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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 10:05 p.m. MDT

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Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Red Frog Jumps,

As your last quote indicates, Jefferson was not your standard Protestant but there are a lot of quotes that indicate he was religious – just very much in his own way.

Myth Busted
Clyde, NC

Twin Lights,

Quotes can be butchered and used to bolster ones argument either way. Read in context, Jefferson was a Deist. He considered God to be natural, e.g. Mother Nature.

Yet, find a Christian of any of the 40,000 flavors and you won't find one that questions their beliefs. They assume the religion that their parents or the society in which they grew up had picked the correct one for them.

Baptist parents raise Baptist children, Mormons raise Mormon children. If you were born in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or other Eastern Countries, you'd probably be Muslim.

We inherit the beliefs of our surrounding influences, few question as Jefferson stated. Most atheists are ex - something. Most stopped accepting and began questioning. We used reason and logic and looked at the evidence. Faith is futile when deciding on which god one should pay alms.

Most Christians believe in one God. But there are over 1000 being worshipped today. The difference between me and a Mormon, I don't believe in one more God than they do. It's rather simple.

VA Saint
Chester, VA

I always find it so humorous when others move into the state, a state that was founded by Latter-day Saints and built by Latter-day Saints into the beautiful state it is today, that they are so 'offended' at the LDS lifestyle and so-called 'oppression.'

Kearns, UT

Student of Reason, obviously you have never lived in the South.

BTW, So what if I say that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's only true church on the earth? How does that affect you? If you don't believe then so what? You can say that you belief that the earth is flat and I wouldn't care. If you are offended, get over it and get on with life.

Louisville, KY

Myth Busted

Twin Lights here.

Agreed reference quotes. I think the evidence on Jefferson is "mixed" but certainly not enough to place him outside the camp of believers.

You won't find one Christian that questions their beliefs? I and a few of my friends are former Catholics. I left the Catholic Church in favor the LDS Church. Not enough? I have an LDS friend who was raised Hindu.

I had a period of questioning and investigation into a wide variety of beliefs (Christian and non).

Good enough?

As to reason and logic - I consider myself a fan. I think if you look at folks in the Quorum of 12 you will find several who are strong in logic and reason.

Faith may be futile but as LDS we believe in personal revelation.

Your point about believing in one less god than we do is interesting but that is a much wider gap than you indicate.

Lantana, FL

Hi, I'm Preston and I've already bought by ticket to the Atheist Conference. Let's see, Mormon's in America: 1.7% of population. Congrats!! Holy Kolob!! You're abysmally tied with the Jews (who are mostly Agnostics anyways)!!! Non-believers are the fastest growing group among all religious categories in America, now 19.6% of the population -- up from 14% five years ago. (Pew Study, 2012). Raised as a Christian, I went to St. Phillips Catholic School during K - 8. I've also tried the Baptist Church, then the belief of Calvinism, and finally traveled to Thailand for a month to experience Buddhism. During the past few years, I've become a strong Atheist. I'm a paying member of American Atheists and support lawsuits on behalf of Separation of Church and State. As a middle school teacher in public school, I blatantly promote Atheism, evolution, and science. And guess what? We're winning; you're losing: 32% of Americans under the age of 30 now claim NO RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION, the highest ever on record (Pew Study, 2012). And, please, educate yourself: Atheist DON'T claim THERE IS NO GOD. We assert there is NO EVIDENCE any god exists (scientifically verifiable and peer reviewed evidence). Big difference.

Sandy, UT

As far as the Billboards go for this convention....Go ahead, put them up advertising your event! However, don't bad mouth the LDS faith or ANY other religion on your Billboard. Go ahead and write "I am an atheist!" If you are proud of that, print it! Just have respect for others, regardless of their religious belief and don't bash down their name on your boards. I have never seen any media from the LDS church stating anything derogatory about another faith in print, nor do I approve of any religion bashing on any other religion to be hurtful to their beliefs. Remember the old saying, "If you can't say anything nice...don't say anything at all"...especially on a Billboard!

Tooele, UT


You said that you, "...support lawsuits on behalf of Separation of Church and State."

But then you said, as a school teacher you, "...blatantly promote Atheism..."

Does that mean you would support a lawsuit filed against yourself by parents and students who could prove you were using your position as a public school teacher to ridicule and bad mouth their religion?

Sorry to tell you, but the term "Separation of church and state" does not mean, "Suppression of church by the state."

Tooele, UT


You said, "Atheist DON'T claim THERE IS NO GOD. We assert there is NO EVIDENCE any god exists."

Okay, if that is true, then how come so many Atheists have taken the "Blasphemy Challenge" posting videos on YouTube proudly proclaiming God, Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit do not exist?

Filo Doughboy
Bakersfield, CA

Go Proud Atheist! We know you're winning. There is ample empirical evidence of America's increase of baby abuse: abortions/killings/beatings, starvation. Then there's uptick in teen pregnancies, drug use and school drop outs. Gang activity and inner-city crime looking good. Drunk driving and college alcolohism thrives; rape in the military goes unpunished; fraud and theft sky-rocketed in every sector. Major university cheating covers every major from doctors to lawyers.

