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Published: Friday, Nov. 1 2013 9:30 p.m. MDT

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Go Bingham Go!

Hurricane, 00

Garden City

Duchesne is going to win. plain and simple.

MY picks
5a- Bingham
4a- East
3aa- Dixie
3a and 2a- don't know anything about what has gone on in these classifications
1a- Duchesne

Herriman, UT

@porkpies - Brighton deserves a lot of respect and they definitely have it from me. I believe they have the best offensive line in Utah. I met their Offensive Guard, Offensive Tackle and Tight End at the All Poly Camp this summer and all 3 are beasts. With that said...I would have to disagree with Brighton being the only team to test Bingham...there is a group of 4 teams that have tested Bingham (Valor Christian, Brighton, Alta and Herriman) Here are the stats:

Bingham Lowest Points:
24 - Valor Christian
33 - Alta
37 - Herriman
38 - Brighton

Bingham Highest Opponent Points:
27 - Brighton
27 - Jordan
27 - Alta
24 - Herriman

Bingham Lowest Scoring Margin:
3 - Valor Christian
6 - Alta
11 - Brighton
13 - Herriman

Herriman and Brighton played very similar games against Bingham. I am expecting Brighton vs Herriman to be closer than most think. I've heard Brighton by 21 and Brighton "rolls" Herriman. If the best team in Utah only beat Herriman by 13...why would Brighton beat them by more than that. Herriman home field plays into this this as well. I am predicting a hard fought 35-31 Herriman "upset" win at home over Brighton to advance to Rice-Eccles.

Layton, Utah

GO MINERS!!! Riverton has no chance, Bingham coasts to RES where the real fun starts!

Layton, Utah

You keep dogging Bingham, so you say they are beatable? Well by who then since they haven't been beaten yet? Jordan didn't beat them right? Don't pack your bags to the RES yet, Still got to get past PG.

South Jordan, UT

Over the last two weeks there has been a lot of talk about poor region configuration and the need to seed teams in the tournament.

I think there would still be as much debate about who got seeded where as there is controversy over the simplicity of the current system. As for 5A, I think that in the end the 8 best teams made it to the quarterfinals and the four match-up games are outstanding. I really don't believe any seeding work would have done any better.

Talk about seeding is quiet now. It's only a first round issue. After that, fans who didn't like the match-ups are gone because their teams are gone - because they apparently weren't good enough to win state anyway. Win 4 games to take the title. No whining about who, when and where you play. It should be great football this Friday.

South Jordan, UT

Benzo: You keep touting the point spreads between Bingham and Herriman as why Herriman can beat them. Each game is different. It was Bingham's 2nd game of the year. So Bingham beat Herriman by 13. They Beat Jordan by 21, and Jordan beat Herriman by 22. Pts mean diddly squat. Anybody that watched that Bingham Herriman game, know that Bingham gave 2 TD's to Herriman on stupid penalties that kept drives alive for Herriman. That game was not as close as it's score.

Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

5A Predictions:

Jordan 55, Pleasant Grove 21
Bingham 48, Riverton 20
Alta 28, Lone Peak 27
Brighton 34, Herriman 17

4A Predictions:
Logan 24, Olympus 21 (Oly catches a break, they would have lost by 4 TD's with Nelson playing)
Timpview 41, Sky View 28
East 56, Corner Canyon 14
Woods Cross 34, Salem Hills 28

Bank on every one of them being correct.

South Jordan, UT


Love your passion! but common!

just lay to rest and enjoy friday football its only 3 days away!

Your mustangs will be prepared and ready and will have all there chances to show the state HOW AMAZING a 6-5 team really is!

If you cant run with Farmer it will be a easy win for Brighton!
If not and farmer has 150 and two td s I think Herriman can win!

But my pick is still Brighton by 6 points or less! I am going to this game at Herriman knowing
the miners win easily over river ton!

just 3 more days and we can see this
REGION 3 VS REGION 4 showdown!

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Picks this week...


Brighton @ Herriman: Bengals by 7
PG @ Jordan: Diggers by 10
Alta @ Lone Peak: Hawks by 14
Riverton @ Bingham: Miners by 17


Oly @ Logan: Grizzlies by 3
Corner @ East: Leopards by 28
Salem @ WX: Wildcats by 7
Skyview @ Timp: T-birds by 17

Sandy, UT


Mostly likely I'll be sitting on my couch (or if Jordan gets hot and goes to the Championships, in the stands) reflecting on the game I just watched saying......Dang, that Bingham team is good. MOST LIKELY. Not a sure thing. They are definitely not in a league of there own this year. They still have three very competent teams to beat. MOST LIKELY, they win all three. But I wont bow to them as Champs until then.

