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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 30 2013 12:15 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Unfortunately I think that this has something to do with wanting to ease off of the pedal too early. I would like to see a game where BYU does not let off the pedal at all. But, I think that the likelihood of BYU holding down the pedal and securing a blowout is about as high as BYU running a trick play.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

That's like a byu fan, brag about winning one or two quarters.

In fact, I'll bet there are some individual quarters in the last 4 years of rivalry games that byu "won"


Farmington, UT

Why is it that other teams are allowed to use the reason that BYU made adjustments at halftime that slowed their offensive production but the same standard doesn't apply to BYU? Don't both teams make adjustments? So it turns the game from an offensive show to a defensive slug-fest....so what? Even though they didn't reach the first half production the Y still is out-scoring or tying the other teams second half production so why are you inventing issues?

I guess you need to bark about something. First it was that BYU couldn't pass; now it's that they don't score as much in the 2nd half as the 1st half. My, what's next?

Also, keep in mind when the offense scores easily at the start of the game the team seems to think they've already won and they rein in the horses a little. That's a human reaction that is natural. We've seen others do it, too, like USC settling for field goals but yet the point spread and margin of victory kept expanding.

If you think BYU football is low scoring, maybe you ought to watch soccer.

Cheyenne, WY

I am glad that is 6-2 BYU team can beat the higher quality opponents on their schedule while struggling during 1 quarter.
Too bad those two bad losses they couldn't have had better third quarters.
oh well 6-2 against the 21 SOS is pretty good.

Lehi, UT

Ok, here’s my own take on BYU’s second half blues. With games in which they are ahead (this season) after halftime, BYU starts to play conservatively. They want to run out the clock sooner. And it’s not because they are BYU with its “Christian” spirit of not wanting to run up the score. The truth, personally, is that they lack the confidence in playing well consistently. They seem to believe that sooner or later they will stumble and become vulnerable, in addition to being mistake/penalty prone. So they resort to running the ball and just wanting to sustain the drives - not really want to score. In doing so, they become lethargic in play calling and execution as well. I noticed this at the Boise State game. The Houston game was different because it was a back and forth game. C’mon BYU play a full game of football every time.

Farmington, UT

That's like a Utah fan that says "Mark it down" all the time, predicting wins that never happen and "going to the Rose Bowl."

Has Oregon sold out their stadium for the Utah game, Chris B?

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

Chris B

"That's like a BYU fan, brag about winning one or two quarters."

It's interesting that Utah fans don't apply this same logic to the entire season; winning one or two games is nice, especially if one of them is against your biggest rival, but wouldn't it be even nicer to be better for the entire season?

Of course, when you're totally obsessed with BYU, beating BYU is the season; nothing else matters. Beating Stanford was just frosting on the cake, another chance for a dig at BYU. Unfortunately for you, the meltdowns against Arizona and USC destroyed that narrative.

Lindon, UT

I think as long as BYU keeps winning, no one will complain about the difference in offensive production. The worry is that a team will come along and capitalize to the point that we find ourselves behind in the 4th. It happened in Houston and we pulled it out but it's risky in a game that relies so much on momentum. It's hard to just turn things on and off. With just a few minutes left before half time against BSU, I said that I'd feel more comfortable if we had one more score knowing the tendency to let up in the 3rd. It turns out we got a turnover and got 2 scores after that. I agree that keeping it going longer is easier said than done but certainly something to look at.

Cheyenne, WY

@ solo
be careful logical arguments or math are not understood by some

Salt Lake City, UT

Robert Anae's play calling is the reason for 2nd half offensive woes. Even Taysom Hill said after the last game that the play calling became too conservative in the 2nd half.

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

My guess is that the offense is trying to go a little conservative and eat the clock in the second half. But when they try to slow it down a bit they lose their rhythm and things come to a screeching halt.

Were it me, I'd add a second-teamer every series but keep up the frenetic pace.

Provo, UT

Taysom explained clearly why in last week's post-game interview - he stated that the play calling got "conservative". That is the coaches - Anae & Bronco - plain and simple. It is unbelievable.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Here's the difference between BYU and Utah - BYU wins the 1st two quarters and the game, while Utah loses all 4 quarters and the game. But hey, the Pac-12 patches are cute.

