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Full video and transcript of Utah football press conference

Published: Monday, Oct. 28 2013 4:25 p.m. MDT

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Cheyenne, WY

Onward and Upward
Huh Chris B. ?
Could have been a different game without turnovers.
Here's to hoping the utes can improve and make it to the Heart of Dallas bowl.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

It's clear why the Pac 12 is the second best conference in the country. There are 10 teams in the conference that can compete with just about anyone in the country on any given day.

Utah's win over Stanford is looking all the more impressive, and Stanford will most likely END the season in the top 10. Utah also beat an end of season top 10 Alabama team in a few years ago. I don't think byu or usu can claim a win against an end of season top 10 team in at least a decade.

And then as we've seen we can lose to just about any Pac 12 team.

The gap between the Pac 12 and lesser conferences such as the MWC and indy/WAC teams has never been greater.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

If all we cared about was padding our schedule we'd go independent and just schedule byu and usu 6 times a year each.

But there isn't a single non-AQ other than Notre Dame in the entire country who wouldn't trade their non-AQ status for membership in a power conference.

Yes, life in the Pac 12 is hard. We knew that. It's still going to take another year or two of recruiting Pac 12 talent.

And YES, recruiting has improved significantly since our joining.

In fact, of the last 4 years, guess who has the 4 highest recruiting classes of byu, Utah, and usu?

1. Utah
2. Utah
3. Utah
4. Utah

That's right, Utah's "worst" recruiting class of the last 4 years is better than byu's "best" recruiting class of the last 4 years.

Think that has anything to do with the 2013 Ute seniors 4-0 sweep?


Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I can totally guarantee one thing; Utah will NOT lose this week!

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

During Spring camp and Fall camp, and the first several games of the year, Utah practiced and used two tight-ends in their offensive lineup. Now that is gone, and opposing defenses have a much easier time scheming against Utah's offense.

No wonder the offensive line is struggling. No wonder there have been turnovers. No wonder the QB is struggling.

It takes several games to retool an offense due to this issue, if it can be turned around at all.

Let's hope for the best, but Utah's lack of depth at TE is a serious issue.

Still, Utah's defense was a bright spot against USC. It would have been so easy for those guys to give up and stop playing hard, but they did not. Props to them!

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Comparative scores are of little value. The only thing that matters is winning on the coming Saturday. When you give it up to a depleted USC with walk ons and 48 scholarships, hiding behind the PAC 12 banner is only borrowed glory.

South Jordan, Utah

PAC12 PAC12 PAC12. It is hilarious that the PAC12 is all that Utah has to "boast" about! Many think that the Utah fan base is the only fan base in the country that uses its membership in a conference as an excuse for losing!

But heck, I could have told Ute fans the destiny of their team over four years ago. But most of they were too starry-eyed to either listen or care!

Palo Alto, CA

It's clear that Utah's main turnover problem starts with Utah's "upper echelon" QB.

Utah's win over Stanford is looking more and more like a fluke.

Hayden, ID

Being on worldwide television every game >Pac 12.


I wonder if Cal fans, and Colorado fans and Washington State fans spend as much time as Chris B talking about being PAC 12 members rather than discussing their teams latest game. Is there anyone left who doesn't know Utah is in the PAC 12 and has been for three years now? It's like Vanderbilt bragging all year long about being in the SEC. Or Northwestern bragging about being in the BIG 12. Or Kansas. There are a lot of metrics for measuring how your team is doing and conference affiliation is way down the list.

Layton, UT

I can totally guaranty 2 things, byu will not play an inferior opponent to boost their egos this week, and, if there was a rematch today, tomorrow or any time in the future Utah would and will win again and again and again. When you compete against Utah you get a taste of what it's like to compete in the Pac 12.

Layton, UT


And we all know byu's destiny, whether they beat 6 cupcakes or 12.


Utah is a much improved team when compared to last year's version.

They won all three non-conference games, and had a huge win against Stanford.

They had opportunities to win in the closing seconds against UCLA and Oregon State. And against Arizona, the Utes were within a touchdown in the final 5 minutes, despite Carey once again gashing the Utes for huge rushing yardage.

As for USC, the defense was stout, but you just can't win with 4 turnovers and three total points.

In summary, this is easily the most challenging schedule in Utah football history, yet the Utes have been victorious, or been competitive until late into the game, in 7 of their 8 contests. They should be favored against Colorado, and possibly Washington State. It will take a great effort to beat the Sun Devils next week. As for Oregon, well, an upset win by the Utes feels like an impossibility.

Go Utes!

Cheyenne, WY

When the Utes actually compete with the top tier in any major sport in the pac-12 I will support your argument. Until then Good luck Utes.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

Utes fans are so fun to listen to. Spokane Utes is starting to sound like Chris B.
The PAC membership chest beating is getting real old. I have lived in PAC country for many years and I have never heard any other bottom feeder pound their chests about being in the conference as Utah has since they joined. The PAC is no longer the second strongest conference in the nation. Many of the ranked teams have faded or dropping in the rankings. Every conference has their bottom feeders and WSU is luck to have Utah take their place.
As the season wears on the utes are fading and the win over Stanford and BYU were flukes. If they were to play today Stanford and BYU would demolish the utes. When the utes cannot beat a bunch of walk-ons or third string players on an average team it speaks volumes about the depth of the program.

The Moose
Southern, UT

Actually, the last two weeks show how important a healthy Travis Wilson is to the Utes. I thought the quarterback battle was close until recently. When Wilson is healthy, we beat Stanford. When he is not we lose to USC. Big difference. Coaches always say it is a close battle between the starter and the back-up quarterback, but I don't think that is the case here. Wilson (when healthy) is better than we give him credit for.

Salt Lake City , UT


Here is what will happen if Utah goes independent
Only team they will be able to schedule is Idaho State and Weber State and they will have there contract with iheart radio.
Even with PAC-12 network for last theree you guys are no where. Utah won't be able to do 10% of what BYU has done as independent.

Salt Lake City , UT

Truth: The gap between 10 pac team and rest two teams such as Utah has never been greater in history of conference.The only reason Utah is added to PAC-10 is so that all real PAC-10 team can play a bo-diddley tech. Utah is just a punching bag and training game for Pac 12 team.

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT


We all know Utah's destiny - pinning the success of their entire season on the results of the BYU-Utah game, and then finishing the season like the perennial conference bottom dwellers that they are. It's inevitable that the Utes will eventually slip below the Buffs and Wazoo to become the perennial conference basement dwellers.

Chief among Utah's problems: a coach who is obviously out of his league when trying to compete in the PAC 12 - 8 and 15 since joining the conference.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

Yes, reducing turnovers is part of sustaining a good program. Wilson has 5td's and 11 picks. Any Utah fans would be hard pressed to think that BYU does not have a better QB situation right now. I noticed that BYU had ) turnovers last week against a good program. Onward and upward Cougars!!

P.S. WSU called and is grateful for Utah's pac membership.

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