Holladay, UT

Gunner, everybody knows you are as bad a Bingham homer as Benzo is a Herriman one. Yes, two big penalties kept Herriman drives alive, but Herriman also gifted Bingham two turnovers in the red zone when they were close to scoring. Bringing up the Jordan point spread means nothing, Herriman was without 5 starters that game, including Farmer and Jarvis. Bingham is better than Herriman (and everyone else) if they play their best football, but I thought that the margin of victory was accurate for that game. I think Brighton-Herriman is going to be one heck of a game, and the team that makes the least amount of mistakes will win.

South Jordan, UT

Footballisgood: You're wrong about the homer comment. I'll call a spade a spade when I see it. Prior to this season starting, I'd posted on multiple articles that I thought Bingham may struggle some, unless they got their QB situation figured out. Obviously they got it figured out. I don't consider turnovers as "gifts". They didn't walk over and hand the ball over to them. a DB made a play on a bad throw, a blitz caused a fumble etc. I'm west side through and through. So I hope Herriman beats Brighton in the worst way. But I just don't see it happening. I hope I'm wrong.

Rural sport fan

Garden City...

Wow, that's bold. Calling it an "upset" for the number 1 undefeated team to beat a team they haven't lost to for several years? Ignoring the fact that Diamond Ranch beat Monticello in the regular season? Calling it a championship and "toppling" when Rich beat Monticello for the second time this year, handing them their 4th 1A loss this year?

I think you are confused about what championships mean.

Admittedly, Rich is a class act, and will be extremely tough to beat again, assuming they handle Kanab at SUU, but the fact is, Duchesne has had injuries all season, their starting TE/OLB didn't play until the Altamont game, they haven't had more than 3 of their 5 starting linemen at 100% all season, and yet...they are still undefeated, and they beat two 2A playoff teams on the way there.

1-A is a tossup, IMHO, but if you like small school football, there should be some really good games the next few weeks.

Got to agree on the 2A call though. Totally shocked that No. Summit beat So. Summit in the season, and I don't see it happening twice, if they even meet.

Holladay, UT

A bad throw is a gift (notice that QB is not playing anymore). The fumble was not caused by a blitzer, the QB turned the wrong way and hit the running back and dropped the ball (same QB). I hope Bingham beats the tar out of Riverton, as I think that they will. I think that Brighton and Herriman are pretty dang evenly matched. I thought Bingham could have beaten Brighton by more (they fumbled right to a fast Brighton defender in space for 7 points, just an unfortunate bounce, and had some big gains called back by penalties, and dropped at least two interceptions)

Layton, Utah

Then you need to also take into account in that Bingham was without three of their starters for the Brighton game.


I keep seeing that most people are picking LP to beat Alta. I would like to have one of them give a good reason why they believe that will happen. The fact they are playing at LP doesn't make up for the 25 points they lost by last time.
Did LP get some new db's? Are they going to hold Mack Richards under 256 yards receiving this time around? How? Did LP get some new d linemen to put pressure on Lucero? How are they going to stop Sansom who ran for 120 yards last time? If the double Richards how will they then stop Harrison and Teahan?
Just piling on the bandwagon that Alta is the #4 seed and thus not good enough to beat LP again doesn't make any sense, someone give a good reason.
I love Baron as a football player, but he can't win a game by himself.

South Jordan, UT

K, and the Bingham QB gave a gift interception to the Herriman team that led to a score. Again, the DB had to make the play on the ball still. Who is to say the QB didn't turn the wrong way because of something he saw the Bingham D doing across from him? I don't count turnovers as gifts. They are earned. And you're 100% correct about the Brighton game. Bingham put their 2nd string QB, 2nd string TE, 2nd string RB, and 2nd string WR in that game for the entire 4th qtr. Then up 17, they decided to throw with all their backups across the middle. Turned into a Brighton score that brought it within 10. They still stayed with their backups the remainder of the game. I thought they put their backups in too soon. Otherwise I think that game is a 24 pt margin easily. I don't see Herriman stopping Brighton. And regardless of what everybody says about Brighton's passing game, they have some HUGE receivers that can cause Herriman some big time trouble.

South Jordan, UT

plyxply: I agree. I think Alta is a much better team than their record. I don't feel the same way about Herriman. I think Alta beats LP by 14.

Earl Yee
Not the City, UT

Garden City

I am not sure how you can say it would be an upset for Duchesne to upset both Rich or Kanab. Or how you can say North Summit is not that amazing. When both North Summit and Duchesne have won close games all year long. It will be fun to see just how things end up after this weekend. I do think it will be a Duchesne VS Rich final. Hopefully another fun game for both the fans and the boys on the field.

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