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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 30 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Huntsville, UT

So far, the only people I've seen crying are conservatives.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Oh good!

Using this very same argument then all those who voted for Reagan and/or Bush cannot complain about the economic situation nor the debt, since these 2 Presidents are most responsible for the current plight we're in. This would essentially eliminate 99.9 percent of what is said on fair and balanced news and AM radio!

Complaining about the debt and economic situation even though you voted for Reagan and Bush is merely, crocodile tears!

As John said, maybe we will learn from our experience? Maybe we'll learn from the anti-tax, anti-regulation, and "trickle down economics" that this only hurts most of us while enriching the very few. Maybe next time we won't reelect a President who sends us to 2 wars while handing out tax cuts (which mostly benefit his rich friends).

Far East USA, SC

"peer through campaign rhetoric that is designed to deceive a gullible electorate for the sake of retaining power."

I suppose that you bought into Romney's campaign promises that he would

- lower tax rates by 20% across the board
- increase military spending

And still manage to
- balance the budget

And he would give you all the details right after he was elected.

Newsflash. Politicians will say anything to get elected, even Republicans.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Crocodile Tears?

Is that sort of like listening to Utah Republicans complaining about Senator Orrin Hatch and voting for him time and again anyway after 35 years?

How about cheering on Mike Lee threatening a Government shutdown, and then crying like little babies about it when it actually happens?

How about voting for GW Bush and then complaining about;
Federal Spending,
WallStreet Bail Outs,
NSA spying,
Endless un-funded Wars,
and complete economic meltdown,
and high unemployment?

BTW - I didn't vote for Obama [or Bush, or Clinton, or Bush Sr.] in any of the elections for the last 30 years, but they are/were STILL my Presidents, just as they are yours.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's _way_ too early to be declaring the ACA a failure or a success.

What we do see is that for most people who have to buy health insurance privately (a tiny % of the population), the states that cooperated in the creation of insurance exchanges are doing well, and that states that refused to participate are experiencing problems getting its citizens signed-up.

Some people who have had cheap "catastrophy-only" policies are discovering that these substandard policies don't meet ACA minimum requirements, and so yes, a tiny number of people are "losing" their health insurance. But they can sign up for much better health insurance policies at prices much better than were previously available, or never available, to them.

Conservatives just hate hate hate the ACA, and now they're angry angry angry that people are having trouble signing up for it.



This letter is the kind of discourse we do not need. What good can come from it? Every president elected in my lifetime has been liar to one degree or another. What is the point? Politicians are politicians.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Other than the registration problems, I'm quite pleased with ACA so far. My insurance has changed, but my daughter who couldn't get affordable insurance for her young family now has it. I think it's going to work.

American Fork, UT

I did not get what I voted for. Single payer health care.

Far East USA, SC

Question for people like the letter writer.

Would you rather the ACA be a colossal success or a complete failure?

Be honest.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Ok, and those who voted for Reagan and the Bushes have no right to complain about deficits and massive war costs.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Real Maveric,

Barack has added 7 trillion to the debt. That's almost as much as every other president in the history of our country combined. Barack is a failure.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

I'm not complaining or crying, nothing changed for my health insurance which is a very common insurer round these parts. I work for a small business with 3 diabetics on staff, with various degrees of ongoing health challenges and our insurance went up a small % which it has every year for the last 15 or so. I have used my insurance once, for a dislocated shoulder I couldn't manage to get back in myself. Total bill was less than 2 months premiums.

Should I complain about my good health and luck in avoiding bankrupting accidents?
As a member of society I'm glad my premiums can offset those who haven't been so lucky, and it really is just luck.

Nope the only Crocodile tears’ seem to come from rabid radio fans second hand hearsay and unsubstantiated, "I know a guy, who's mother's sister had a cousin who's premiums went up 1,000,000%.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I can't believe that vote matters.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

RanchHand is right. You will never see any of Obama's supportive posters complain about ANYTHING the great Obama does. That would be make them a heretic.

They will support WHATEVER Obama does... no matter what. They won't acknowledge any problems or criticize anything Democrats do, no matter what goes wrong.

Salt Lake City, UT

Complaining about the ACA is boring.
Suggesting alternatives or improvements to the ACA is cool.

Deseret News, don't publish boring letters -- choose to be cool.

2 bit
Cottonwood Heights, UT

How did you vote for Single-Payer Healthcare? I didn't see that on the ballot.

Obama supporters also claim they voted for the ACA. I never saw the ACA on any ballot either. People keep claiming they voted for it, but I don't think so. You can vote for Obama, but that isn't the same as voting for the ACA.

Last time I checked only people in Congress got to vote for or against the ACA. And we're not in Congress... so we probably didn't get to vote for it, or against it. We may have voted for a REPRESENTATIVE who promised to vote for/against it... but that's not the same as actually voting for/against ACA, or Single-Payer healthcare, etc.

And just WANTING something, or campaigning for something (like Single-payer government healthcare) isn't the same as actually voting for it.

IF you really want single-payer government healthcare... quit your job and you will eventually qualify for Medicaid (which IS Single-Payer Government Healthcare). If you really want it so bad... it's already available. But most working people don't seem to WANT to switch to Medicaid.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Chris B - How much of that $7 trillion was mandatory, non-discretionary spending that was in place before Obama took office?

That is not a rhetorical question, please answer it with an actual number. If you refuse to answer or can't do honest research to find that number, you really have no business throwing blame around for debts and/or deficits.

I am not an Obama fan, I vote third party; but reckless statements such as yours need to be reigned in. Please, do some independent research and you'll find out who was truly behind the lion's share of that debt spending.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

@2 bits.

I see left leaning folks, liberals and others complain all the time about specific reasons they are displeased with Obama.
What I don't see is unfounded rhetoric parroted from their radios without so much as looking up the misinformation they gleefully post day after day.

Right above your post is an example: Hutterite said: I did not get what I voted for. Single payer health care.

A little further up-Open Minded Mormon said: BTW - I didn't vote for Obama [or Bush, or Clinton, or Bush Sr.] in any of the elections for the last 30 years, but they are/were STILL my Presidents, just as they are yours.

Nope the radio fans seem to use faith over logic and hate in place of reason.
I see well thought out comments from most of the above posters who may point out the hypocrisy of the "right" in defense of what they acknowledge isn't the only or best answers to problems the country faces, but at least it's an attempt to fix a problem instead of obstruction and status quo.

Obama is not a religion, even though the right has cast him as the devil.

2 bit
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Do you realize that when you just ASSUME that any thought that's critical of Obama MUST have come from the right-wing radio conspiracy... you make your comment sound totally partisan and hollow?

Even "Right-Wing" people CAN have their own thoughts. Not every criticism of Obama comes from the oft blamed but mostly fictional Right-Wing Radio conspiracy.

Obama IS a religion to SOME people. Global Warming IS religion to SOME people. Party politics ARE like religion to some people.

As for the "even if you didn't vote for him, He's your President" comment... I agree with that. But were you saying the same thing when many Democrats nationally and many of the people who post their support for Obama in the DesNews every day were the same people who couldn't accept Bush as their President, either because they didn't vote for him, or because they were convinced that IF enough appeals would have been allowed there would have been a way to make Gore the winner, or Kerry the winner??

If you DID post the same sentiments back then... I respect you.

Anti Bush-Obama
Chihiuahua, 00


Free Food
Free Healthcare
Free Room and Board
Equal pay
Free Education
Only the Guards Have Guns.

Liberal Paradise.

They call it prison for a reason and this is it.

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