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Published: Thursday, Oct. 31 2013 8:20 p.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

To all you people who are saying that Utah is better than BYU because they've won more rivalry games must have forgotten that it is just ONE game out of a WHOLE SEASON. I'm pretty sure that the greatness of a team is based on more than one game! I think the problem is that Utah fans are use to their season ending every year after the "big game" so they've forgotten that most other teams actually have a season to finish. Last time I checked, BYU was ranked higher than Utah on all of the polls (that was after Utah beat Stanford and BYU lost to you guys). Says a lot to me. If you look at in-state games then yes, Utah is the better team and congrats on your one game a year but if you look at the team overall during the course of the season then Utah is NOT the best team in the state.

bountiful, ut

Thank you for the good laugh.. First of all, by November 23rd, Notre Dame will be in the top 20.... Maybe the top 15.... ASU will not lose on the hill in RES... Oregon will not lose on November 16th in Eugene... I wish more than anything that all these losses save Arizona weren't against quality teams.... However, let us be very clear that losing even to respectable programs is still LOSING... The great teams simply don't do that... So Ute Nation! Please quit pounding your chests until as a PAC-12 team you pull off an Alabamaesque season!

bountiful, ut

Addendum: Even Arizona is a 'quality' loss as it were... 8 of 12 are well above 500 for the season... It is time for the other 4 to put up or cut out! With USC winning tonight like they did in Corvalis this is one of the best seasons in Pac-12 history! But I'm thinking t

West Jordan, UT

For those you knocking Chris' predictions, remember that he was practically the only one that said Utah would beat Stanford, and how did that turn out for him? Hope and belief in your team isn't always a bad thing.

West Jordan, UT

When all else fails, use the logic of others to prove your team is better. You can use the standings, I'll use the stats of the last 12 games to determine which team is better. Ultimately that is all that matters between two schools. If you can't beat them on the field you are not the better team. Otherwise, you are simply using the accomplishments of others to try and make your team look better. If BYU won every game this year, except Utah, and Utah lost every game, except BYU, Utah would still be better than BYU. There is no disputing it really.

Salt Lake City, UT

"With by far the best win of anyone in the state this year, Utah will look to add another top 25 win between Oregon and Arizona State. That makes 4 teams currently in the top 25, two in the top 10(one of whom we beat). And this schedule will be typical as we continue in the Pac 12. It's going to be tough, but I'll take it over a MWC or quasi MWC schedule anyday!"

I'm not sure I share your enthusiasm. Think about 2004 and 2008. Would you have rather been in the MWC those years, gone undefeated and played in a major bowl? Or would you have rather traded places with say, Arizona or Washington State, two schools who seem to be our PAC 12 "peers"?

I thought we would have seen some PAC 12 success by now. Upsetting a Stanford team that was looking ahead to UCLA hardly qualifies as a big-time win.

The fact is, we are mediocre in the PAC 12, just like the detractors said we would be. And I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel, at least not with our current leadership.

Salt Lake City, UT


Yes, when all else fails, resort to feeble "logic" arguments, instead of accepting the only facts that really matter, final records and end of season rankings.

"For those you knocking Chris' predictions, remember that he was practically the only one that said Utah would beat Stanford"

Simple math: if you throw out enough wild predictions, inevitably, one of your predictions will hit the mark. Try it yourself - bet the heavy underdog in every FBS game this week. You're almost guaranteed to get at least one right.

West Jordan, UT

So you're saying that BYU playing a weaker schedule and having more wins at the end of the season proves they are a better team that Utah, who beat them head to head? Explain your logic? The only thing that matters is the final score between two teams. The rest does contain a direct correlation and can be discounted. In other words, try again.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Utefan4Lyf
I have to disagree a head to head score does not mean everything.
Texas A&M beat Alabama last year, was Texas A&M the National Champion?
LSU beat Alabama in 2011 and then lost to them in the National Title game so who was better then?
In 2008 Florida lost a game to Ole Miss and was still the National Champion.
A season is made up of games. So lets say the season is a pie and games are pieces?
Is it more important to have a good pie than a good piece.
I think the Utes are a good team but they have been really good in pieces.
BYU has been terrible for a couple pieces other than that pretty good.
Utah has a tough schedule (according to ESPN #2) but so does BYU (ESPN #12) the key is BYU has won more than Utah.
The utes did have a great victory head to head.
But head to head games don't mean everything (How many champions in any sport have lost some games)

west valley, UT

Nevada coug,

"(BYU doesn't count.)"

Good point, they have won every contest against the utes in their mind.

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