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Published: Thursday, Oct. 31 2013 8:20 p.m. MDT

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Overton, NV

I think Utah does have a chance to beat Arizona State for this reason: they are playing in Salt Lake. Utah has been pretty good at home this year. It's on the road that they've struggled mightily, not having won a true road game yet (BYU doesn't count.)

IF Utah manages to beat Arizona State, they will go to a bowl. I predict they will lose on the road to both Oregon and Washington State, then beat Colorado at home in the final game of the season. So, it all hinges on the game next weekend. Without that win, they will be under a lot of pressure to pick up two wins to finish the year.

BYU may not be playing to change their bowl selection at this point, but winning out will put them high in the polls for next season and give them a chance to get into a big-money bowl.

Phoenix, AZ


"I think Utah does have a chance to beat Arizona State"

Yeah, a snowball's chance. But a chance nonetheless.

Holladay, UT

"Just like nobody not living on the hill thinks Utah is better than Stanford, nobody except the hill dwellers thinks Utah or Virginia is better than BYU. - deductive reasoning

You know what's funny is byu fans thinking byu is better than Utah after losing head to head this year and losing 4 in a row.

Here is something to think about: Utah has won 9 of the last 12 with byu. If not for last second miracle plays in 3 of those games, Utah would have won 12 straight against byu. And byu fans still think their team is better?

Bothell, WA

Will be rooting for ASU, et al, this weekend and beyond. Chris' stellar prediction (LOL) capability shows that she's generally 99.97% wrong, so with her on the yewts side, it's entirely realistic to see a 4-8 season - just what the pundits predicted.

Go AnyoneWhoPlaysTheUtes!

Syracuse, ut

"Syracuse Coug,

Be honest, how much of a chance did you give Utah against Stanford?

That's what I thought"

I admit, not much, but that was before the mighty Utes put up a whopping 3 points on an injury riddled USC team who was missing half of their studs. People probably would be nicer to you if you just acted rational once in a while and quit bashing the other teams in Utah, like they were lucky to be in the presence of your all-mighty bcs team. Utah has struggled mightily in the Pac-12 the last two years and it doesn't look like that will change, admit it and give some of the other teams in the state a little credit. BYU and Utah State are playing some pretty darn good football right now.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


How many end of season losses to 10-loss teams does Kyle have?

How many times has Kyle been SHUT OUT by a 10-loss team?

How many losses to conference bottom dwellers like New Mexico, Wyoming, UNLV, Colorado St and Colorado does Kyle have?

Why does Kyle have so few Top 25 finishes, and why, after beating the 5th-ranked team in the country, is Utah still struggling to become bowl eligible?

Bronco: FIVE Top 25 finishes, THREE Top 15 finishes
Kyle: THREE Top 25 finishes, ONE Top 15 finish

With the 21st-ranked SOS, BYU is a couple of plays away from being undefeated this season, with SIX wins versus FBS teams and THREE wins versus BCS teams.

With the 4th-ranked SOS, Utah is 4-4, with THREE wins versus FBS teams and only ONE win versus a BCS team.

BCS Ranking: #28 BYU > #45 Utah

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

Let's look at using Chris B logic to see who will win will the ASU/uofu game:
ASU pounded WSU in Pullman by 34, WSU beat USC at home by 3, USC beat up the Utes using walk-ons by 16.
Hmmm.....ASU will win by 53 points.

Gilbert, AZ


"You know what's funny is BYU fans thinking BYU is better than Utah after losing head to head this year..."

Not as funny as Utah fans thinking they have a chance against ASU, after losing NINE in a row, and being dominated by the Sun Devils since Utah joined the PAC.

btw, it's not just BYU fans thinking that BYU is better than Utah, EVERY national ranking - AP, Coaches, Harris, USA Today, CBS Sports, BCS, Sagarin, etc. - says that BYU is significantly BETTER than Utah.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Name the national poll or ranking that has Utah ranked higher than BYU.

Higher = BETTER

One game does not a season make, especially when that one game wasn't decided until the final play of the game.

Anaheim, CA

It's interesting how sacrosanct the polls and rankings are when Utah fans are talking about Utah's or their opponent's rankings, but how meaningless those same polls and rankings are when Utah fans are talking about BYU's or their opponent's rankings.

USA Today
#26 BYU > #59 Utah

#29 BYU > #46 Utah

#24 BYU > #39 Utah

#28 BYU > #45 Utah

BYU 26.75 > Utah 47.25

BYU also finished #28 AP and #30 Coaches, while Utah didn't receive a single vote in either poll.

