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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 29 2013 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Richmond, VA

Spokane Ute,

The pay out and prestige of a bigger/better bowl is unquestionably good but when you're in BYU's situation, you take what you contracted for. A guaranteed thing is always better than no bowl invite at all or being left out. Even better is if there's a clause in BYU's bowl contract that they can opt out if a better/bigger bowl invitation comes their way. I'd love for the Utes to be bowl eligible and play BYU in San Francisco. That would be my dream post season bowl hope for now! I want so much for Kyle and Hoffman to have another shot at redeeming themselves. They may end up being disappointed again but hey, why not give it another try?

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

Chris B

"Wouldn't starting the season well and continuing the same be better than starting poorly like Bronco and then "improving"?"

The disparity in early seasons results is more likely due to the preponderance of early season patsies Kyle usually plays. In his first nine seasons, Kyle has only beaten ONE FBS opponent with a winning record in the first two games of the season:

Records of Kyle's first two opponents:

W 3-8
W 3-8
L 7-6
W 6-5 FCS
L 9-4
L 9-4
W 3-9
W 5-7
W 4-8
W 2-10
W 8-5
W 2-11
W 10-3 FCS
L 10-2
W 5-6 FCS
L 11-2
W 4-4
W 1-7 FCS

Average 5.7-6.1

Cheyenne, WY

thanks UoU 1991
way to use an intelligent point.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"BYU > Texas > All Big 12 Opponents"

But you forgot one still

Utah > byu > Texas > big 12 opponents

We OWN byU


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"Bye weeks are great players and coaches can spend time with family.
and not worry about the game.
That is 5th on their priority list"

It's nice to have that in your back pocket to pull out as an excuse for a team that never does anything huh?

Bronco Zero top 10 finishes
Bronco Zero "quests for perfection"
Bronco Zero BCS bowls
Bronco Zero BCS bowl wins

But hey, you guys didn't really care about those things very much anyways huh?


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Just the FAx,

And your numbers surely wouldn't be impacted by the fact Utah has been playing Pac 12 teams(more than just Colorado) to end the season the last few years and byu has been playing the likes of Idaho and New Mexico State would it?


Pac 12 membership > indy/WAC schedule

San Diego, CA

Chrissy, before you go on and say 4 in a row blah blah blah stuff, utah beating buy is just like utah beating stanford this year. BYU goes on and wins the majority of their games while utah goes on to lose most of their games. blah blah blah. By the way, BYU plays 7 teams from BCS conference to include ND. Looking into next years rules for the playoff and what is now known as the BCS games, you can add Utah State, Boise State and Nevada with the big boys due to the team with the highest rankings will play in that game as an automatic qualifier since the AAC will no longer have that auto qual.

Cheyenne, WY

6-2 > 4-4
BCS 28 (BYU) > 45 (Utah)
I like this greater than thing but lets use the experts that most people (including Chris) agree with.

Palo Alto, CA

Chris B

"And your numbers surely wouldn't be impacted by the fact Utah has been playing Pac 12 teams(more than just Colorado) to end the season the last few years..."

The "last few years", as in TWO years - 2011 and 2012?

Utah's record during Nov/Dec during their first two years in the PAC seems decent, 6-3, until you examine the details.

In Nov/Dec 2011 and 2012, the Utes played exactly TWO PAC teams with winning records, and LOST to both. Against PAC teams with losing records, the Utes were 6-1, with a narrow 7-point win over 1-11 Colorado last season and an ugly loss to 3-10 Colorado in 2011.

W 3-9
W 4-8
W 6-8
W 4-8
L 3-10
W 3-9
L 7-6
L 8-5
W 1-11

Since joining the PAC, Utah has only beaten ONE PAC team during Nov/Dec that finished with more than 4 wins.

Because of the Independent scheduling crunch, BYU only played six Nov/Dec games in 2011/2012, finishing 5-1.

Nov/Dec in the MWC:
BYU 26-5 (84%)
Utah 19-8 (70%)

Next excuse...

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Correction, my previously posted numbers were slightly off; Bronco has 6 Nov/Dec losses:

Aug/Sept - 23-16 (59%)
October - 25-9 (74%)
Nov/Dec - 32-6 (84%)

Aug/Sept - 27-11 (71%)
October - 22-14 (61%)
Nov/Dec - 25-11 (69%)

btw, the impact of the Independent/PAC schedules for Nov/Dec 2011/2012 is negligible.

Bronco's teams improve steadily throughout the season, while Kyle's teams show little, if any, improvement after the first couple of weeks. Kyle appears to start stronger, due mostly to a cream puff early schedule. Kyle has only beaten one FBS with a winning record, Pittsburgh(8-5), in his first two games. Bronco has beaten FOUR including then #3 Oklahoma and then #15 Texas.

