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Published: Saturday, Nov. 2 2013 10:50 a.m. MDT

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podunk utah

Maybe all the 5A teams up north can be moved to 3A so they have a chance at a participation trophy

FB Fan #2
Grantsville, UT

We'd still beat them.

Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

Agree, sort of like the "feel good" region that they put together that is called Region 2. Hey let's put all of the horrible teams in to one region and then punish other teams (AF/Lehi) for having to play "big boy ball" in their own regions.

Region 1 (other than Davis) would have a hard time competing in 4A. Bountiful took 4th in their own region, tell me one team other than Davis that would finish better than that in that region? I guess Syracuse did beat Highland in 2OT in the second game on their home field after trailing 7-0 all game long. Northridge and Layton were 0-3 against 4A teams.

Region 1's combined record of teams 3-7 was 15-36. Northridge was 0-3 in pre-season (0-2 against 4A) and then finished 4-2 in that weak region to take 3rd. 10 of the 15 wins mentioned came within their own region.

Region 2's non-region record for the year was 9-21. That includes ALL teams.

scrappy do

Maybe they could create a 3AA north and send all the current 3AA north teams to 2A except J Diego

Those teams are so bad

Provo, UT

I don't know what is a bigger joke--Region 2 or the UHSAA for creating Region 2.

How about seeding the tournament already like about every other state. This is a joke!

Layton, Utah

Davis really wasn't all that good, lot a hype there.

Sandy, UT

Diggers are ready to show the Vikings RES caliber football and earn the right to rematch the Brighton Bengals. I CANNOT WAIT FOR FRIDAY!

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