BYU has finished with a better and higher ranking in five of the eight seasons during the Bronco-Kyle era, and that trend looks to continue this year.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

There really isn't much difference between the strength of opponents Utah and BYU has so far faced as both slates featured top 25 schedules. The key difference is in how they handled those opponents. Utah has squeaked out narrow nail-biter wins over BYU, USU and Stanford. BYU has dominated Texas, Boise State, USU, GT, MTS and squeaked out a narrow nail-biter win over Houston.

Lincoln Park, IL

Utah was slightly better on September 21st.

BYU is much better today.

It remains to be seen which team will finish better overall.

Marysville, WA

I don't know how you Utah-based BYU fans put up with what appears to be the constant water torture of Ute nonsense. If the DesNews comment section is anything like life on the streets of Salt Lake City, or like I remember it being when I lived in Utah while going to school, I would have chewed my arm off by now.

Is it just impossible dreaming to suppose that the Ute fan base will some day focus on competing in the Pac-12 instead of obsessing on their life-long inferiority complex with regards to BYU and to the BCS? Talk about sad.

As someone who was born in and has lived in PAC country most of my life, with the refs having their thumb on every game, with the haves-versus-have-nots caste system, and with some of the most entitled and obnoxious fan bases in college sports, I'm grateful every day that BYU is not a part of that conference.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

@Chris B, the passage of a few weeks has helped pull back the curtain to bring more clarity to the state of the PAC. The truth is Stanford wasn't an isn't nearly as good as their ranking says they are-- then and now. There is only one juggernaut in the PAC and we know who that is. And they are the recipients of having a Nike VP donating piles of cash to their program.

All of the other PAC12 teams are fairly matched. And none of them would clearly dominate the old MWC.

Mark that down! Its true.

Marysville, WA

I also wanted to applaud the Utah-based fans who, regardless of which team is their favorite, want to see all three of their state's FBS schools do well, now that none play in the same conference. It's a nice sentiment I am trying to emulate.

Which is why I root loudly for "the You-Dub" and Wazzou whenever they play Utah.

Go Cougars!

Cougsrock original
Maricopa, Az

Chris B. Utah would have to finish 6th in the pac10.2 to play BYU. Not 9th.

West Point , UT

"If the DesNews comment section is anything like life on the streets of Salt Lake City, or like I remember it being when I lived in Utah while going to school, I would have chewed my arm off by now".

Yep, that's why I only have a nub left. It is torture to listen to from some fans while others are very reasonable. How many other programs after losing to the dead beat programs the utes have in the last couple weeks still be on boards trying to diminish the accomplishments of their rival? Probably none...the classy ones would tip their hat, and the trolls would go back under the rock they came from. But not specific ute fans...they could be 1-7 right now w/ their lone victory over BYU and still be talking SOS (as if BYUs isn't high) and giving all the "evidence" for their superiority because they beat the Cougars again. Maybe God feels sorry for them and that's why he allows them to beat BYU...we all know who the rest of America thinks/knows is better so there has to be some reason.

West Point , UT

Chris B
No thanks, BYU has bigger fish to fry and higher aspirations. We're tired of stubbing our toe on little ole U. We'd rather demolish the Big 12 champion or go down the wire in an exciting game to the American champion, or throttle the MWC champion or runner-up...oh wait we've already done all that. What good would playing little ole U do for the Cougs? Nada. We'll take a team who has tradition and actually competes in the PAC12 like Washington or USC...we just don't have the time (or toes) to be tripping over little brother anymore.

Overton, NV

Here is a question:
IF Texas goes on to win the Big12, will Utah's win over Stanford still be considered the biggest win by a Utah team?

For rational fans, the question will be raised and logically debated.

We already know what the irrational fans will say.

west jordan , UT

Chris B

You should be thankful for all of BYU wins since playing the U. Utah win over BYU make the Utah program not look so weak. Now if BYU had beaten the U, then the Utah fans would be having the worse season being having only three wins. So Utah and Chris if you really that good of a program then cheer for BYU so your teams win will look better, because the word on the street in football land about Utah is they only get up for BYU and once in awhile have a fluke game and beat one good team and then lose to all the other good teams. Word about BYU is that they are improving each game and have a QB that is showing some real promise that is getting some national attention. So Chris realize if BYU loses it make Utah look even worse, BYU win Utah looks better.

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