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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 29 2013 11:20 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

"But while incidents like Altice's arrest cause everyone concern, Williams doesn't know if it calls for any additional training of teachers. He said not having relationships or abusing students isn't something that should have to be taught.

"This is common sense stuff," he said. "I don't think we necessarily have to hold any special training. This is common sense."

Apparently not. Read this thread. Not a lot of "common sense" on here.

Look at the number who are being caught. Multiply that by 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 for those who aren't.

Sandy, UT

In our sexually-obsessed society, we have different rules for "sex offenses" than for other things. Why are there no registries for burglars, shoplifters, embezzlers, robbers, car thieves, wife beaters . . . or even murderers? Are not some of these crimes things that maybe potential victims should be advised about? And with regard to the registries, don't legislators and other zealots realize that criminals and "offenders" have legs and wheels, and can move all over the place to do whatever it is that they do? And why do registries put all "offenders" in roughly the same category, whether those offenses involve violent rapes, age-difference violations, public urination, public nudity, or whatever? And why are most of the "offenders" in these cases deemed to basically be deemed guilty until proven innocent, with no way to prove innocence? More evidence that we have very screwed-up legal, criminal, "correction," and criminal "justice" systems.

Mount Pleasant, UT

What happened to "control" over our feelings. If they are not mature or strong enough to use control they should not be teaching our children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. It is appalling and it affects their lives forever. I hope this goes on her record and she is never able to teach children again.

surrey, 00


Other articles I have read on this teacher suggest she started manipulating him at 15 which DOES make him a victim. " apologizing to this teacher for potentially ruining her life" Are you insane?? I think you made that statement because the teacher is female. If it were the other way around and the male was the teacher would you be making the same statement...i'm guessing not.

orem, UT

Wow, are we really having a conversation about weather or not this was legal or morally right?
If the genders were reversed people would be rallying against the teacher, most likely angry enough to burn him at the stake. This argument is ridiculous, I wouldn't want any teenage child of mine sleeping with anyone, let alone a teacher, a person in a position of power that should respect the relationship of teacher and student regardless of gender.

Excuse me while I vomit.

gmk17of TX
Arlington, TX

This girl is beautiful. Could she really not find a man instead of a boy?

Payson, UT

Whether male or female, a 17 yr old is a victim, still trying to learn right from wrong and subject to seduction. As a former teacher, I understand the temptation, but it is a wrong and selfish thing to do. There are other ways of getting one's desires fulfilled, especially legal ones. Leave the innocent, easily-persuaded pool of children alone.

Nottingham, MD

If you want to quibble about 17, change the age to 16, then to 15, 14, 13, 12, down to the preschool age of those whose parents enter them into contests dressed as 20 year olds.
The law is there, the teacher should have known it, also the 17 year old if you want to call him a perpetrator of this offense should have known about the law if in your mind he is adult enough.
Those, including youth leaders who have some control over a situation need to be held to the highest of standards.
My only question is keeping the teacher on the payroll. I would have held that she be suspended without pay and back pay granted if she is found innocent.

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