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Published: Monday, Oct. 28 2013 8:05 p.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT

@ Chris

We heard your question? Really we did. You asked it on previous posts you have asked it 3 or 4 times on this post alone. give it a rest. the fact of the matter is we have a top 20 running back that chose the Y of u. you cant hang your hat on this questions when he shunned the uties for the cougs. Here is a real question, find me a recruit that chose a division II school over a PAC 12 BCS Confrence "member"? He must have thought the utes were a high school team. Cause they certainly are playing like one.

Alpine, UT

Chris B

"No conference wants you..."

The giant hole in your distorted view of reality is the quality of BYU's overall athletic program has nothing to do with BYU's lack of an invite to the Big 12 or PAC 12, and conversely, the mediocre quality of Utah's overall athletic program had absolutely nothing to do with Utah's invitation to the PAC 12 - the bottom-dwelling status of nearly every Utah team, especially Utah's men's teams, is proof that Utah was invited to serve as cannon fodder for the big boys of the PAC 12 to pad their conference records, nothing more.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

Gary Anderson is probably taking this game more personally. I think he's probably got some angst against BYU for the last few years of BYU finding a way to beat his team. This game can be won, but will need to be free of stupid penalties and mistakes.

Gee Chris B, I was hoping that beat down USC gave to the utes was going to keep you in obscurity a bit longer. I'm surprised to see you up and sniping at BYU so soon. Your claim that BYU as a program is not respected nationally is complete garbage, and deep down you know it. You really are grasping at straws. Your utes deserve that appraisal more that BYU does.

So, whilst the entire ute nation is sitting home for the holidays one more year I guess you have already explained it to your ego that it is more about being a bottom dweller in a BCS conference than it is to be playing in a bowl game.

I want to say LOL to that, but I hate the acronym "LOL" so I won't say LOL to you.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Kids pick lesser programs over better programs all the time."

See Utah.

A second straight bowl-less season could be a disaster for Utah's recruiting, which is already looking pretty dismal.

Current 2014 Recruiting Classes
BYU - 17 commits, 1 ESPN 300, 2 4-star, 12 3-star
Utah - 13 commits, 0 ESPN 300, 1 4-star, 9 3-star

River Falls, WI

"Wisconsin is the only true national power playing in this game. Their recruits don't think they are a division II program. Never have."

Interesting that historically Wisconsin and BYU have nearly identical recruiting classes (ranked in the 50-70 range), yet they both remain nationally relevant programs.

Also interesting that the recruit being referenced in the above quote picked BYU over Utah, even though he had never heard of BYU previously. What does that say about Utah?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" ....... No conference wants you or cares about your history and your own star running back Jamaal Williams said he thought byu was a division II program when he was being recruited..."

Chrissy - is that why Williams chose BYU over bsu and utah? Oh, and as far as "history" goes, well, everyone but you knows BYU is by far the more respected football program. Did you know BYU has a National Championship under their belt? And a Heismann QB, and etc., etc., etc.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Your 1 ESPN top 300 DEcommitted a long time ago. Isaiaah Nacua DEcommitted a while back and is now looking at guess who?

UTAH(ouch, that hurts huh?)

Did you know of the last 12 combined recruiting classes between byu, usu, and Utah that Utah has the top 4?

1. Utah
2. Utah
3. Utah
4. Utah.

Yep, both average stars AND head to head, the "best" recruiting year for byu of the last 4 years is WORSE than Utah's worst year of the last 4 years.

I guess Pac 12 memeberhsip is more appealing than going to indy/WAC byu

4 years in a row on the field

4 years in a row recruiting

Think those are related?


Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B.
No one knows why Nacua decommitted or if he did.
There are plenty of rumors but BYU pulled his offer, whether it was Nacua or BYU no one knows for sure so I wouldn't brag about it.
It looks like his current top choice is ASU by the way.

Mcallen, TX

The only relevant matter, is BYU playing on national television, and winning.

When I wear a BYU tee-shirt,---people come up and talk.

It's amazing how people congratulate me for beating the Longhorns, and having an honor code.

I tell them I'm not a player, but a fan.

Cheyenne, WY

@ worf.
The only relevant matter is they are winning.
I agree with that.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, winning is all that matters.

And year after year after year after year when Utah and byu plays, all Utah does is win, and all byU does is lose.

Sometimes its the weather's fault, sometimes the refs, sometimes its wanting to give the ball away. But whatever the reason, all byu does is lose.

In fact, Utah has two 4-0 streaks over byu in the last 15 years.

Guess how many 4-0 streaks byU has over Utah in the last couple decades?


Where is Hadley?
Salt Lake, UT

This should be an entertaining game, watching Wisconsin expose byu as the average team that they are. Under bronco, byu excels at being an average game but not getting up for their big games. Broncos' record against top 25 opponents is .200. And in case some of you didn't know, that is not good. Hardly the record of a program that is headed towards a national title, as bronco talks about.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@Where is Hadley

"Under bronco, byu excels at being an average game but not getting up for their big games. Broncos' record against top 25 opponents is .200. And in case some of you didn't know, that is not good. Hardly the record of a program that is headed towards a national title, as bronco talks about."

First of all Your sentence doesn't make sense. Second What direction are your utes going? 2 straight losing seasons and watching bowl games from the couch. ouch. I wouldn't make too many comments about the direction of a program. Utes fans such as yourself are more worried about tattling on opponents players than wanting to win games because there is not hope for the uties right now.

Tough to win games when your quarterbacks Td/Int Ratio over the last 6 games is 10 to 15!

West Point , UT

Who agrees that we should encourage Chris to wear his Cougar hats and t-shirts and come out of the closet already? Anyone who perseverates on another team this much has to be a fan posing as someone else to rile the troops. Good work Chrissy keep it up!

As for Jamal Williams, he's a young kid who obviously didn't know much about BYU or Utah, but when he became familiar he didn't like U. Jealous Chrissy? Ahhh so sad.

Still hurting that BYU is getting all the press with their 6-2 record against the 21st ranked schedule in the country? Until this year Utah didn't even approach that SOS and was still sub .500. That must really hurt...sorry to cause you so much pain that you can't move "onward or upward". Big brother always gets the attention...fans want you to be like him but U just don't have the talent...no one understands what it's like to be the kid brother living under that shadow. We've seen it all before...so tragic.

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