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Published: Sunday, Nov. 3 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

The amount of over the top rhetoric about the ACA is simply mind boggling! There have been numerous news articles analyzing the claims of people who who have "been thrown off" of their individual coverage plans and the reason is quite clear. The individual policies are commonly referred to as "junk coverage" and are so lousy that no one in their right mind would keep them now that the ACA has established minimum quality standards. Many times reporters covering the stories found vastly superior policies at equal or lesser costs!

This editorial is typical of the blind hatred that the right has for anything that has President Obama's name on it. It is a real shame that the conservative movement has lost touch with reality to such a large degree!

Hayden, ID

Another brilliant article Dr. Krauthammer! Should be mandatory reading in every school and college in America! Obamacare is really nothing more than good old Obamafraud.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

George W. Bush's Medicare part D program got off to a start that was just as rocky as the ACA. Was Mr. Krauthammer complaining about that? Of course not.

Saint George, UT

when trust is not a priority, then lies will do just as well. the media, abetted by the lying criminals in Washington, and the patronizing 'do-gooders' that will lie as they wish so that they can take away choice and liberty. Charles hit it dead center.

American Fork, UT

All these people who wanted to keep what turns out to be substandard insurance is an indication of how badly we need a single payer health care system. Counting themselves among the insured, yet not covered for any number of situations, they seem destined to face catastrophe or end up in an emergency room.

Getting Older
Riverton, UT

liberal larry,
Though you didn't try to, you made Krauthammer's point again. You say the plans people had were "junk policies." Maybe people chose policies they could afford. Who are you to tell them they have to change? That was one of the article's three main points; paternalism.

2nd, if they found better plans at a better price on the exchange, it was because they were subsidized by the government. You surely must understand that those "better" policies cost more than the "worse policies." The price on the exchange is the subsidized price. Again, just as the article said, subterfuge is being used. You think it is cheaper but it is really a tax transferring wealth from one to another.

Ogden, UT

Actually "Obamacare" should be called "HeritageFoundatioCare" or perhaps "GingrichCare" since it is for the most part a re-do of the health care package drafted by the ultra-right-wing, "conservative" Heritage Foundation and strongly promoted by Newt Gingrich as an alternative to Hillary Clinton's heath care initiative in the 1990s. The Heritage Foundation program even included the insurance mandate that the far right now so strongly despises. Food for thought.

DN Subscriber 2

Liberals demanding that everyone get "quality" insurance, as defined by them, ignore the benefits of freedom of choice.

Single young people with no health problems find a high deductible catastrophic policy fine for their needs. This allows them to invest the money saved in things that they want more, including saving for future needs. To force them to buy an Obama-defined "quality" policy that covers pregnancy (for men!); drug treatment (for non-drug users); coverage for children under age 26 (when they have no children) and frequent doctor visits (when once a year is sufficient) is just robbing from some people to pay others. This is usually a crime, but not when socialist governments force people to buy stuff they don't want or need, so the government can give it to other people.

Only those who want single payer government run healthcare can support this.

Dr. Krauthammer clearly states exactly what is happening, and for what reasons.

Obama is "fundamentally transforming this country" and not at all in a good way.

Repeal Obamacare. Replace with totally free market insurance options.

Obamacare- It's enough to make anyone sick!

high school fan
Huntington, UT

The statement was always "keep your policy if you like it" and not anything about it being substandard. No matter whether this turns out good or bad, it was hoisted on us be deceit and is not what was promised. As always the liberals here are once again blaming republicans for something not a single one supported. Why do democrats take responsibility for nothing?

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

So two of the best arguments that can be make against the ACA are that we should have the freedom to choose lousy insurance, and that having a minimum standard of coverage is paternalistic? Do you recognize how weak these arguments are?

I think that constant attack on all things Obama is starting to get ridiculous!

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The lies being told by Obama's supporters that ObamaCare is just warmed over RomneyCare or someother SubstituteTheNameCare are simply that - lies.

Obama lied when he told us that families would save $2,500 per year on ObamaCare.

Obama lied when he told us we could keep our PRESENT health care coverage - if we desired.

Obama lied when he told us that everyone would be covered under ObamaCare without raising prices.

Obama lied when he told us that there would be no "death panels". Kathleen Sebelius already tried to deny coverage that would have resulted in the death of that little 10-year-old if others had not overruled the decision of that "death panel".

Bribes were paid to Senators to buy their vote - Nebraska and Louisiana. Bribes were paid to unions to get them to support it - they could keep their "cadilac plans" without penalty.