Cedar Hills, UT

If BYU wants to play conservatively and eat up clock in the second half, how does it help to "go fast, go hard?" When you're going 3 and out, doesn't the fast pace just give the ball to the other team several more times? Seems more like they're employing a "go fast, go easy" strategy in the second half, and if they are bent on being conservative, they should at least "go slow, go hard" and eat up the clock.

I'd like to see the killer instinct until the opponent is very safely put away. The author is right that a conservative approach without a dominant lead will come back to bite the Cougars, sooner or later. With Wisconsin approaching, sooner seems more likely with that approach.

Idaho Falls, ID

Too smart......

I'm one of many fans who is with the author on this. We see the great potential of this offense in the first half over the last several games only come to a standstill after halftime. So yeah, we DO expect 4 qtrs of potent offense. The let-up after the break almost cost us in the Houston game and WILL cost us against better teams. The fact that we are seeing a pattern here is concerning. It's like both Anae and the offensive line decide to take a nap after the break. I would like to see Hill audible out of the called play more often, especially in the 2nd half.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Cheyenne, WY

I am glad that is 6-2 BYU team can beat the higher quality opponents on their schedule while struggling during 1 quarter.
Too bad those two bad losses they couldn't have had better third quarters.
oh well 6-2 against the 21 SOS is pretty good.


Higher quality opponents on your schedule, who would that be? Current BCS rankings:

#31 Houston W
#33 Texas W
#42 Georgia Tech W
#45 Utah L
#55 Boise State W
#78 Utah State W
#79 Middle Tennessee W
#89 Virginia L

So you beat TWO teams that are significantly better (+10 ranking) than Utah at this point in time.

Struggling in one quarter? Let me jog your memory. BYU hasn't lead in ANY quarter against Utah since the 2011 beat-down by a #109 ranked offense at home. Keep dreaming that you were one quarter away from a win.

BYU is playing good and will have a chance to prove it self at Wisconsin.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT


BYU beat THREE teams that are ranked higher than Utah in the BCS (Houston, Texas and Georgia Tech), plus Boise State, a team Utah has never beaten in 4 tries since the Broncos became an FBS program. BYU also thumped a Utah State team in Logan, that Utah barely slipped past in RES, with the help of some questionable PAC 12 officiating.

Despite your always frantic spin:

BYU is ranked 28th in the current BCS standings; Utah is ranked a distant 45th.

Obviously, the rest of the country isn't nearly as impressed with your record as you are.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Keep dreaming that you were one quarter away from a win."

No dreaming required; the BYU-Utah game wasn't decided until the final play of the game.

Sure, BYU needed to complete a Hail Mary pass on the final play to send the game into overtime, but any fan who says that's out of the realm of possibility in this rivalry, either doesn't know anything about the rivalry, or is just blowing smoke.

M.T. Noggin
Atlanta, GA

Ryan Teeples is right on with this article. Many of us have been wondering the exact same thing. Opponents seem to make Defensive adjustments at the half, as BYU’s offense comes out in the third quarter with their patented “3 and out in less than a minute.”

An article yesterday noted that BYU’s Defense seems to be getting more tired because of the increased amount of time they are on the field this year. When your offense is on and off the field in one minute (due to the “go fast go hard 3 and out”), there isn’t much time to take a breather. Even KVN talked about that he’s tired. The “bye” week couldn’t have been more timely.

While hoping otherwise, this “first half only offense” will lead to two more losses at Wisconsin and Notre Dame if it continues. BYU has to play consistent offensive football for all four quarters to beat either of those teams.

Query: Could BYU sell ½ game ticket packages for ½ price? We’ll buy tickets for the first half of all home games!

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

Anae lacks offensive imagination and is unable to adjust to the opponent's defensive adjustments made at halftime. You can call it going conservative if you like but it's still the same thing - failure to mix up the play calling to keep the defense off balance.

I fear this lack of creativity will cost BYU the game at Wisconsin as BYU won't be up by 3 touchdowns at the half there.

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