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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 30 2013 11:45 a.m. MDT

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Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

What I've never understood about college drinking by freshman and underclassmen in general is that alcohol is illegal below age 21. I've not naive regarding the fact that middle school and high school students obtain/use alcohol. But it the widespread, basically open use, that defies logic especially when (as this article reminds) college administrators wring their hands about binge drinking and alcohol problems with students. Aside from legal ramifications, I'm baffled as to why, if they care so much, they don't maintain policies of of expulsion for alcohol use.

Or rather... yeah... they really don't care.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


How many people die from accidents caused by people driving under the influence of diet soft drinks?

Here, UT

@deductive reasoning;

How many people drinking their open containers of softdrinks while driving are not paying attention to the road as they fiddle with their fattening fare?

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Y Grad / Y Dad

Diet coke as bad as beer? Balderdash. Diet Coke has no alcohol....no liver damage and no drunkenness. I will say eating cake and icecream is 100 times worse than drinking Diet Coke. I laugh at those who want to tie Coke into the Word of Wisdom yet think nothing of producing plate fulls of brownies for the Relief Society luncheon. One big brownie will tip the scales at over 1000 calories plus all the other bad stuff in it. Wash that brownie down with a big glass of whole milk and you are on track for some major trouble ...around the waste line and inside your veins. I know this...as a runner I can drink a diet coke from time to time no problem but I eat a couple of brownies and my times slow to a crawl.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh, drinking was a category as was drug use. I was wondering why the Univ. of Vermont and UC-Boulder weren't on here since those are typically considered the most fit universities.

Philippine Bonita
Sammamish, WA

@Ranch, Y Grad/Y Dad was not saying that Diet Coke is healthier than beer, he was offering a case in point to support his comment that vendors sell what people buy.

Bristow, United States

@ patriot,

You are comparing irresponsible alcohol use to average use of soda. Alcohol is bad when people use it irresponsibly, like getting behind a wheel or using so much that they have liver damage. An average portion of soda has about the equivalent of 12 packets of sugar. Risks of soda include obesity, hypertension (which can cause heart attacks), loss of energy... Using soda irresponsibly is risky behavior, just like using alcohol irresponsibly.

Philippine Bonita
Sammamish, WA

Using soda irresponsibly IS risky behavior, but NOT like using alcohol irresponsibly. I don't need to cite any examples.

Layton, UT

I suspect they neglected to include BYU-Idaho because of its name, thinking that perhaps it is just an extension of the BYU campus, rather than an independent univserity.

Most universities have Extension campuses outside their central campus. (I know both Weber and Utah State have a number of satellite campuses strewn across the state...)


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