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Published: Friday, Nov. 1 2013 11:45 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

John Lucas is not the guy we need at PG. If we are continuing a youth movement we need a PG that can help and not cause turnovers and get guys in place. Turnovers are obviously the biggest woe that is over shadowing the great play by our core. I do not mind Tinsley he is a great PG and a leader on the floor. Why not ditch John and get Jimmer it would spread the floor and put excitement in the game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting how Matt Harpring praised Hayward throughout the game and then in the 2nd half Hayward just disappeared. Hayward is what Hayward is. He is a role player but not nor will he ever be a super star that can put a team on his shoulders and carry them to a victory.

Bountiful, utah

You lose you give the ball away, shoot poorly, and miss foul shots, especially when you are away from home.


For all the talk about Hayward being more vocal this year, I don't see it. I like him as a player, but I haven't seen him say one word during a game. I haven't been to a game, but from the tv broadcasts it looks pretty quiet out there.


Jimmer isn't a point guard. Sacto didn't even pick up his option, so someone that's getting paid to make decisions for that team see's problems with his game. He would be a nice ten minute a night guy off the bench to shoot bombs, not the answer for point guard. I really feel that Neto should be brought over right now, especially if Trey doesn't work out. This team isn't going to develop for any coach if they don't settle the point guard spot. Hayward just doesn't look that good to me, he hides from the ball when he misses a shot. And his shot form is horrible. All of them are throwing lazy passes. Burks looks better than Hayward and should start. Let Hayward come off the bench if he doesn't want a contract here. Ian Clark still needs minutes, at least they've seen him shoot. I think this whole team is putting so much energy into defense, that they have no legs to shoot on offense. Tell tell sign is poor free percentage. Great D for a young team.

Man in Charge
Chihiuahua, 00


"John Lucas is not the guy we need at PG. If we are continuing a youth movement we need a PG that can help and not cause turnovers and get guys in place."

That's why they have trey burke but he happens to be injured right now.

Richfield, UT

@fortydam, the reason Hayward vanished in the 2nd half was because the ball quit coming through him. Burks should be starting alright but not for Hayward. He should be getting every minute possible at the point guard position and Ian Clark should be his backup.

Layton, UT

@ Man in Charge I am well aware of Trey but that was not what I mean. I okay with Vets that can lead but who needs a guy playing who can not help set in place the right system. If they are all learning together why not go with someone who can grow with them like Clark. Why have a PG who does not get them in the right plays and pass's horrible nor can he hit the open 3. Utah has always been a team and a system that needs a pure PG not a shooter which is why Mo did not fit here.

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