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Published: Monday, Oct. 28 2013 12:20 p.m. MDT

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west jordan , UT

I totally support Heaps when he was at BYU and watched him play a great game in Albuq and his last game at BYU, but when he transfered my support for him died. It showed a bad attitude, which many of the other players where expressing about Heaps. Heaps thought it would come easy for him and then found out at BYU it is more important to have a winning QB then anything else. Heaps second year he just got worse and worse, thus enter Nealson. When Nealson was injuried the second year it seemed that Heaps grew up a little bit, and learned a thing or two from Nealson. Then came the transfer and my first impression is that is the end for Heaps and contuines to go that way. I feel bad for the kids, but he should have done his time on the bench here in Provo and grown up a bit. With how Hill is playing I am not sheding any tears over what could have been, but never was with Heaps.

Lindon, UT

Tell us, Sportsfanatic, about the BYU division when Heaps was playing. You must mean the division of Heaps and his daddy on one side, and the entire rest of the team on the other.

Not given a chance to succeed? Surely you jest. Riley rode the pine from the time Heaps was named as the starter until nearly the 4th quarter of the Aggies' game the following year. Interesting how Bronco's alleged man-crush on Riley didn't translate into any notable playing time for Riley, until Riley became the starter by simply outplaying Heaps in real game time. That, at a point where Mendenhall probably would have been fired if he persisted with his stubborn loyalty and support of a woefully ineffective and downward-spiraling Heaps who was terrified of defenses and threw horrible passes. But, apparently BYU owed it to Heaps to lead a sinking ship even with other available options.

BTW - sitting out a year for the transfer did not cost Heaps a drop of eligibility. If this made him gasp for air to catch up, that says a lot too.

Great players rise up. Fans of others make excuses.

BYU dodged a bullet!

Mcallen, TX

Recruiting is not perfect.

Nothing against Heaps, but so many over estimated his abilities.

On the other hand, Chuckie Keeton was under estimated. He's better than any quarterback on the Texas Longhorns, and was probably not offered.---Dennis Pitta was a walk-on.

Bakersfield, CA

It was strange how after a good freshman season and bowl game Heaps had a hard time. I think he made a mistake going to Kansas. I thought he would have done better if he went to Wazoo. Back in WA, with a throw happy coach. Oh well, he has been given an opportunity too bad it isn't working out.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Doesn't Kansas have way more star athletes because they are part of a BCS conference? I think he has plenty of talent around him. I've seen him make some fantastic throws while at BYU, but I've also seen him make some horrific passes. His time at BYU was wasted with a poor offensive strategy from the coaches.

I'm sure he has talent given all the extra coaching camps he attended prior to his entry into college. It is a shame that he will be replaced shortly at Kansas and his football career will be over.

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