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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 7:45 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

"Three of the remaining four are absolutely winnable, but not with an offense like the one that showed up in LA on Saturday."

Agreed. Honestly, other than probably Oregon, the other PAC 12 teams aren't powerhouses - Utah is capable of beating each of them (see Stanford). In fact, some are terrible - USC on Saturday, Arizona, Washington State, Colorado, Cal.

That is why it is so frustrating that Utah puts such a terrible product out there in PAC 12 play. Great win over BYU, but then what? I didn't think we signed up to be the doormat of the PAC 12 three years in. I thought we were headed in the right direction. Now I'm not so sure. Frustrating, to say the least.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Tysom and Cougar Nation clearly blamed the rain. I clearly said rain. They didn't say heat or even cold.

I am still waiting for another team that says rain affected their game. Not the heat, or the cold weather. I am aware of plenty of teams affected by heat and cold:

* BYU drinking pickle juice in the heat vs Mississippi State
* Warm weather team ULCA getting hammered in the cold in Utah.
* Even in the NFL, playing in the cold in Green Bay or Chicago, etc.

I don't recall anyone blaming the rain, except Cougar Nation.

I said my bad, I forgot about Appalachian State. I stand corrected. You claimed you found many teams in 2.5 minutes of research. I asked list those teams, so we can all have a laugh at 1-0 celebrations.

Right now, for giggles I only Deseret News to refer to:

"Provo - People danced in the streets. They hugged perfect strangers. They lit off fireworks. And in general, they celebrated and celebrated and celebrated."

BYU football: Provo celebrates stunning win
By Dan Rasmussen, Deseret News
Monday, Sep 7, 2009

Thanks in advance.

Lindon, UT

Wow Uteolgy - I apologize for messing with your mind. Even I didn't fully realize how rabidly you would cling to "BYU fans are the ONLY ones who..." but your responses were otherwise rather predictable. Yesterday you said: "I quoted Tysom Hill for blaming his abysmal passing due to bad weather" In response, I found a college player who blamed weather conditions for a loss. This, knowing full well you'd then refine the parameters and further restrict the search criteria. You didn't disappoint.

Using Appalachian State, I met your laughably ridiculous claim that only BYU fans party in the streets following a great season-opening victory, knowing full well you would mock BYU for acting like a D2 school, and suggest it therefore doesn't count. Right on cue, you follow script.

BTW - I never said I found many teams in 2.5 minutes of research. Just another predictable word-twisting Strawman tactic. The point is how easy it was to find something to prove your provincialism. Too easy of pickins, and 2.5 minutes is all this game was worth.

Respond if you feel compelled. I'm happy to leave our brief legacy in the hands of the readers. Good night.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT


Dateline: Deseret News, Tuesday, Jan. 6 2009

"The Utah football team will be honored with a parade in downtown Salt Lake City on Friday, Jan. 16. The parade will begin at 3 p.m. and will end in Washington Square."

Utah throwing themselves a formal parade for beating the SEC runner-up


A few BYU fans spontaneously celebrating a win over then #3-ranked Oklahoma and their Heisman Trophy winning quarterback?


Get a life already if that's all you've got to quibble about FIVE years after the fact.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Oct 2, 2008 - Utah fans storm the field and celebrate after beating Oregon State
Nov 9, 2008 - Utah fans storm the field and celebrate after beating TCU
Nov 22, 2008 - Utah fans storm the field and celebrate after beating BYU
Jan 16, 2009 - Utah fans throw themselves a parade after beating Alabama
Sep 5, 2009 - Utah fans whine about BYU fans celebrating a win over Oklahoma

Phoenix, AZ


You forgot...

2012 - Utah fans storm the field THREE Times after BYU misses a field goal.

I think that event alone was enough to make Utah the joke of the Pacific Conference. Why would they storm the field at all (let alone three times) against such a terrible and insignificant school?

And with that I'm done for the next week. I don't need to say anything else because, unlike Utah, ASU talks with how they play. It's super fun to look at the standings in the PAC-12 south...ASU is #1!

GO Devils!

