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Published: Thursday, Oct. 31 2013 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Arizona Border Dude

I was once asked, "Do you believe in Jesus as your Personal Savior? My reply, "Yes." Next question, "Have you been saved?" I replied, "By your definition, Yes. By mine I still have work to do."

And from there was a good discussion on how works also fit into salvation. It was amazing the agreement there was on most of the things. Then I was asked about my religion and beliefs. The final result was a visit with missionaries and baptism.

By entering not into argument or religion bashing we were able to get past the minor so-called differences, change opinions and come to the realization of what Christ would have as his church.

Many stone walls tumble when confronted with scripture and logic.

Capt Moroni
Perris, CA

@ The Solution,

Sorry, but I neither agree, nor have the same feelings as you about other religions. You have to love people just the way they are. It is NOT an us versus them mentality in any ward I've ever attended, and I have attended quite a few across the US and the World as a whole. .


Not going to happen. Latter-Day Saints are making a big mistake trusting these guys. They will use us and then throw us under the bus just like they do anyone else who stands in their way. This is also their way of trying to corrupt our youth and some of our more weak-minded members with false doctrines promising cheap grace and easy salvation. We are best standing on our own, as we always have, for the sake of the integrity of the Church and its reputation among non-Christians.

Aloha, OR

Before Mormonism.. there was already the debate among the Christian faiths as to are we saved by grace.. or by works? There were Christian faiths that did not hold to the creeds of many of the other Christian faiths. There are Christian faiths that do not see the "Trinity" as a doctrine they believe in. And here is the interesting part... they all have the same book to refer to... the Bible... and nothing else.

Yet here we come with our "golden" Bible in addition to their Bible and instantaneously it becomes us vs them. I see more references from the Christian faiths as to our understanding of who God was.. and now is.. as their main thrust more than any other "doctrinal" issues. It all comes down to ONE God.. There belief there is only ONE.. and ours.. there is only ONE we worship. Their ONE has even taken 3.. and still made them ONE.. so focused are they on the ONE. And their definition of a Christian is belief in ONE God. So.. we are out... and that's fine with me. I don't accept their definition of Christianity. I know which God I worship.. the ONE.

Phoenix, AZ

Please explain, is that One you favor Allah, Adam, Jesus, Elohim, Thor,which one.

layton, UT

RE: MrNirom1, I know which God I worship.. the ONE.

You believe that God is one=(*heis); well and good. Even the demons believe that—and tremble with fear.(James 2:19 NET).

The Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are One= (*heis) these three agree as One=(**en) (1John 5:7,8 KJV & JST & 3 Nephi 11:27,36).
(*heis,1520=the cardinal #1 But, We are One=(**en)they are )One=(**en) Jn., 17:20-22. One in unity,true.(**en 1722, Preposition)they are different Greek words.

3 persons One God. "One in substance”. … the express image of his person(substance, 5287).Hebrews 1:3.

C.S Lewis,” If Christianity was something we were making up, of course we would make it easier. But it is not. We cannot compete, in simplicity, with people who are inventing religions[JS]. How could we? We are dealing with fact. Of course anyone can be simple if he has no facts to bother about." The three personal God “Mere Christianity. Lewis gives some other analogies of the Tri(3) Unity.

Aloha, OR

@skeptic LOL Thor. I already stated it but for you I will repeat it. "There is only ONE we worship". The Father of our spirits... not our human bodies. The name we give to the Father of our spirits is Elohim. To the Son.. Jesus or Jehovah. Jehovah is in spiritual form before being born as Jesus in human form. Jesus is the only person who came to earth that was begotten by the Father.. in other words.. the only one to have the Father of his spirit.. also be the Father of his body. To the third member of the Godhead.. The Holy Ghost. Three individuals.. not of the same substance... but purpose.

@sharrona CS Lewis was not a prophet of God... Joseph Smith however.. was.

Portland, Oregon


Great story!

I was thinking about the comment that Baptist preacher made to you where he said, "He insisted that the word Christian was reserved for those who fit the orthodox view..."

The thing about having a particular "view" is that regardless of how much we think we share a common view, no two people have the same view. They are different because each is colored by so many factors such as history, choices, education, experience, etc. We each walk a different path.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a path that, when we turn from our path and follow His, allows us to see things from a particular perspective and helps ameliorate the differences we have with others when it comes to understanding the things we must do to return to our Heavenly Father's presence.

Aloha, OR

@The Scientist Speaking of the "The Great Apostasy is not a put down of other religions.. just a statement of fact. Even they know that they can not ALL be right. For a majority left the Catholic Church for that very reason and reformed their own version. Discontent has been a major factor in the birth of all these new "Christian" faiths. Mormonism was not born on reform.. but on restoration. Bring back that which was lost.

Joseph stating what was said to him by God is nothing more than fact.. not opinion. God's feelings about what man has done with his doctrines is of God's opinion.. not man's. Prophets throughout the ages have never been liked for what they have said concerning the people and their actions. Why would thy like it anymore today?

layton, UT

RE: MrNirom1,.. There is only ONE we worship. Which One?

Mosiah 7:27”… that Christ was the God, the Father of all things, …”

"I have always declared God to be a distinct personage, Jesus Christ a separate and distinct personage from God the Father, and the Holy Ghost was a distinct personage and a Spirit: and these three constitute three distinct personages and ‘three Gods," (Teachings of Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 370).

Hear, O Israel: The LORD(YHWH/Jesus)our God(Elohim), the LORD(YHWH) is ONE(Deut 6:4).

God(Elohim) spake unto Moses, and said unto him, I am the LORD(YHWH/Jesus)(EX 6:2).

YHWH is a personal name referring to the God of Israel. It is translated "LORD". Elohim is the generic term for god or gods.


More conversation is better. Misconceptions multiply in the shaddows- I welcome the sunshine of openness and mutual respect that will emerge from this dialogue between people of faith.

Aloha, OR

@sharrona Jehovah, YYHWH, and Jesus are all the same person.. They represented God the Father.. whom we call.. Elohim. I don't care what the Greek word for "Gods" was.. for us.. we use the name Elohim to represent the name for the Father.. the Father of our spirits.

In a sense.. the Father & the Son are ONE God.. for Jehovah, YYHWY, and Jesus all spoke for the Father.. to do his bidding.. not their own. And for Mosiah in the Book of Mormon.. Jesus and God where the same person to them. Jesus is the "Father" of our bodies.. as he was the creator of them.. yet doing it for the Father.. but he created the human body for Adam and Eve. And it needed to be that way because what Jesus created.. he also redeems. And being the redeemer was what the Father had asked of him. That is how Jesus is the Father.. and the Son.. The Father of our bodies.. and the Son of the Father of our Spirits.

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