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Published: Friday, Nov. 1 2013 9:30 p.m. MDT

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Herriman, UT

To everyone's pleasure...I will have to remain silent from this point in regards to the Herriman vs Brighton game. If a new or different articles pops up...it may be heard to resist...but we'll see.

I will close with this: Yes, I'm a Herriman homer. Yes, I'm a Region 4 homer (just as I was a Region 3 homer in 2010 and a Region 7 homer in 2011 and 2012)...and why not...I've had a son on the team since the school was created and will have a son on through the 2015 season.

My point in regards to Herriman and Region 4 is that I am not making an outrageous prediction in stating that Herriman, Pleasant Grove or Lone Peak will win and that Region 4 will have 2 and possibly 3 teams at RES. I believe Herriman wins...but regardless of the outcome...the winner of the game wins by 14 points or less and the game is decided in the 4th quarter. Other than the Bingham vs Riverton game...I believe this holds true for all the quarterfinal matchups. These 3 games are the best possible matchups and will be fun to watch.



Sorry Benzo, that's just not likely to happen it's all about region 3 this year. The beauty is, that's why they play the games we can all prognosticate til we're blue in the face but it's a funny shaped ball that frequently takes a funny bounce. I will close with this, when coach Whittingham handed the Lineman Challenge trophy to Brighton this year he joked that state champ Jordan won it the previous year. I guess we'll see if that is the key. For the record it was Alta losing to Bingham and PG losing to Brighton going into the finals at the challenge, again, region 3 dominance.

South Jordan, UT

Benzo: Nobody is saying you shouldn't be proud of your team. You should root for your team. Especially with having sons playing on it. I think all any of us are saying, is you can support your team, but be realistic. Saying 3 of the 4 best teams in the state will lose is just not being realistic. Post away, and be proud of your team.


In response to plxply:

Lone Peak is a completely different team than they were week two. I'm pretty sure all of these teams are. You can't look at what happened in the last game and automatically assume that's what's going to happen again. Like Alta's coach said, the first one doesn't matter. I think Alta should have beaten Bingham. They looked like the better team with the exception of those two huge mistakes.

In the first game Lone Peak was down 14-10 with 4 minutes left in the third quarter. They went down and scored a touchdown to take the lead and it got called back for holding. Gajkowski got hurt on the play and they had their backup the rest of the game. It let the whole team down (it would to any team). Alta went down and scored to make it 21-10. Then as Lone Peak was on the 15 about to score, the quarterback fumbled the snap. Alta recovers, and next play LP's DB dropped an interception that went right into Richards' hands for a TD. That game was whole heck a lot more competitive than people think.

It should be a good game.


adwight, very well put and you're right, there were some breaks that went Alta's way and without Baron LP isn't the same team. I don't know that LP will slow Alta's offense down and that will be the difference in my opinion, Alta's pass game is too good. Of course Gajkowski could go for a big night and as we all know anything can happen in the playoffs.

Layton, UT

Herriman Vs Bingham in the 5A championship.

Riverton, UT

I just want to mention one name in the Jordan PG game. Clay Moss. I believe he will attain the same numbers he did last year against PG. And I bet Coach Hamilton is keying on stopping the run game this year. Moss torn them up last year. So What Hamilton is going to do is bring that saftey down in the box. Play a cover zero and just hope that Austin tucks it and runs. That way when Kjar starts throwing it, it will make Hamilton switch back to 2 safties once he see's that BOOOOM here comes Moss for the long or short TD run. Jordan will win this game, but it comes down to the chess match these two coach's been in together when Hamilton was at Alta. Go Digger. Oh and I perdict a Region 3 final 4 match up at RES on NOV 15th. Jordan 49 PG 24

Sandy, UT

Very true tharef, Clay Moss is easily a top 5 running back in 5A. Plus it helps that they have the #1 running QB in Utah high school football history on the same team. Pleasant Grove is good but the Diggers are better. WOOOOO! Only 32 1/2 hours till kickoff!!!!!!

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

As for the predictions of the Herriman upset of Brighton, history is against Herriman.

We have had 5A football for 20 years now (1993-2012, this is the 21st year). So 80 teams have made the final 4 or made it to RES (4 teams each year times 20 years). Of those 80 teams, only 2 did not have a winning record in the regular season: Skyline in 2005 went 5-5 but went on to win the championship, and Hunter in 1999 who went 4-5 in the regular season then lost to runner-up Taylorsville in the semi's.

I realize it is possible and that is why they play the game, but 78 of the 80 teams who have made it to RES in the history of 5A have had winning records in the regular season. We're looking at Brighton's 9-1 vs Herriman's 5-5 and history favors Brighton.

Duchesne, UT

Garden City

It is amazing how every year for the last four years the comments coming from the northern part of the state are the same. You have to give credit to Duchesne for the seasons that they have put together for the last five years. They never rest on their larels and play JV teams or no name teams from out of state. This coaching staff always challenges their players by playing preseason games that always include 2A and 3A teams.

Injuries have plauged Duchesne just like the other teams you have mentioned. But this team seems to be able to fight thru then and to find other players that step up to the plate.

No doubt the games for the next two weeks are going to be great games. Rich will have their hands full with Kanab today. I believe that Duchesne will take care of Diamond Ranch today and then set their sights on another.....yes another.....state championship. Go Eagles!!

Draper, UT

Wow what happened to Alta. This was never a game. 41 to 6 until LP put in 2nd and 3rd string.it was late in the 3rd. Baron was on fire actually the whole offense played well.

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