Nothing is as promised. Obama and his followers are still lying and pointing fingers instead of owning ObamaCare and fixing it so that it follows everything promised.

Obama refuses to implement ObamaCare. We should all refuse to participate until all promises are kept - 100% - without deviation.

Ogden, UT

Dr. Kruathammer did you leave out the flat out provable lies told by the King. Oh yea you did but I though I would mention it anyway.Seem Nixon resigned over a less important lie.

Eli Tesecular PhD
Salt Lake City, UT

Charles, Charles, Charles.... why must you right wingers continue to be so naïve? You toss around words like "mendacity" and "falsehood" without examining or admitting the necessities that lie behind President Obama's statements. Rather than "falsehood", we progressives prefer... "a statement for better truth". You see, we KNOW what is best for you people. We know you wouldn't elect people like us if were totally honest concerning the details of our plans. Trust me, Charles, you will look back at this moment in history as a minor bump in the road and feel great embarrassment for writing this column... when we are living in the Utopia that President Obama has planned for us.

Durham, NC

I find it ironic how people are declaring the death of the ACA.... how it wont work, can't be fixed, and that corporate American just wouldn't be this stupid. Lets review some real history to set the record straight.

1) The biggest entity that needed bailing out during the collapse during the last 2 years of the Bush Administration was, yes, and insurance company.

2) Even the best and biggest and well respected companies have launched products which failed to be well received when launched. Anyone remember Windows Me.. and the lovely paper clip that was supposed to help us all out? Or Google's response to Facebook? What, you don't remember it? Yeah, it has been replaced. How about the "New" Coke. Surely Coke has, and had one of the best brand names in corporate America. And yet, they failed to launch a product correctly. There are many more examples. Need we say Ford Pinto? And yet, all these have survived, and in the end, provided great products and services.

America is at risk... and it isn't from the ACA. It is from failing to address the real risks to our future.

San Antonia, TX

Obama isn't lying? What?

Our world has become so gray. It used to be black and white. Clear lines on truth and lies.

More and more people believe in situational integrity, which is not integrity at all.

The line has been drawn. Choose your side.

Truth or lies. I'm not talking about democrats and republicans either. Most politicians have become liars. that is why we need term limits.

I'm talking about the truth.

A Spade

Salt Lake City, UT

Real Clear Politics has Obamacare at its highest favorable rating this past week than it's had in the previous 3 years even despite the website issues. It turns out that the people in the states that have their own Obamacare exchanges, and those getting through to the website, actually are starting to find that they like what they see.

Virginians for BYU
Lebanon, MO

If my washing machine could spin as much as the democrats are trying to spin on Obamacare I would not need a dryer. Obama said over and over, "If you like your insurance, you can keep it. Period. That didn't leave much wiggle room for a misunderstanding. I know I didn't misunderstand. Although I am sure bad insurance policies exist, there are lots of smart people in this country who actually do their homework when purchasing insurance. They compared coverages, reviewed prices and read the fine print prior to selecting coverage. Not everyone needs the government to tell them what is best for them.

Eugene, OR


The "little 10 year-old" you love to go on about was in that situation because children that young usually aren't authorized for lung transplants (Fortunately, the rules were able to be changed in her case.) It had absolutely nothing to do with Obamacare or "death panels" and you've been told that multiple times on this board, so why do you keep repeating that lie? It's not going to magically come true, you know...

tranquility base, 00

Actually Obamacare sits on a foundation of the Heritage Foundation, Romney-care and republican doublespeak.

Phoenix, AZ

@liberal larry:
"The amount of over the top rhetoric about the ACA is simply mind boggling!"

You mean rhetoric like... 'if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. PERIOD! If you like your healthcare insurance you can keep your healthcare insurance. PERIOD!'? That's not rhetoric. That's bald faced prevarication... lying.

"The individual policies are commonly referred to as 'junk coverage' and are so lousy that no one in their right mind would keep them..."

So, you're saying... Americans are no longer allowed to make their own decisions about health insurance. Barack Hussein Obama will make them for you.

What's next?

@Roland Kayser
"George W. Bush's Medicare part D program got off to a start that was just as rocky as the ACA."

George W. Bush's Medicare part D is completely voluntary.

"Was Mr. Krauthammer complaining about that? Of course not."

There's nothing there to complain about. The decision is left to the individual the way it aughta be.

"All these people who wanted to keep what turns out to be substandard insurance..."

What does a 65 year old man need with obstetrics/gynecology insurance coverage?

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