D.C.....fight for our freedom and liberty, lead the charge for limited government, and defend the Constitution! He is one of the few statesmen in Washington who is honorable and fearless.

Yes, we support Mike Lee! We need more just like him. We need to take this country back!

play by the rules

God bless Mike Lee. There were over 1500 people at this rally. Yes we like Mike.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Despite the fact that the media is doing their level best to convince us that Mike Lee isn't doing the right; MOST of us still support him.

Mike Lee has something sorely lacking in D.C. - principles! No wonder he stands out in a crowd. He's doing what he said he would, voters (and the compliant media) just aren't used to seeing such "shenanigans".

He acts, and votes, as if the political "parties" (and their hucksters in the media)aren't in charge.

Shame on him!

Salt Lake , UT

I was not at the rally and I don't necessarily consider myself a Mike Lee supporter - but I am getting close. I admire his sense of integrity. He is doing what he campaigned on (no surprises here). He didn't make promises to win election and then do something entirely different once elected.

Salt Lake City, UT

OK, Sen. Lee has less than 50% approval rating. The last time I checked, Congress in general had a much lower approval rating. I believe you also reported that Sen. Hatch was even lower than Sen. Lee. If so, you might include those numbers in your story. The Salt Lake Tribune had reported Sen. Hatch at 44% approval.

slc, ut

Mike Lee should come on up to Liberty park and do a rally. Bet the crowd would be a little lest receptive.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

The Salt Lake Tribune is also reporting several hundred at the outing. I was not there so I cannot comment on the number of attendees.

I don't particularly care for Senator Lee's "no compromise" approach to politics. If both sides take such an attitude, we will continue to lose our moral leadership internationally and to create the type of predictable environment that allows business to invest in ways that brings jobs.

Tremonton, UT

WIsh Senator Lee would define EXACTLY what he means by "the Establishment?" Seems to me, it's anyone he disagrees with.

Rhonda H.
South Jordan, UT

I think his reference to "the establishment" means those in power who disregard and twist the United States' Constitution.

'How dare he' not compromise on what is the legal law of the land?
Compromising this is what has caused us to lose our moral leadership. Morals- and the Constitution- are not relative.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

"He's actually standing up for what is right," said Mike Brown of Bountiful. "He is keeping his oath to support and defend the Constitution."


There in lies the problem....

1. He isn't standing up for what is right, only what he perceives as right.

2. as for the Defending the Constitution,
How does shutting down the Government when you don't have the votes,

over a law that was;
1. Passed by the House
2. passed by the Senate,
3. signed by the President,
4. upheld as Constitutional by the Supreme Court...

Seen as Constitutional?

If anything --
That is UN-Constitutional.

And this is why I fight and disagree with the Tea-Partiers and the their re-write and mis-interpretation of the Constitution...
which FYI - as a Veteran, I have also sworn to uphold and defend.

West Jordan, UT

What a joke.

Murray, UT

@play by the rules - Did you also believe the pollsters who had Mitt Romney winning the Presidential election? Romney lost by over 5 million votes. If Mike Lee and his supporters don't wake up, 2016 will be his last year as a Senator from Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you Senator Lee for standing up and doing what's right.


I was there and I can't believe they said 100's. 1000's would be more like it. Why even mentioned the detractors as they were not even seen and only heard for maybe five minutes and then left.It was wonderful to be around patriots who think a like. So sad that so many in Utah are apathetic to what is going on in Utah. I think those who vote Democrat are awake and wanting their type of government control but the Republicans would never have voted Hatch back in if they were awake. He is the problem. The establishment needs to go. He should have run as a Democrat. He's for big government and for all that entails. Our country is a mess because of him, Graham, McCain and others. Lee is a class act. Thank you again for doing what you promised to do unlike Hatch who promises things to get elected and then makes excuses so he doesn't have to do hard things.

Saint George, UT

"Compromise" to a socialist (democrat or republican) means acceptance of any government program, no matter how much liberty is destroyed. Way to go mike! Can we get many more!

Kaysville, UT

I was at the rally as well. It was AMAZING!!! Every thing that people say evil about Mike Lee only makes me believe in him more. It shows that he is doing something to provoke the dormant leadership in Washington. Even those in the Republican Party who are part of "The Good Ole Boys Club, such as Orrin Hatch, are harassing him! Why? Because he is actually trying to do something that he said he would do if elected. I know that is an outdated concept in Washington, but an endearing quality to those of us who actually love and care for the man. God bless Mike Lee and give him strength to carry on!!! To those of you with different views there is an old saying I would like to repeat, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone".

play by the rules

KSL has the number right. It says thousands attended and that is correct. People entered the park 100 at a time.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Obviously the Lee calling tree got out the "we love Lee" people who do not understand the radical extreme corner he has herded them into. The bitter tea party tide is over and but they will hold out to lose the house by their divide tactics, just as they caused the loss of the Senate.

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