Comments about ‘Martin MacNeill mistress sent suggestive texts on day after his wife's death’

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Published: Monday, Oct. 28 2013 2:10 p.m. MDT

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Taylorsville, UT

Rarely is a mistress motive to kill a wife and family relationship. And this is a witch hunt case with an orchestrated testimony of the mistress to imply she was an asset to kill for. Prosecutors have become insane with power and greed and use any means to promote themselves into political careers at the expense of conviction counts. Guilt, trials, law and order are irrelevant, its the wins that count and any means to meet their dream state.

Why would any man kill his wife for a mistress? Its legal and publicly acceptable relationships and he had nothing to fear if his wife and family knew about it. And apparently everyone knew about the affair so why kill his wife? Its the year of hocus-pocus and magic justice and their magic illusions prosecutors can create if given enough money, and money is no object and technology is lucrative means in creative prosecutions.

Salt Lake City, UT

So they are prosecuting why? If they have no definitive proof he did it, how do they expect to convict? I just dont see a conviction happening for the murder charge.

Genola, UT

"Prosecutors have become insane with power and greed and use any means to promote themselves into political careers at the expense of conviction counts."

That's a pretty serious charge. I am wondering if you have any particular Utah County prosecutor in mind. Which prosecutor stands to benefit politically from this trial?

As to the question of why any man would kill his wife for a mistress, I suppose you would have to ask the countless number of men who have done it. The notion that men don't do it is, of course, extraordinarily naive.

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT


Maybe you should Google these words:

murder wife mistress -macneill

Really. Where have you been all your life?

Somewhere in Time, UT

Anyone who has followed this case and the "career" of McNeill would have NO problem understanding why he has been charged with murdering his wife.

There is a book by Scott Peck who wrote "The Road Less Traveled." It is called "People of the Lie." I would suggest that anyone who reads it will be very enlightened about the kind of person who can commit a crime like this.

I have followed this case for years and am in complete sympathy with the children and totally understand why they feel the way they do.

MemoFromA Demo

My2Cents: You write: "Why would any man kill his wife for a mistress?"

Think about it: Wealthy man. Mistress. Wife who discovers the affair (or maybe had just found out) and divorces him. Half his wealth lost. His family lost. His reputation and good name lost. His professional practice effected. The point is, he had a LOT to lose.

Maybe a better question to ask: "Why do his children believe he killed their mother?" Thats quite telling! They've not only lost their mother, they've lost their dad. I think their strong suspicion is worth looking into. If I were you, I wouldn't be so quick to jump attorneys. I think the question of guilt is worthy of a trial.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Why would any man kill his wife for a mistress?"

Odd question. The two most common motives for murder are money and passion. I'll reserve judgment on the McNeill case until the prosecution has put on all its evidence, but seriously, killing a spouse to be with a lover is not exactly unusual in the annals of criminal history.

Salt Lake City, UT

"An explanation is worthless to the person who needs one." Voltaire

Clearfield, UT

my 2 cents. The family has been trying for years to get prosecutors to bring charges. Where have you been. The story was featured on TV, I believe dateline or 48 hours. There is a lot of evidence that a crime was committed.

Salt Lake City, UT

Martin MacNeill wanted to take his mistress "to the temple" to get married?

Really? He'd get a temple recommend from his Bishop and Stake President?


Altamont, UT

I was wondering that myself...Did she seriously think getting married in the Temple was an option???

Does she think any jury will believe that either?

Both the doctor and his mistress make me nauseous...

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