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Published: Monday, Oct. 28 2013 6:15 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

To me... The redskins will always be the Redskins just like the Utes are always the Utes. Maybe the redskins could just choose a bird as their mascot?

high school fan
Huntington, UT

Once again it is much ado about nothing. Once again a problem has been created where none existed just so someone could feel pod about themselves. This is a sad day.

T-birds to win
Provo / Utah, UT

I can understand why they are wanting the Redskins to change their name, and mascot. As for the Utes, or Seminoles etc. they are using the proud names of their tribes, and it is a very positive way to look at the tribe in general. As Redskins is more of a derogatory slang word to describe Native American Indians, I think they should change it to a more local Indian Tribal name with their approval of course. I am a Caucasian, married to a Native American Indian, and I understand their point of view.

Las Vegas, NV

Don't these people have better things to do? The name had been around since the 1930s, all of a sudden it became offensive, when did that happen?

Mcallen, TX

Here in Texas, some rodeo cowboys want Dallas to change their mascot.

The humane society wants the Longhorns, and Horn Frogs to change theirs also.

Bristow, United States

In a survey done by Annenberg Research Institute (University of Pennsylvania) the vast majority (almost 90%) of American Indians are not offended by the name.in fact many schools that are largely tribal use Redskins as their own name, because they view it as an honor. Local tribes around DC also support the name. Hail to the Redskins!

Sioux City, IA

I have to agree with bradleyc;
Change the mascot to a potato, apple, or other reference that has a redskin and move on.
Once the Native American mascot is no longer being referenced the word "redskins" no longer has any derogatory connotations that can be associated with the team.

Carson City, NV

They could change their name to the Washington Senators?

Greeley, CO

The Washington Thinskins

Sioux City, IA

The Washington Senators are now the Minnesota Twins and have been since the 60's.

Layton, UT

As has been pointed out above there is evidence that reflects that the term is not offensive to the vast majority of Native Americans. The condescension of the political left is beyond belief. The libs will just be offended for them until the Native Americans come around and see it their way? Furthermore, the same liberal syncophants who demand that the Washington Redskins change their name are some of the same people who sit in power and watched the blizzard ravage the Dakotas a few weeks ago doing ACTUAL damage to the Sioux nation and have done nothing about it.

The Moose
Southern, UT

What about all the condescending white mascots: Cowboys, Packers, Steelers, Raiders, etc. Let's ban them all. And while we are at it, the high schools in Utah with Farmers, Beetdiggers, etc. need to be banned.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

The Utes weren't always the Utes. They were the Redskins prior to 1972 and I am glad they changed.

In my mind, none of the concerns about sports teams choosing "Indians," "Chiefs," "Braves," or names of specific tribes mean much as long as there is a prominent team in Washington DC calling itself the Redskins. If any name could lead to an offense, it is to name something after the color of somebody's skin.

That said, sporting teams don't choose mascots to denigrate the choice. Animals and humans of a variety of stripes are selected because they are seen to have characteristics that the team wants to emulate.

I have heard for decades about how such choices denigrate Native Americans. I have had activists (all in my experience and there have been many, were white--Native Americans I know reject their efforts) tell me that only Native Americans are used for mascots. I then point out Irish, Scotsman, Vikings (Scandinavians), Celtics, Saxons, Swedes, Gaels, Vandals, Cajuns, Norsemen, Highlanders, Trojans, Spartans, Orangemen (Dutch or Northern Irish), as well as Kings, Dukes, Knights, Farmers, Cowboys, Aggies (agricultural workers), etc, are also people.

Heber, Utah

Littlestream- Officially more offensive that Redskins ever thought of being. Senators? Ha!

Kaladin- That is my fantasy football team name.

Look, I get it. A FEW people of Native heritage get offended by the term Redskin. If you look hard enough, you'll find people offended by even the most vanilla term. Heck, maybe by saying vanilla, I just offended my fair skinned brother in law? Anyway, aren't there bigger problems in America than a football team name? Maybe all these people who are jumping on the bandwagon, could all get involved in Indian (my Grandfather, part Ute, hated the term NA) affairs and charities. The real "offense" to Indian people are stealing their land and putting them on "reservations". Maybe let's help the people who need real help first and maybe if we have time and energy left over, we'll help those with political incorrectness syndrome later.

Salt Lake City, UT

I usually don't comment over here in sports but the following comment caught my eye "The redskins will always be the Redskins just like the Utes are always the Utes. " Yes, but the Utah Utes were once the "RUNNIN' REDSKINS." Yes, it's true. The "U" wisely dropped the skin pigmentation reference (I think in part at the request of the tribe). Unfortunately in commenting here I show how old I am - ouch.

Phoenix, AZ

What about the Mormons using Moroni an American Indian as their symbol.

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