Lindon, UT

@Chris B:

Who is "we"?

Salt Lake City , UT

"We started out the season good and we are getting better and better with each game."
Go Utes!

I don't know if the guy who made this comment is same Utah football team that I have been watching this season.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

BYU beat Texas by 19
who beat Oklahoma by 16
who beat Notre Dame by 14
who beat USC by 4
who beat Utah by 16

Net result = BYU is 69 points better than Utah and beat the Big 12 co-leader by 19 points.

BYU > Texas > Oklahoma > Notre Dame > USC > Utah

Isn't this fun?!

Bottom line:

The majority of the country ranks BYU 20 places higher than the Utes.

West of I15, UT

@Be smart...."Truth is BYU is improved from when they played Utah (that is a fact), BYU has played against good competition"

Really who have they beat that's currently in the top 25? Better yet who have they even played that's currently in the top 25?

Cheyenne, WY

2 BCS wins
BYU has beaten Georgia Tech, and Houston. They are rated above Utah in the BCS is Utah not "good competition"?
BYU has also beat Utah State, Boise State, and MTSU. Who will all most likely go to a bowl game. (Boise and USU are right above and below Utah in Sagarin)
Which are teams that win at least half their games. I would consider that good competition.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Best win of anyone in the state this year?
Utah over top 10 otherwise undefeated Stanford.
Worst loss for anyone in the state?
byu losing to Virginia, who hasn't won another division 1 win all year.

I think its clear why the Pac 12 wanted Utah and not byu. Obviously the football world couldn't care less about 1984 or the rest of byu's history. Because history is all byu can point to.

Has bronco done anything really notworthy in his entire time at byu? And no, simply being a top 25 team isn't that noteworthy - 25 teams do it ever year.

Going undefeated is noteworthy. Beating an SEC powerhouse Nick Saban team is noteworthy. Finishing as the only undefeated team in the entire country is noteworthy.

Bronco have anything like that?

Cheyenne, WY

Agreed Chris
BYU has not done anything noteworthy.
but we talking about this year right?
If Utah doesn't make a bowl (or even make the Heart of Dallas bowl) then their upset
is like Vandy beating Georgia.
An upset is great but sustained success is better.
and I am glad of what Utah accomplished but no offense Utah has not been that good since 2008.
BYU finished 12th in 2009 other than that they have not been that good.
Anyone notice BYU got a lot more attention for beating Texas than Utah did for Stanford?

I worked in college athletics for a decade. Utah was invited because of their great medical research, and tv market. Colorado was invited mainly for TV market.
Utah and Colorado were not invited because of their prowess in athletics.
BYU would have been in a power conference two decades ago if it was for bias'. You can go back and look at the articles.
During the 90's all the pac-10 athletic directors voted to admit BYU. This did not make it past the Presidents of the Universities.
Athletically BYU was wanted 20 years ago.

Salt Lake City, Utah

2B christy

Haven't Utah fans been spouting the virtues of the BCS ranking system for years, and now, just as the BCS is on its last legs, our friends on the hill have suddenly decided that the BCS rankings are a complete farce and, therefore, meaningless.

You might want to have yourselves checked for whiplash - it happens, sometimes, when you experience a sudden and violent change of direction.

Latest BCS Rankings

Rank Team BCS Avg Harris Coaches Sagarin Colley A-H Billingsley Massey Wolfe CPU Avg
28 BYU 0.057 19 21 12 20 22 21 30 26 22.25
45 Utah0.00 00 00 62 51 43 41 41 48 45.75

Despite Utah's "best win in the state", Utah's head-to-head win versus BYU, and BYU's "worst loss in the state", BYU is still ranked significantly higher across the board by every poll, ranking system, and computer used in the BCS rankings.

Please explain why your opinions that Utah is better than BYU is directly contradicted by the BCS rankings, and, btw, every other national ranking - CBS Sports, USA Today, etc.

Layton, Utah

Chris B
Seems to me when Utah was joining the Pac you were predicting Rose Bowl wins after Rose Bowls wins, BCS appearances etc etc blah blah blah, yet the Utes keep ending up in the cellar and missed a bowl game last year right? Yeah they are sure head and shoulders above Byu.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Latest BCS Rankings

Rank Team BCS Avg Harris Coaches Sagarin Colley A-H Billingsley Massey Wolfe CPU Avg
28 BYU 0.057 19 21 12 20 22 21 30 26 22.25
45 Utah 0.00 00 00 62 51 43 41 41 48 45.75

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