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Published: Thursday, Oct. 31 2013 5:35 p.m. MDT

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Atlanta, GA

It's strange that people have nostalgia for the Creamery on Ninth, seeing as it opened just ten years ago. Could it be they remember going to the old DT creamery?

Also, the CONE has always had enough parking. Most of their customers come by foot/bike, and there are literally acres of little-used spaces across heritage drive. The LAST thing that BYU needs is more parking spaces.

Atlanta, GA

Creamery on Ninth East? Kent's Market? I remember when it was Carson's Market, sponsor of the Bronco League baseball team I was on. A free can of soda after each win, and the floor was slippery in baseball cleats. Now I know I'm old.

G L W8

I was a student at BYU throughout the '60's, beginning in the Fall of '60 with a mission break and a few years at the decade's end working on a Master's degree while beginning my teaching career. I remember the old barracks of Wymount Village and the quanset huts--now the Wilk center parking lot. But the milk from BYU's dairy farm in those years was dispensed from a building at the east end of the old heating plant across the street from Wymount. The quanset store must have been earlier. When the 'new' creamery was built up by the Harmon Building, the store on 9th East was indeed "Carson's Market". I don't know when it became Kent's. But now, as the Creamery on 9th, it is more accessible and has more functionality than the main creamery building. I haven't been in that one since the BYU Broadcast building was finished.

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