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Published: Monday, Oct. 28 2013 7:30 p.m. MDT

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Lehi, UT

Yup, there are two teams in the state who are moving onward and upward. Sorry Chis B, it just isn't u.

Orem, UT

BYU has clearly surpassed Utah as the best team in the state:

AP - #28 BYU, (Others receiving votes: Notre Dame 132, Georgia 24, Brigham Young 22, Texas 22, Ole Miss 21, Virginia Tech 20, Oregon State 17, Florida 14, Washington 6, Minnesota 4, Ball State 4, Arizona 2, Duke 2)

Coaches - #30 BYU, (Others receiving votes: Arizona State 57, Virginia Tech 53, Texas 31, Oregon State 22, Brigham Young 21, Houston 21, Georgia 20, Duke 8, Minnesota 6, Nebraska 6, Ole Miss 6, Florida 4, Ball State 4, Iowa 1)

BCS - #28 BYU, #45 Utah, #78 USU

USA Today - #26 BYU, #57 USU, #59 Utah

CBS Sports - #29 BYU, #46 Utah, #71 USU

Sagarin - #24 BYU, #39 Utah, #41 USU

San Bernardino, CA

Poor Utah has been needing to do some soul searching offensively for about 3-4 seasons now. It seemed like Travis Wilson had figured something out early in the season, but he's lost it as quickly as he found it. Hopefully he gets better again when that hand improves.


I would be much happier if Utah, USU and BYU were all winning, but must give a nod to the Utes for now having the 4th toughest schedule in the nation. We'll never know what would have happened if BYU or USU were playing that schedule, but it is really tough to have a confident attitude if you kill yourself with turnovers!

Go Cougars, Aggies and Utes!

Lehi, UT

Ooooops that should be Chris B!

Mcallen, TX

Though not playing in a BCS bowl,-- the next best thing is playing on national TV with Wisconsin, Boise State, Houston, Georgia Tech, and Notre Dame.

No BYU team has had that kind of exposure.

I'll take that!

Gilbert, AZ


Having a tough schedule doesn't mean anything if you don't win.

BYU has the 21st toughest schedule in the nation, much tougher than any schedule in Utah's history, until this season. Prior to this season, the toughest schedule the Utes had ever faced was #41.

If Utah is to be recognized for losing to a tough schedule, then BYU should be given even more recognition for winning versus a tough schedule.

Mcallen, TX

Aggies, and Cougs will represent the state well, as they did last year.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"After one of the biggest wins in Utah football history (over then-No. 5 Stanford) just two weeks ago, the Utes have come out flat the past two games, losing to both USC and Arizona on the road."

"The Cougars coasted from there as they won 37-20 [Boise]. “It was a really big win for our program,” quarterback Taysom Hill told the Deseret News.


So after a big win over then and now #5 Stanford Utah took a nose dive.

What will the Cougars do after their big win? Against a similar type of opponent at Wisconsin?

This is BYU's chance to prove they're a better team. If BYU wins and Wisconsin ends up being ranked at the end of the season, then it will be BYU's first win over a Big 5 final ranked team since 1996.

U 90
Corona, CA

@ True Blue "BYU has clearly surpassed Utah as the best team in the state"

Keep telling yourself that and ignore that:

Utah beat BYU on their home field

Utah has beaten BYU 4 in a row

Utah has the #4 schedule in the country, and after playing #25 ASU and #2 Oregon, Utah will most likely have the #1 toughest schedule

Utah has had a tougher schedule than BYU since entering the PAC12

BYU is 2-4 against PAC12 teams since Utah joined that conference

BYU's best win is Houston and worst loss is 2-6 Virginia

Utah's best win is #5 Stanford and worst loss is 5-3 USC

Virginia's only other win this season is against the Virginia Military Institute

Make no mistake, I'm calling Utah a bad PAC12 team. But the fact that BYU can't beat a P12 cellar dweller speaks volumes about where the Y’s program is. They’re clearly not the best team in the state. Utah has already won the Beehive boot, that debate is over.


Well, the Utes cannot claim to be the "Best in the State" any longer. Yes, they can claim them beat both USU and and BYU, and congrats to them for that. But as a BYU fan, I'm glad to see our success and I hope it continues. Next up, Wisconsin.

Omaha, NE

We will see who is better as the season continues. Good job Cougars. Good luck Utah and USU!

Lancaster, CA

In talking with a Ute fan, they only seem to be talking about the one win over BYU, like it was the MOST important game of the season. But, I think the rankings speak louder. After a a few weeks of very painful football, I'm glad BYU finally found their rhythem. I'm impressed by the Aggies, too! Way to go, Utah State!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Hard to move up the rankings when you can't win. Hard to win when you score 3 points. Utah better get the offensive side of the ball figured out real quick or 5-7 is going to become a harsh reality. How depressing.

Cheyenne, WY

U 90
You fudge the numbers a little bit.
BYU lost to two of the worst teams on the schedule according to the rankings.
BYU's schedule is tougher than a lot of SEC schools according to Sagarin rankings.
I give the U credit. but C'mon man BYU is playing really well
(the utes problem is an unhealthy qb the last two games, how many teams would they beat with that? That is what the rankings are based off of)
Utah won on the field, but in Utah's current state, I will say they are good but probably not the best team right now.

Littleton, CO

This "best in state" discussion is tiresome and relatively meaningless. Clearly BYU is playing better football, has a better record, playing most of their games before a national TV audience, and is bowl-eligible against a tough schedule. Utah beat BYU and USU, has a big win against Stanford and ute fans are content with he opportunity to at least PLAY in a major conference and thrilled to have great teams grace them with their presence by coming to RES. USU is still battling in the MWC, tied with BSU for the lead. So by all accounts, all three fanbases should be perfectly happy, right?

SEC Rules
Seminole, FL

Mark it down


Onward and upward

Salt Lake City, UT

Too bad being anything less than #25 doesn't matter in the national scheme of things - only teams finishing in the top 25 of ANY poll or BCS ranking get recognized by the media, recruits, etc.

We'll see where everyone is at the end of the season (schedule strength will change as teams win and lose between now and then).

Utah will likely become bowl-eligible, they have a bye week to get rested and figure out their offense issues. BYU will likely lose a few games and come back to earth, and USU has several chances to get to 6 wins still and be eligible for a bowl.

Payson, UT

Ute fans, is it really a consolation to have beaten BYU four years in a row? If so, congratulations. I hope that means a lot to you. But getting to a bowl game would mean so much more.

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