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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 29 2013 11:15 p.m. MDT

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American Patriot
Eagle Mountain, UT

As a former Assistant Council Commissioner the BSA has become nothing more than a very big disappointment. The only reason that individuals are getting 'medals' is because if the LDS Church dropped Scouting the whole organization would crumble. Sounds to me as if this PR stunt is nothing more than a drive to keep the LDS Church in the BSA. By the way, the Chief Scout Executive makes about 1.2 million a year while most everyone else is a volunteer and spending some serious bucks on uniforms and much, much more. Forget scouting and spend your money and time preparing for things that are more important as a family. Fathers, mothers, and other significant males can teach all the needed skills to any young man with a little study and field application. Even a friend who is a veteran can easily help teach any young man all types of skills. We don't need Scouting any longer especially with the compromise the BSA entered into. That send the wrong message to young men.

Frannie, WY

A stirring salute to the values that make boys and men--and all of us--strong and capable people. May American Scouting always keep "duty to God," the most important value, as the center of its oath.

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

American Patriot, I have to agree, on all points. My sons watched last night's broadcast and commented that, when it wasn't an uncomfortable musical about scouting, it felt like a blatant PR stunt. BSA is desperate to keep the Church on its side. I'm ready for the church to make a break instead. We can do much better without the bloated finances and misdirected values of BSA.

Saint George, UT

Scouting will endure on the values for which it has always stood! The brouhaha last year was an effort to make these boys into something they are not, gay. It was a blatant attempt by the gay community and the media (always in consort)to stir things up (literally) that aren't relevant to its message or to young men. BSA will continue stronger than ever, if only by the LDS church's support, as has been said.

Elsmere, DE

I agree with most of what AmericanPatriot said here. Paying for Scouting at the local Church level has become nothing less than a boondoggle. Meanwhile Salt Lake gives a blank check to Walnut Hill Lane (which gets supplemented by the United Way) for the right to tweak and water-down the program.

My generation was told in the Church that Eagle Scout was the important thing, and so many finished Eagle but never really came out to church again, and there were some like me who fell short and were all but ostracized for it. I did figure out on my mission that in the eternal scheme of things, it didn't matter that I didn't finish Eagle. So why the big push for it?)

I like what I see with the programs the Church has rolled out recently, such as Duty to God and Come, Follow Me. But Eagle Scout and Scout fundraising still get the big push.

In some ways, I see last night's program as sort of a "last hurrah" for the relationship between LDS and BSA. Maintaining the status quo long-term is untenable, especially since it serves at best 40% of Church membership.

Dallas, TX

Years ago, as member of the National Guard, I became discouraged with things and some of the decisions that I saw officers make. My options were limited. Endure the status quo, quit, or make the hard choice, seek a commission and try to make changes within my sphere. I made the hard choice. I did not change the world, but I had many enlisted come and thank me for my efforts on their behalf.
I’m at a similar crossroads with my affiliation in Scouting. There have been things recently done that I might not agree with. But then I look at the faces of the Scouts in my troop. I can endure the status quo, quit, or make the hard choice, roll up my sleeves and do everything in my power to make sure that these Scouts have the best experience possible, and to influence things within my sphere. I made the hard choice.
For those of you ready to abandon Scouting, I challenge you to look at the good the organization has done for over 100 years. Then look into the faces of those young men. You have a choice to make.
Yours in Scouting

Salt Lake City, UT

I must say, I object. While I understand the basis for some criticism, last night was delivering a big message mostly to members of the Church that 1) the Church and its Prophet support Scouting 2) Scouting is needed more now than ever 3) it has been a powerfully positive movement for a very long time and those kinds of foundational pillars should not be lightly abandoned. The BSA is better for the Church's involvement and the Church has been blessed by Scouting. Not every connection the Church has need pass a 100% philosophical purity test for the Church to maintain its outreach and cooperation. Let the baby and bath water be, for heaven's sake!

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Those people that feel that the LDS church and scouting should part ways are mistaken. Scouting provides a solid program to help young men become decent, law abiding men and fathers. What other program is there that can take a young man away from the internet and the soft core pornography of the media? Yes, shirts and badges cost money and the paid administrators are not perfect but Scouting is a program that meshes well with what a Christian church should espouse. Just my opinion.

Far East USA, SC

"The brouhaha last year was an effort to make these boys into something they are not, gay."


Could you please give me a few examples as to how someone would go about making YOU gay?

For me personally, I cannot imagine how I could be "turned"

Saratoga Springs, UT

So it has been said that the Church and the Prophet support scouting. The prophet also likes fishing also, it doesn't mean I have to like fishing because the prophet does.

In a way, I agree with TXAfghanVEt, to a degree. First, I hate scouting, I think the program is a racket and a farse. I do not support it at all. However, I have a scout calling in church. I accepted the calling because I was asked to do it. And while I am with these young men and their leaders, I support them and encourage them to do and be there best. I do that for the leaders I work with and the boys. But I still will never support this organization.

It was also said that "What other program is there that can take a young man away from the internet and the soft core pornography on the media?" Pretty simple actually, any other program a young man can be involved with, football, baseball, band, etc. If the internet is an issue, maybe you need to teach this in your own home and don't leave it up to the BS to raise your kid.

Far East USA, SC

Generally speaking, I cannot understand how someone would choose to be gay. It just makes no logical sense. So, I come from the position that most gay people are born that way. My conclusion is not based on religion or politics.

I had a conversation with couple of scout parents in our troop. They were very upset with the BSA, like many on this board, concerning the recent change.

