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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 10:05 p.m. MDT

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JD Jones
Salt Lake City, UT

@jasonlivy: You wrote, "Oh yeah? What 'strong evidence' do you have that religion is wrong, specifically the LDS faith? Is this strong evidence in your own mind? What do you know about the concept of faith? Please, humor me by trying to disprove that faith does not exist. Do you even have any idea what faith is?"

I didn't say faith does not exist. Of course I know people have faith. However, I do not believe in faith, and I don't believe it's worth having, nor do I believe people of faith are better than those who don't believe in faith. Some Christians have faith that the world is only 6,000 years old, which clearly contradicts scientific evidence to the contrary, and about half of Americans, most of whom are Christians, don't accept the theory of evolution, which is solid science. Only 15% of Americans accept that humans are the descendants of extinct primates. Mormons believe that Native Americans are the descendants of Jews, yet there DNA evidence based on solid clearly contradicts the claim.

Faith is in someone's own mind. Science helps us understand objective reality.

San Antonio, TX

@ Red Headed Stranger: "need $ to rent a great and spacious building" -- hilarious!

Plano, TX

Well, if we don't get a chance to chat during the convention period, certainly we can catch up in the hereafter. ;)

Greeley, CO

@A Scientist - "Intolerance and hate"? please be specific, what are you referring to?

Wasatch Front, UT

I do *not* believe that this American Atheist group actually exists!

I have never seen them. I have never experienced or sensed them in any way, shape or form.

Therefore, they just absolutely cannot exist! I cannot fathom such a preposterous concept!

Maryville, MO

JD Jones: You state that it is solid science that we come from apes. Sorry this is a theory at best, not solid science. Most Scientists will tell you they agree that there is a God and that Science only confirms that belief.

Your DNA says Jews yet that actually only pertains mainly to those of the House of Judah. Yet the Book of Mormon states emphatically that Lehi and his followers were mainly of the House of Joseph. Has anyone been able to give anything pertaining to the House of Joseph. The answer is no. So again the DNA is inconclusive at best.

Faith is the belief in things unseen but yet are still true.

Scientist: You talk of intolerance and hate a lot about Christians, especially Mormons but from my experience here on the board what you say is more in line with Korhior in the Book of Mormon who was an anti-Christ. As someone above mentioned. If you are anti-gospel of Jesus Christ then you are anti-Christ. Do you deny this?

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT


Maryville, MO

"JD Jones: You state that it is solid science that we come from apes."

No, it said "extinct primates." That is a big difference. Look it up if you don't know the difference. PS - man IS a primate.

Breathe Deep
Eagle Rock, ID

Question: What is an atheist?

Answer: Someone who does not believe in god or the lack of evidence that God exists.

Therefore: No God = No commandments, No commandments = No Sin, No Sin = No guilt, No guilt = Do whatever you want without the worry of condemnation.

It’s pretty simple really, it’s just a small group of people that don’t like to be told what they should do and should not do even by God Himself.

Anytown, KY


I recommend that the first agenda item at the Atheist Conference should be to coordinate with Webster and Cambridge on the definitions of Atheist. Webster says, “one who believes that there is no deity” and Cambridge says, “someone who believes that God does not exist.” This is very different than the definition you provided, which sounds more like the definition of an agnostic.

layton, UT

RE; : Myth Busted They assume the religion that their parents or the society in which they grew up had picked the correct one for them??

What is God doing in China? This year actually marks 200th anniversary of the first protestant missionary to China, Robert Morrison. Missions to China goes back to the 1500s with the Jesuits.

Ten thousand Chinese become Christians each day, according to a stunning report by the National Catholic Reporter’s veteran correspondent John Allen, and 200 million Chinese may comprise the world’s largest concentration of Christians by mid-century, and the largest missionary force in history.
Christianity will have become a Sino-centric religion two generations from now. China may be for the 21st century what Europe was during the 8th-11th centuries, and America has been during the past 200 years: the natural ground for mass evangelization. If this occurs, the world will change beyond our capacity to recognize it.

