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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 30 2013 5:40 p.m. MDT

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Herriman, UT

@Gunner - I want to know what it means in your words. Just so that we are clear...a Herriman win or a Herriman loss by 20 points or less will end your slander towards the Mustangs. In regards to Bingham players holding championship rings: Just to give some disclosure...I have two nephews that play for Bingham now and had a nephew that played on the 2010 championship team who now playing for Nebraska. I remember that team very well and don't remember any of this years seniors playing on that team. Since 2011 (since that is when most of these seniors starting playing) every year...all I have heard is Bingham and East. I agree...I too have screamed that Herriman would make noise in the playoffs...but the fact remains...Herriman seniors, Bingham seniors and East seniors all have the same amount of championship rings on the fingers...zero.

South Jordan, UT

And again you're wrong. I coached 2 of the kids who made the team as 9th graders, and both have championship rings! Did they start or even play as 9th graders? No. But fact remains they dressed for the varsity squad, and received rings. And no it still won't end my slander. You should be proud if your Mustangs make the 2nd round. Because really that's about the level they should make it to based on the talent on that team.

St. George, UT

5A will pit Bingham vs. Alta in a rematch which I think Bingham wins it big this time around, and Jordan vs. Brighton rematch which is really a toss up (yes an all region 3 Semi-final). Bingham will then go on to roll Brighton/Jordan by 14+ in the championship

4A will come down to East vs. Logan and I think East will win big (just look at their common opponent bountiful), and Timpview vs. Woods Cross and I think Timpview will win barely (based on WX's recent tear and only loss coming to a good East team on the hill). Then from there it is a toss up between Timpview and East but I think it is probably East's year.

3AA Desert Hills over Juan Diego

3A Judge over Morgan

2A South Summit over North Summitt (Just a guess as I have not seen either of these teams play)

1A Duchesne over Kanab (Once again just a pure guess)

Salt Lake City, UT


I dont believe you have seen east play this year, going off that notions you should see that they are on a whole nother level. not saying that it wont take a decent game plan to get past Logan and a timpview but vatsity experience, and the chip on the shoulder from last couple years i think they will get 'er done this year. and to say you only hear about east and bingham, is a little far fetched due to the fact that east hasnt been dominant like this prior to the 4 years Coach Matich has been at east. good luck to everyone

South Jordan, UT


Who cares about the success rate of pre-season favorites when we have a completed regular season. You are looking at a worthless "historical" benchmark. What is meaningful now is to look at the success rate for teams that go undefeated (against Utah competition) during the regular season and go into the playoffs as favorites.

I can't speak for 4A but for 5A I have pointed out before and reiterate the same point raised by Binghamalum. In six of the last seven years, the title was won by a team coming out of the regular season undefeated versus Utah competition. Those teams were the "post regular season favorites". That's a relevant historical benchmark.

If you are a big fan of history, please note that the success rate for 5-5 regular season teams getting to RES for 5A is extremely slim. Yet you ignore that statistically significant historical data when you boldly predict Herriman will get to the semis.

The only history you should be interested in is the 5-5 Skyline team that went on to win the 2005 state title. Hope is a wonderful thing, but please don't put any money on it.

South Jordan, UT

I like the chances for both Bingham and East. They both have to earn it. Opponents will not roll over and die. But they are favorites for very good reasons.


@wolvie23 I'd put my cheerleader up against you any day of the week. For that matter, I'd put my middle school cheerleader up against you any day. You clearly have know idea how hard cheer is these days. I do think East will role thru the competition. JD and Riverton will have to play better than they have to take state. Not sure about Riverton but JD is very capable.

@Ut Spartan Fan You're so right. JD and JM get all the best athletes. I am surprised that Alta, Bingham, East, have any athletes at all. In fact, I'm packing my bags now for a recruiting trip to Texas. It can be a little tough getting parent's to move to Utah when we tell them their 8th grader has a real shot at the big time. Then there is getting the family employed here. But we have a great relocation package and the sign on bonus really sweetens the deal.

johnny pigskin
Sandy, UT

Benzo, I hope you are correct. I think Herriman plays the run well, not so much the pass? Brighton can run it, no doubt! But can they pass it enough to beat some of these other top teams?? Just a thought? By the way I have been gone from the area and just came back, go back a few years and Johnny Pigskin was on these blogs. No disrespect to Pig Skin, seems to know his stuff.

South Jordan, UT

Region 1 and done! Region 2 and through!

The Official
Bingham Canyon, UT

@ Ut Spartan Fan
Recruiting is a violation of the UHSAA and teams and players are penalized for recruiting. Who has been recruited by Juan Diego or Judge? I am very familiar with both schools, UHSAA rules, and coaches of both teams, and I can say they do not recruit "every kid on their team". Open enrolment is part of a parents choice to have their kids attend the school of their choice. The choice of attending a private school is personnel and is not driven by athletics. Religious reasons, history of academic performance, small class sizes, required parent involvement...
Also, your argument looses credibility because these two schools do not win state in every sport. Based on your logic, Wasatch, Delta, Morgan, St. George schools have a huge advantage because they win in their respective sports. but you don't notice that, It seems to me that you just provide excuses why your team does not preform well. Teams that win are well coached have heart and desire to compete, parent involvement, and perhaps most of all is how well the team mates perform overall in the class room is reflective to how they do on the field.

Ut Spartan Fan
countryboy, UT

@ the official
So are these athletes that are enrolled in Juan Diego and Judge paying for their tuition to said schools? Or is it a scholarship? Do they live in a certain boundary like the rest of the state? No they don't win every year, but two state championships in the last 5 years with another coming this year aint that bad for Juan DIego. Judge wasn't able to compete in the higher ranks so throw them a bone and put them in with small 3a and 2a teams.
It has nothing to do with heart of the players, and yeah when you have coaches that are being payed by the school to be a coach not for being a volunteer you will be better in the coaching end of things. I believe one of the coaches for Judge was in the NFL correct. Their is no excuse for my teams performance. They play hard every year and make the playoffs to be trounced by some school that many of their players are already committed to a University. JUST SAYIN...

The Official
Bingham Canyon, UT

@ Ut Spartan Fan

You are full of mis-information, there is no way I can respond to your post in 200 words or less.
Skaggs Catholic Center does not turn away anyone who wants to attend the elementary, middle, or high school because they cannot afford tuition. The Skaggs family has set aside tuition assistance for anyone who cant afford it. Even public schools have assistance to help pay for programs that families cant afford.
There are no boundries to attend most of the schools in Utah, its open enrollment, and it provides a parents choice to have their child attend the school they feel is best for their situation.
The Coaches at JD, Judge are part of the staff of the school, John Colosimo is the asst, principle at JD, and they are paid less that their counter parts of a public school. At Judge, Luther Ellis played at U of U,Detroit Lions is an asst. coach, has a son who plays at Judge.
Learn the Facts about private schools, The performance in the class room directly reflects the student body, and their performance outside of the classroom. solutions are better than excuses, quit making excuses.

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