And see the poll recently on how we disdain our politicians? Empty those churches quickly. We've certainly failed the religious experiment. Your turn now.

us, CA

I am not LDS, but I find it amusing that while atheists say the LDS church makes up so little of the American religious spectrum (less than 2%), it seems to take up almost 100% of their concern. Yes, it is true, LDS conferences are a consistent mix of the same old same old...be good, love one another, be faithful and respectful of your spouse, and all free of charge either in person or every conceivable media, while the atheist conference seemingly will be all about those darn Mormons and how can we embarrass them and needle them in public. Oh and I forgot, they will charge you for the opportunity to do so. What happens to that money? What happens to your dues? Do you ever have any talks about improving the lives of others? Do you have an organized system to take care of 'your own?' After disasters, do you rush in with aid or collect money to help? Are you a good and loving neighbor who is there in times of good or bad or are you the Jeff Dunham cranky old guy who sees fault in everything and everyone...except yourself?

Woodland Hills, UT

To the "Proud Atheist", you may be riding high in your life and feeling like your on top of the world, but let's just give it some time. Life has it's way of humbling us all. Someday you may be laying in a hospital at deaths door and you may feel differently then. Way down deep in your soul you may tap into that at some point. I hope you find it before.


@ JD Jones:

It is your opinion that there is a "harmful impact on believing in something based on insufficient evidence". I would disagree.

Since my return to the LDS Church in 2006, I have seen a huge change in my life. My family agrees. I am recovering from addiction, I am less negative about things, I am not angry, and I love others more. My actions show a better person. I did not change myself; Christ changed me.

If there were objective evidence of God, there would be no need for faith. We are asked to believe in God on faith. I choose to do just that. It is fine that you choose doubt over faith, but that does not make you inheirently right.

Stating opinion as fact is one of the most distrubing and annoying things about atheists. You have no more monopoly on truth than a religious person does. Your "evidence" is not irrefutable to those with intellectual honesty.

City, Ut

Morgan Hill, CA
(on page 4 of these comments)

You hit it right on the head.
Well said.

Draper, UT

Every comment I see posted here is from the Mormon perspective, which is no surprise, considering that the Mormon Church OWNS this so-called "news" organization. What is also obvious is that Mormons display an egregious arrogance that comes from living in an environment where there is little diversity of thought, and that Mormons in general have a feeble understanding of atheism. As stated in the recent Mormon Conference, the Mormon tendency is to "doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith". This position reveals the backward nature of religion generally, and Mormonism specifically.

Greeley, CO

@Proud Atheist - Ah yes, the old we have more people than you argument. The I can do things that you can't argument. Why do you think we go door to door teaching others about our religion? Because we want to bring the joy of the Gospel to others. It's not so we can see that percentage go up. We know our numbers will always be small in the world. It is in our scriptures. I am not going to decide whether I believe based on polls. I am not driven about by every wind of doctrine. If angels came down from heaven many would still not believe. Faith is a seed that grows through adherence to God's commandments. When I follow His teachings I find myself happier, kinder, and more at peace. When I strayed a bit in my youth I was like a boat without a rudder, listing in the sea. We should not have to hide our beliefs any more than you should. It truly is sad that you find so much delight in trying to destroy the faith of young people. That is exactly why atheists get a bad rap.

City, Ut

VA Saint
Chester, VA said:

"I always find it so humorous when others move into the state, a state that was founded by Latter-day Saints and built by Latter-day Saints into the beautiful state it is today, that they are so 'offended' at the LDS lifestyle and so-called 'oppression.' "


Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

what does a feeble understanding mean? The concept of atheism is not deep to require a profound understanding or am I missing something?
If Desnews lets me post this I will save someone the trouble of posting indicating my comment just makes the point I have a feeble understanding

A Scientist
Provo, UT

The bias, prejudice, and misunderstanding of atheists and atheism that is evident in these comments is not only appalling, but it reflects very badly on "believers".

Read your own testimonies against yourselves and then tell us (atheists, nonbelievers) again why we would want to worship a god that inspires such intolerance and hate (even if such a being did exist)?

San Francisco, CA

-- "We'd love to be proven wrong on that, but everything we see and hear about how the Mormon Church controls things in Utah seems to be a prime example of religious oppression," Muscato said. "They are pushing Mormon values on people." --

If a group of people habitually litigates to get "One nation under God" or "In God we trust" deleted, campaigns to have the Ten Commandments, the foundation of Western moral codes, removed from courthouses, derides religious expressions and people of faith, and anticipates having "fun" at the expense of any religion, that doesn't count as pushing their values on anyone, does it?

I hope they have a good time, don't feel "oppressed" or "intimidated," and enjoy the hospitality of Salt Lake City. Perhaps they will be invited to meet with LDS Church leadership as many diverse religious leaders have been, resulting in more cordial relationships among people of different philosophies (even if those are founded on denial rather than belief).

Their convention coincides with Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, and Passover week. Perhaps during that time they will experience the special spirit that love of God should generate among people of faith and good will.

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