The Problem is they have a major bible shortage and Christians are falling prey to heresies and such without a “Biblical only“foundation.

Draper, UT

The original article on which this comment thread is based told of the refusal by local billboard companies to accept the American Atheists' designs for advertising their 2014 conference. It then went on, ad nauseum, to proclaim all of the virtues of the LDS faith, and how tolerant, loving, and wonderful the Mormon religion is. Perhaps we should consider the fact that the billboard companies found it prudent to deny this group the ad space as evidence of the INTOLERANCE experienced by non-believers in this state, which is operated as a theocracy by any standard. Only through subtle intimidation would a billboard company choose not to accept these signage layouts, which are totally innocuous. You know what? I'm offended by the plethora of religiously-slanted billboards I see in Utah County, but I support the right to erect them. And please get it right - atheists don't claim to know everything; in fact, the opposite is true. Atheism is based on the knowledge that humans know very little, but through scientific research, incremental advances in knowledge may occur. Religion claims to provide answers to everything, based solely on ancient texts written by ignorant desert-dwellers millennia ago.

Draper, UT

When you believe something only through faith you should not be surprised to be ridiculed for a lack of critical thinking and maturity.

Salt Lake City, UT

One hundred and fifty one comments. Hahaha.

The ATHEISTS are coming!!

The ATHEISTS are coming!!


Filo Doughboy
Bakersfield, CA

@Proud Atheist-

Curious: If your social/ethical experiment does not bring a better society and world in 30-50 years, would you want a Messiah to come Who could bring world peace?

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

The Scientist
Wow talk about the kettle calling the pot black

Orem, UT

JD Jones:

You say you don't believe in faith, but I have to disagree with you. We all have faith in something. I happen to have faith in God based on many very personal experiences both spiritually and temporally. For me to deny these experiences would be incredibly ungrateful and selfish. The evidence of God's existence is solid to me.

On the other hand, you have faith in man. This assumes, of course, that these men made zero mistakes, that they had a perfect knowledge of DNA and the migration of every man who ever came to this continent, and there is no way they could be wrong, misguided, biased, etc. As well, you also have faith that those who have studied evolution have a perfect knowledge of how a single cell could morf into a human being, no matter how much time was allowed for this change to occur.

Men are weak. We only use about 5% of our brain! No matter how great we think we are, how smart, how enlightened, to think that on our own we have even the slightest grasp of how man came to be is the height of arrogance!

Maryville, MO

Lane Meyer: You do realize that apes are primates as well. You are basically using sematics when you describe it as extinct primates. Considering that most evolutionist state we came from apes as they were here before men and that a special breed evolved into man. That is why we are classified in the same category as apes. So yes my statement by most evolutionist is correct.


I don't believe in unicorns, and for that reason I don't spend any time thinking about or talking about unicorns. Perhaps these atheists really do believe in God, but are trying very hard to maintain the illusion that they don't.

Spagetti Monster
Salt Lake City, UT


It does not require faith to know that the earth revolves around the sun. It requires evidence, and if you would like to pay a visit to acquire this knowledge. Understanding evolution by natural selection also requires knowledge. If you accept a man's word that evolution by natural selection happens without learning about the abundance of evidence to support the theory, then you are certainly relying on faith. However, if you spend considerable time learning about evolution by natural selection, you will learn something. It makes sense to use the word faith only if you are talking about confidence based on evidence. Believing in evolution based on fact based theories is much different than having faith that Jesus was born from a virgin.

In light of the many facts about the contents of the Book of Mormon, it makes more sense to conclude that there is sufficient DNA studies to conclude the stories in the book are just stories. And what are the chances that Archeologists would never find evidence that steel was around during the supposed times of the B of M?

phoenix, AZ

scwoz wrote:

|The Church will probably have converted some of them by the time they are done..|

I almost spit out my coffee all over the screen. This was almost the funniest thing I ever read...

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