Cedar Hills, UT


You're still not getting it, the celebration must be IN THE STREETS! Don't you see the vital importance of the celebrations happening in the streets? Also, it must be the first game of the season. Also, the opponent must not be ranked at the end of the season. Also, the coach must say something to the fans in the streets. Also, it must involve a D1 school of equal or better tradition. Under these very specific terms, clearly BYU has the ONLY fan base who would do such a thing, because Uteology can't think of another similar event.

And who else in the history of football has ever blamed the rain for a loss? That's just the most bizarre, unlikely excuse of all time. Snow, cold, heat, humidity, sleet, slush, wind, every conceivable other weather condition - yes, naturally! But RAIN? C'mon, everyone knows rain is obviously the only weather condition that could NEVER be lamely blamed for a loss, except by Cougar Nation.

Why can't everyone see how brilliant it is for Uteology to have found the pieces that finally prove beyond all doubt the foolishness of Cougar Nation? Who can dispute it?

West Point , UT

Samurai Jake:
My friend from Goergia, specifically Atlanta doesn't care about the utes or follow them. Obviously he knows the pac12 but like most people only sees or hears about the elite programs from that conference...not Utah.

Any CFB fan that doesn't see the SEC or care that they are kicking everyone's behind on the only prize that matters is delusional, or purposely avoidant of reality. You say you're sick of them? Ya, that's usually what happens when you've been beaten down and taken to the woodshed so often. Your best teams haven't competed against their best teams in recent history and until they do get used to being "sick of them".

As for SEC fans west of the Mississippi, there are plenty...unless you have your head in the sand which would be understandable for a ute fan right now.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

At MrPlate

You and your wife aren't messing with anybody's mind; don't kid your self!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


And with that I'm done for the next week. I don't need to say anything else because, unlike Utah, ASU talks with how they play. It's super fun to look at the standings in the PAC-12 south...ASU is #1!


Since Utah joined:

ASU: 6-7, 8-5, 5-2 (19-14)
Utah: 8-5, 5-7, 4-4 (17-16)

ASU is +2 in wins. Wow! That's impressive.

We don't have PAC-12 depth or talent, what is your excuse? Yes, ASU has OWNED us but so has most of the mid-upper PAC-12 teams.

Cheyenne, WY

As a Utes and cougs fan I have to begin questioning the Pac-12 depth question.
Utah is playing with 3 classes of Pac-12 recruiting.
So most of the team is Pac-12 talent. and I count 17 seniors.
so roughly 20 percent is not pac-12 give or take a few.
I hope the Utes do well, but I am concerned the Utes 1st year was the best they had in conference with MWC recruits.
I think there is more of an issue than Pac-12 depth and talent though the utes do have some talented pieces.

Gilbert, AZ


"ASU is +2 in wins. Wow! That's impressive... Yes, ASU has OWNED us but so has most of the mid-upper PAC-12 teams."

It's hilarious how dismissive Utah fans are of head-to-head results when you're not talking about Utah's recent history versus BYU.

U talk of "owning" BYU because you've won 4 in a row (3 of them by a total of 11 points)?


Let me explain what it's really like to be OWNED.

In Utah's 1st two years in the PAC 12, ASU beat Utah 35-14 and 37-7, a 51-point differential.

That's a larger margin in the last two games, than the Utes managed in their six wins versus ASU COMBINED, 41 points.

But it's even worse than that.

The Sun Devils are 18-6 lifetime versus Utah and have beaten the Utes NINE straight times.

In fact, ASU hasn't lost to Utah since 1976, when the Sun Devils were still members of the WAC.

Utah is WINLESS (0-8) versus the PAC 10/12 Sun Devils and have been blown out by ASU in both games since the Utes joined the PAC 12.

Lincoln Park, IL


hmmm, since overall record the past three years is comparable, head-to-head, as in 9 in a row, 18 of 24, is completely meaningless, as is, apparently, SOS, even though Utah has only played a single BCS conference team OOC, and ASU has played SIX.

California-Davis, Missouri, and Illinois in 2011
Northern Arizona, Illinois, and Missouri in 2012
Sacramento State, Wisconsin, and Notre Dame in 2013

Utah OOC:
Montana State, BYU, and Pittsburgh in 2011
Northern Colorado, Utah State, and BYU in 2012
Weber State, Utah State, and BYU in 2013

You should really publish a rules guide so we know which set of rules applies only to Utah versus BYU, and which set applies to Utah versus everybody else.

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