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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 30 2013 12:15 p.m. MDT

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Cheyenne, WY

@ Uteology.
pardon me I was look @ the sagarin rankings.
But they still have 3 quality wins and two losses with 2 other decent wins in there.

Salt Lake, UT

Can't wait to see Wisconsin treat byu like the non-AQ WAC school they are.

Wisconsin, just like Utah, has enjoyed significant BCS glory the last decade and that very well may continue under Gary Anderson.

byu's "quests" will likely continue to end in game 1 or game 2. Even if the playoffs had been going, with a loss to Virginia, your "quest" would have been over just the same.

Go Wisconsin!

Cheyenne, WY

USC third-stringers and walk-on
Just showed Utah they are the bottom of the AQ
1-4 lol

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

I find Teeples articles to be very insightful and not nearly as "homerish" as other DN sports writers. He seems to include much more constructive criticsm of the team that I find refreshing. I thought this article was spot-on.

West Jordan, UT

Its interesting how EVERY football article commentary becomes a U vs Y contest.

Anyone remotely objective can tell how deep that rivalry goes. Despite U fans continual crowing about PAC membership, a poll last spring showed their most passionate game is against BYU. "In the original Twitter poll conducted by the blog Ute Football Central, 64 percent of respondents said they would prefer a rivalry win over a bowl season."

Its obvious that MANY U fans are more against BYU than they are for Utah. That suggests that their motivation as fans will diminish without BYU on their schedule.
Eliminating BYU from their schedule will prove to be a big mistake for the U,
and given conference mediocrity, interest and attendance at U games will decline.

But I'm guessing as Utah dwells in PAC and national obscurity, the fans who are more anti Y than pro U, will continue to brag about their conference.

Its an interesting study in why people brag - about anything. It makes me wonder if those "fortunate" enough to get a ticket on the great and wonderful Titanic were still bragging to someone while bobbing in the ocean.


As stated Coach Mendenhall makes significant defensive adjustments at half time. Why would we not think the opposing coach does the same thing? This would give a partial explanation why the second half is more defensive leaning.

Eagle Mountain, UT


Christy The utes are so much further from going to a bcs bowl this year than the cougs are. There actually still is a slim outside chance that if the cougs win out they could get into a BCS bowl, however there literally is no chance the utes will play in the coveted "rose" bowl. It might as well be a unicorn or a Pot O'Gold at the end of a rainbow to you guys!

What cracks me up the most is your constant blather about how awful the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is, but as recently as last week you wrote "I am starting to warm up to a rematch at the hunger bowl" Haha you don't even have a chance to get into that one! 2 straight years couch bowling. Must be miserable.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

In basketball, when the opposing coach calls a time out, Dave Rose switches his defense from zone to man to man or vise-versa. He nullifies the other teams adjustments.

Perhaps two game plans need to be prepared for a single opponent. One for each half. The other team adjusts to what we did in the first half and they come out and none of their adjustments work because we are not doing that any more. Through in a little triple option just for the fun of it. Almost anything to through them off guard.

Arlington, VA

Peeples has raised the right issue, but addressed it with conjecture, when an easy review of stats would quickly provide the answer. Do an analysis of the game tapes, comparing first and second down play calls in the first half and the first and second down play calls in the second half of each of the last five winning games (not counting Houston for the reason stated by Peeples). You will see that in the first half BYU's offense is throwing the ball on 1st and 2d downs, but at the beginning of the 3d quarter with a lead the offense runs the ball on 1st and 2d down, leaving 3d and long far too often, putting pressure on improving but still only a sophomore THill to make critical 3d and long pass plays to keep a drive alive. Anae is afraid to keep the "petal to the metal" on offense at the beginning of the 2d half with a lead.

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

Your bet about BYU winning individual quarters in their rivalry games with Utah is absolutely correct. In fact, BYU has statistically beat Utah in the number of first downs and also more offensive yardage in 3 of the last 4 games they've played. Only a special teams play and/or bad-timed penalty has been the only differences in the outcomes. It's no wonder Utah fans storm the field whenever they're fortunate enough to pull out such close wins. It appears in video replays that Chris B is leading that charge with the most relieved look of all their fans.

Interesting that that is so obvious to even a hardcore Ute fan. Just a few minor tweaks and BYU will soon be owning Utah.

Hyrum, UT

@ Christopher B:

If you can actually remember when Utah last "enjoyed significant BCS glory", then you must be a lot older than most of us thought you were.

Because right now, most significant BCS football programs are looking at the Utes as somewhere between an embarrassment and an "LOL"... (the way you always sign off your BYU obsessed comments). But then again, because Utah has been contending for their conference cellar spot each and every year since joining, that's perfectly understandable.

Kansas City, MO

BYU is better than Utah. That is why BYU is ranked higher than Utah LOL.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would kill to see BYU play a full 60 minutes on offense and not take their foot off the gas. Look at the play calling in those prolific 1st halves and you see a nice mixing of runs and passes on 1st and 2nd down. There is no discernable pattern and it keeps the defense off balance.

In the 2nd half play calling gets ultra conservative and you see a heavy dose of "run on 1st down, run on 2nd down, pass or run on 3rd and long, punt".

It's really not that hard to figure out. Go back and watch the games. Bronco has stated publicly he'd rather win close game than a blow out. It seems like it's been a team philosophy since he's been HC to get a small lead by half time and then in the 3rd quarter hand the game over to the defense and special teams to win much like in baseball when the Manager pulls the starting pitcher in the 6th or 7th and hands the ball to the bullpen to close out the game.

Makes for some seriously boring football

Littleton, CO

Good reminder from ute fans that they beat both BYU and Stanford by not allowing a TD on the final drive of each of the games. Puts BYU in pretty good company -- apparently Stanford v. BYU would be a GREAT bowl match-up and very evenly matched. And considering that BYU has righted the offensive ship since that game, Taysom and co. would have their way with the Stanford D and it would most likely be a comfortable win for BYU.

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