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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 30 2013 1:50 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Why take a chance on Fredette?

Because then the Jazz would have one player that I've ever heard of before in my life. How's that for a good reason?

Provo, UT

Not a lot of upside to taking Jimmer for the Jazz.

However, there wasn't alot of upside to the Bulls sticking with Steve Kerr for so long during their championship years and then Dale Ellis who was a deep threat and niche player had a good career with the Sonics.

Jimmer would be a role player to be sure and provide some instant offense for the Jazz that sometimes they have lacked in key parts of the game during the last several years.


Seriously why would the new kings ownership trade away a player who was near the top in 3pt shooting last year. I mean the old kings ownership was terrible and had zero basketbal sense, but I can't imagine this new ownership group doing something like that. Plus who or what do the Jazz have that the kings don't?


Amen, altahoops. It would be nice to recognize someone on the team - especially during a time that it looks like the Jazz are not going to be competitive.

Riverton, UT

I understand the reasons for not wanting to have Jimmer on the Jazz and they likely will never trade for him so it seems worthless to discuss, but I agree with this article. He was, whether you like it or not one of the greatest college sports icons that played in Utah. Perhaps there are still some questions about his ability to contribute, but he really hasn't been given the proper opportunity to demonstrate his abilities. He is a true competitor and would bring much needed enthusiasm to a lackluster season.


Get over it! He is too small for a two, and not good enough to run the point. If you can't guard in the NBA you change teams every year..Just ask Korver. He's much taller than Jimmer, but he can't guard NBA players good enough to stick with a team that wants to contend. I think Jimmer would be a nice pickup to come off the bench against smaller lineups and light it up. But there's a reason he isn't playing! He isn't on a collage team that's built around one guy shooting thirty five shots a game. And you want a player you've heard of? really? really? That's the strangest thing I've ever see written on here.

Wanda B. Rich
Provo, UT

Gee, why not. The Jazz shoot threes like guys I see chucking old mattresses out of their trucks at the landfill. As for defense, how many point guards can stop the other top point guards anyway? It's all about help defense in the NBA. Steph Curry can't begin to defend Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook all by his lonesome. But he can shoot. Speaking of which, what point guard can stop Fredette? I remember watching teams try to double-team him in college. No two players I ever saw could keep him from scoring. Just ask Kawhi Leonard.

The Jazz need to stretch defenses to give their young bigs room to maneuver inside. Think Jamal Tinsley is going to do that? John Lucas III? LOL. Give the Jimmer a chance. He may be just what the doctor ordered.

Las Vegas Aggie
Logan, Utah

Why on earth would they, there are more than one reason he's not playing. He is a great college player but he never was an NBA talent.

South Jordan, UT

There is no question that Jimmer can contribute. In my mind, he'll have a 10-12 year career as a journeyman scoring guard. May even get a ring if he latches on with the right team (think Miami).

The question the Jazz need to answer is how they can take advantage of his strengths and cover his weaknesses. Since he is not likely to be a starter, he will rarely be matched up against the top guards in the league. That tells me that his defensive weaknesses will be minimized. I think he can wear out opposing second-string guards as they struggle to stop his offense. Again, that means they will not be able to focus on their own offense which will minimize his defensive weaknesses.

It's probably worth a shot if you can get him cheap but I have no idea what the Jazz have to offer that would be attractive to Sacramento. Maybe Rush or Evans and a bag of chips.

Plano, TX

One reason to not trade for him or pick him up as a free agent: no defense.
That is all.


It amazes me how many pro scouts write on these blogs. Never was pro material? Why was he drafted so high or even drafted at all? The kids never been given a fair shake by his detractors nor by the coaches he's played under. I think the jury's still out and, if given the chance, could develop into a long term and pretty steady, positive addition to the right team. The question remains, are the Jazz the right team. I sure hope so and would drive to SLC a few times a year from Colorado to watch them if there was a chance he would get some meaningful minutes.

Burley, ID

The Jazz already have a great 3 point shooter on the team who is also a better defender. His name is Brandon Rush. Brandon's pre-injury 2011-2012 stats are eye opening.

3 point % .452
2 point % .544
Free Throws % .795

He's also 6'6" inches tall versus Jimmer's 6'2".

My hope is that Rush returns at near 100%. If he does that, there isn't much reason to pickup Jimmer. While I wouldn't mind having Fredette on the Jazz team, they should not give up much to acquire him.

South Jordan, UT

I love the idea! Jimmer is a great player/shooter and will draw the numbers. People especially kids LOVE him! And, he is a good person and would fit in well with the caliber of players on the Jazz team.

Go Jimmer! Come to Utah.

Plano, TX

Look, I love watching Jimmer shoot it up. He's exciting, half the time. When Keith "Not so" Smart left as head coach, that removes a major impediment to more floor time for Jimmer. But someone has got to go get 4-5 really nimble pro guards and orchestrate some serious tutorial time on Fredette developing some defensive skills, because almost all guards in the league can school him at will. If he dramatically improves defense really soon, he can be a 2 in the league and make a team really happy to have him around, because he's got great attitude as a teammate. If he doesn't, he'll be out of the league and playing in Europe, where he'll be able to play the style he's stuck in right now.

Somewhere in Time, UT

He'd definitely draw crowds.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

I would not agree that the Kings are not trying to move Jimmer. The press and media say that they are. Kings are loaded at guards and more so at the point. Watch for Dec 15 when more players are avaliable to be traded. Jazz have a handful of second rounders. Ian Clark and a second for Jimmer.

Provo, UT

All this talk about no D and not being able to play defense against the guards. The problem is not many people can guard rose, westbrook, parker, paul, and other premier point guards. So while it's true Jimmer's defense is borderline non-existent, let's not act like the premier point guards are easily guarded.

Farmington, UT

The way the Jazz have been going the last few years, if it is the right thing to do they'll pass on it. If it's the wrong thing to do, they'll sign in ink immediately. Ever since they gave Ostertag his mega-bonus we have waited for the elusive championship. And every year it gets further away from ever being achieved. Bottom line: Who really cares if they do or don't?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Its simple: if you want Jazz to win national title, then trade for Jimmer.
If you want to never not win a championship then dont trade for Jimmers.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Jazz was going to take Jimmer or were they, but he was taken by Milwalkee and traded to Sac Town. Yes, take him and I am sure LARRY MILLER want him too! Don't you think Gail?

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