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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 30 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cambridge, MA

To "Blue" what do you mean it is too early to call the ACA a failure. Even the complete title shows that it is a failre. It is the Affordable Care Act.

Tell us, with an average of 73% increase in the cost of insurance in 45 states, how does that make it more affordable?

CBS News reported that "More than 2 million people getting booted from existing health insurance plans" That means that 2 million people lost their insurance, thanks to the ACA.

Thanks to the ACA many doctors are retiring early, going cash only, or are dropping Medicare patients. This makes access to medical services more difficult and costly for some.

The ACA has caused many employers to cut back hours for part time workers.

The ACA increased taxes on medical device companies, making life saving devices and medications more expensive.

Tell us again how it has succeeded?

Far East USA, SC

Help me out here Red.

You claim that costs are going up and that "thanks to the ACA many doctors are retiring early"

I highly doubt that they are retiring because they are getting paid more.

So, where is all that money going?

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT


And besides CBS, got any references for those claims

"Tell us, with an average of 73% increase in the cost of insurance in 45 states, how does that make it more affordable?"
So is Utah Not one of those states cause mine didn't go up that much and no one I've talked to has led me to believe that they've been hit with a 73% increase.

Cambridge, MA

To "JoeBlow" those are not my claims, that is what the feedback has been from the ACA.

See "Obamacare Is a Raw Deal for Millennials" in USA Today. There we find that for the young adults they are experiencing 235% increase in their insurance premiums.

Read "New York doctors flee Obamacare: ‘I plan to retire’" in the Washington Times and "Obamacare has doctors planning exit" in WND to see that many Doctors are looking to get out of the business or go cash only thanks to the ACA.

So, you agree that the ACA will make care more expensive because what doctors remain will be able to charge a premium for their services.

In theory the money is going from the younger healthy people to pay for the retired people. Some call this generational theft.

clearfield, UT

Joe Blow

"..,where is all that money going?" That my friend is the question of the 21st century. I believe that you, I, or most anyone else could have done for this country what needed to be done if we had been given 7 trillion dollars to spend. That there has not been much improvement in the problems that existed in 2008, leads me to believe that we may have our first "trillionaire" hiding out somewhere in the U.S. Because the country certainly does not seem to have benefitted from the money. Where is all that money going? I wish we knew. Where will the money come from to pay it all back? I wish I didn't have to know.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Limbaugh, Hannity and the house Republican tea party are actually getting a lot of information and creating interest in the ACA by talking about it non-stop. Limbaugh and Hannity ironically helped get the President elected and will help Hillary for her next two elections. Complaining and whining instead of coming up with plans, proposals and alternatives has been backfiring for six years.

Salt Lake City, UT

The entire Obamacare thing would have more traction were it not for the entire health insurance situation in America heading south with no help from the President. The opposition denies that all of us see yearly when the "new" premium for health insurance is announced. They have no alternate plan when they ask that Obamacare be "repealed and replaced". The rest of the world is laughing at our inability to figure this thing out while paying double what they do and getting less for it. Obamacare is our best shot for now. Bring it.

salt lake city, utah

So Red Shirt, because the ACA makes young people step up and be apart of society it's a bad deal. This paper is constantly running articles about the selfishness and immaturity of the young. Everything from not getting married to living with their parents long after they have married. In addition the comments that follow those articles are rife with posters blaming the liberals, and Democrats for this phenomena. Now the liberals are saying enough, you all have to play this time...and it's a bad thing?

I'm sorry but personally I'm sick of the younger generations whining about being forced to be part of society. It's really irritating when paying social security, and Medicare taxes, buying health insurance, is seen as pilfering the future of the young. Stand up and be part of the society you belong to. Make changes, adjust, improve, that's what adults do, but quit being whiny babies about having to play.

BTW, young'uns, quit getting teary eyed about our troops and join up.

Ok, I can go get my coffee now, I feel better.

sandy, UT

I appreciate the varied opinions to this Letter. I'm a centrist - not Republican or Democrat - and wrote it because I see on national news stories, people who are whining about how their premiums are soaring, deductibles are rising and plans are canceled. And RedShirt is right - doctors are leaving practice or are rejecting ACA patients. In Mass. 42% of doctors will not accept ACA patients which will overload the system for those who will. Wait times will be longer, visits will be shorter and the quality of medical services will deteriorate. We will have a Canadian or UK-like healthcare system, the center-piece of Obama's "Fundamental Transformation of America". I believe history will regard Obama as the worst president (even worse than Carter!) in the history of our Republic, who will do more to adversely affect our society than any other. Choose a topic: gay marriage, gun rights, size of big government, healthcare, jobs, race relations, geopolitics (remember leading from behind?)...and more. He has been on the wrong side of these issues consistently. The responsibility for these adverse developments for all of us lie at the feet of those who voted for Obama.

tranquility base, 00

Waa waa, but I'm crying for you. Being a conservative allows you to read minds and predict the future obviously.

Except, nobody took your guns, the population didn't erupt in violence when Obama was elected and the ACA is already getting the uninsurable health insurance.

How sad is it that you would trade the ability for others to go to the Dr for your own political comfort. Especially when health insurance pools were a conservative idea.

We pay twice as much per captia as the closest nation for health care. We should be able to insure 15 -20% % more people with it at least for goodness sake. I see tears but it's not from democrats.

Durham, NC

This is liking the Superbowl... which hasn't happened yet.... is a flop because the web site to get tickets is having issues...... Are people really that bent on seeing the worst. It is a dang website.... not the program itself.

This morning I was standing in line to check in for my flight from Barcelona on a US airline. Midway through check-in the airline made an annoucement that their system had just crashed... and that we would have to wait to check in. This was entirely irritating, as I knew we still had security and boarder control lines to get through, but it was still an hour and half before flight.

Now no one in line was making stupid claims that the plane was unsafe, or that the airline was a failure because their site crashed. About 15 minutes later, the system was restored and we all got on the flight without issue.

The Obamacare flight doesn't leave for another 3 months. To say it is now a failure, before boarding has even started.... is just frankly either naive, or just looking for problems. Complain when it finally starts, but to proclaim failure now is just ... stupid.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Ironically; the leftists gone wild on these posts pretty much confirm the letters message

Andoria, UT

To "pragmatistferlife" actually the ACA does not make young kids step up and be part of society. The ACA is seriously flawed in that it was based on the idea of getting the young to pay for the old, at the same it it allows the young to remain on their parent's insurance until they are 26.

It isn't forcing them to be part of society. It has the opposite effect. It allows them to avoid growing up and becoming adults for a few more years.

So, you have kids avoiding buying their own insurance until age 26, and now when they do, it will cost them several thousands of dollars more. Many will now delay marriage and children simply because they cannot afford it, and will most likely have fewer children.

Now, the house of cards begins to collapse because it is all built on rising generations, but there are fewer kids to pay for the older generation, like yourself.

salt lake city, utah

So how many RedShirt's are there? The libs are always getting accused of doubling up but really.

I was well aware of that part of the law when I wrote what I did. I just think it's a reallllllll stretch to think someone is going to delay getting married because of insurance. Maybe some of the other costs but not health insurance.

What is more likely is what we have now, (here we go with reality again) large numbers of kids getting married and then continuing to live with or through their parents.

Personally I'm not a fan of this part of the law without some real restrictions (maybe they are there and you and I aren't aware of them) however, the small number of kids (even if it's a few million) who are covered by their parents insurance rather than buying their own, won't have any serious effect on the mathematics of law.

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