They were adamantly opposed to the change and very outspoken concerning homosexuality in general.

These are men who love their children deeply.

I could not help to think about people like that whose children just might be gay. These children certainly see the disdain. What would it be like for them? How would they feel knowing how disappointed their dad would be if he knew?

Are these the kids who might commit suicide?

Unless you believe that being Gay is just an arbitrary choice, consider the impact of your displeasure on your kid, who just might be gay.

If you think that it would be impossible for you to ever have a gay kid, think again.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

While this was going on last night, the scouts in my neighborhood were going door-to-door soliciting donations for Friends of Scouting. These donations pay the bloated salaries of professional scouters, the same ones who were warm and comfortable inside the conference center. Unfortunately, scouting has been reduced to three things: Summer camp, watered-down merit badges, and fundraising.

The LDS Church needs to break from scouting and do their own program. It will never happen while President Monson is alive, but after he is gone it needs to happen.

Kearns, UT

I agree scouting can be a great learning experience for the boys and the leaders. When I compare my experience with cub scouting from back in the early 1980's and today there is a world of difference. Back in the 80's, parents ran the program including committee chairman and committee members (included pack and den). Today, in three areas of the U.S. I have done cub scouting this is not the situation. I am seeing more and more older parents and grandparent age (already raised their children) being asked to help out. Many of the parents expect the leaders to provide all the awards and badges for their son. It has become an entitlement program rather than a family program. One recent development in the LDS church in our area has been to have one week set aside for Faith in God only projects, no scouting allowed. So, those who are scout leaders need to run two separate programs and keep records of both. I think it is time to choose where the priorities will be, Faith in God or scouting.

Wei Wei O Washte
Orem, UT

As a Scout and Scouter with over 40 yrs of association with BSA, I am obviously biased. No, I did not like the decision made last year, but I have seen the fruits of the Scouting program. You do not need to earn your Eagle to benefit either. Our job description as Scouters is really to help save the boys from the evils of the world, teach them how to make good decisions, and prepare them to be good citizens, missionaries, fathers, patriots, and leaders. As to last years decision by the Church, the way I see it, the local Ward leaders (Bishops) are the ones to handle issues with each young man. He still has control of participation. To all you naysayers I say are you going to follow the Prophet or not? I loved last nights celebration, which is what it was. I thought it was great! I look forward to my continued association with the BSA.

Provo, UT

I thought last night's production was way overblown. It was almost embarrassing. It was clear to me however, that scouting will remain an important part of the LDS church as long as President Monson is our prophet. That point was made very clear.

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

"So it has been said that the Church and the Prophet support scouting. The prophet also likes fishing also, it doesn't mean I have to like fishing because the prophet does."

That's apples and oranges. I've never heard any prophet publicly declare, on behalf of the church, that fishing is a church sanctioned program, with a handbook of instructions. To compare scouting with fishing is just disingenuous. Nobody said you have to like scouting. Your opinion is valuable, but scouting is a church sponsored program and as long as it is I'll continue soliciting and making Friends of Scouting donations as long as I'm asked to do so, regardless of how uncomfortable I might be asking already cash strapped families to donate to this worthwhile program.

The sheer number of young men who have been positively influenced by scouting (myself and my sons included) dwarf the number of disgruntled participants. That's good enough for me.


@ JoeBlow: I would agree that no one makes a conscious decision to be gay. However, I do not believe it to be a genetic trait, or unchangeable.

In my teenage years, I struggled with sale-sex attraction. I did not necessarily choose that, but it developed somehow. Yet I felt it was wrong due to my understanding of God and the purpose of the powers of reproduction, so I never acted out with anyone on those desires. Over time, I lost the attraction.

To me, there is a difference in having SSA and being gay. Anyone can choose their behavior. I chose to not act on those impulses, and they eventually went away. Those who choose to act on their SSA become gay. I am not judging anyone, just stating my experience. I do not believe that homosexuality is unchageable because I changed.

I did not "deny my real self"; I am becoming who my God and Creator wants me to be....

Salt Lake City, UT

I am a Scout volunteer a the Stake level. I write a $25 to $40 check once a year to Friends of Scouting without regret. One check a year is not a big deal. $600 million on a web site that doesn't work, is a big deal. A $16(or is it 17?)trillion debt is a big deal. The angst is truly disproportionate. The money goes to the Council entirely. If the Church did scouting they would have to buy and maintain the same infrastructure that the council does: oversight, camps, insurance, material, etc. I don't think the boys nor their scout leaders should have to solicit FOS funds - there are plenty of adults like me willing to do that that don't bear the burden of a Scoutmaster. I don't recall Pres Monson ever asking us to support fishing. Yet I suppose that if enough members agitate long enough the Church will cut loose and Scouting will quickly become as vacuous as Girl Scouting and the Church more insular. I used to think like the naysayers but a decade out where the rubber meets the road has moderated my views - a common occurrence.

American Fork, UT

If the church is artificially propping up scouting numbers then maybe it's time for scouting to move on and leave the church where it is. BSA should be independent and it's a relationship that never should have been in the first place.

Murray, Utah

I'd just like to see a Ward or Stake actually try the program. When I hear people attribute Scouting only to seeking merit badges, rank advancement and outdoor skills, they are seriously missing the boat. Do they honestly believe that the reason the LDS church selected Scouting as a significant portion of the actual ministry of Aaronic Priesthood is this? Hardly....
Stop pretending that Scouting is an adult led activity program focused on seeking the honors of men and start trying to figure out if what you're implementing matches what you profess as LDS.

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