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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 7:45 p.m. MDT

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East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Steven S Jarvis

So in your world Utah is so physically and emotionally beaten by the rivalry game that they end up not being able to compete in the PAC-12, thus missing out on a bowl?

But BYU, the team that is getting owned in the rivalry, the team that is on record of saying that it's their Super Bowl game, is not affected at all?

That's the logic your going to use to show why Utah struggles and BYU excels after the game?

In your mind it has nothing to do with the fact that we play a Big 5 schedule and you don't?

TCU after dominating the MWC is also struggling in a Big 5 league, do you want to take credit for that as well?

West Jordan, UT

Utah is in trouble, not just because of a dismas finish possible this year, but if they don't make it to a bowl game, then their recruiting will be hurt. Who will want to come to Utah to play when you don't go to a bowl game most of the time. The other PAC12 schools will use that in their pitch;

And, BYU and Utah in a bowl game in SF? No way. Does nothing for either school. BYU and UT no longer need each other; Utah needs to concentrate on winning the PAC12 South, if ever that can be done. BYU needs to continue to play across the country teams from every part of the land to continue their exposure for the Church. This is not rocket science. BYU will continue to evolve into a national presence over time and their fan base will be treated to games that no other team can complete with and the end result will be increase in exposure; increase in recruiting away from the Mtn West; better schedules and an opportunity to pitch their product.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Better dust off a shelf in your trophy closet for another SOS trophy.

Meanwhile, BYU is knocking on the door of the real Top 25:

AP/Coaches/BCS/Sagarin/Composite(100 rankings)

#28/#30/#27/#24/#16 BYU(6-2) #21 SOS - average BYU #25
ur/ur/#44/#39/#40 Utah(4-4) #4 SOS - average Utah #41

Salt Lake City, UT

Ute fans don't get it.

BYU fans don't get it.

Ute fans proudly displayed PAC 12 stickers everywhere: cars, refrigerators, kids clothing, faces, hats...almost more than Utah stuff. They stuck their acceptance in BYU's face and rubbed it in. Well, three years later, BYU has won as many PAC 12 championships as Utah...in every sport!

BYU fans love to point this out but their football team simply is afraid of playing Utah. They play their worst, most conservative and nervous game against the Utes every year. So...be quiet. Your team is afraid of Utah! And for no good reason...

San Diego, CA

This is the only year you have a top 5 schedule only because you are playing Stanford and Oregon and not cal and Washington, and you still didn't go bowling last year. You ute fans are delusional. Northern Illinois or Fresno do not have tougher schedules but are going bowling and are ranked. Guess a top 5 SOS means nothing except to you guys.

The Moose
Southern, UT

The BYU fans make me laugh. They are ripping Utah for not having a good record. I have posted this before, but by their mentality Duschesne football is better than Alta football because Duschesne is 10 - 0 and Alta is sub 500. We beat you, we beat Stanford, we play with the big boys every week. I for one would not trade places with you. You lose your first few games every year and then play patsies to pad your stats and go to the same bowl no matter what. Talk about exciting.

Orem, UT

Utah seems to bounce back from losses reasonably well, my guess is they'll win another 2 [one being colorado, serously, that's a gimme, right?] and go bowling (from a BYU fan).

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah fans are hilarious. They beat their chests about their tough schedules (2013 is the FIRST season in Utah history that Utah has had a SOS ranked in the Top FORTY), then instead of using their "tough" schedule as a springboard to success, they use it as an excuse for losing.

LOL at Moose's spin. If Texas, Boise State, Wisconsin and Notre Dame are "patsies", what does that make Arizona, California, Washington State and Colorado?

Woods Cross, UT

Utah is in trouble for the next five years. No BYU game to energize their athletes and fan base for two years. We've always known that many Utah fans are more anti-BYU than they are pro-Utah.

No bowl games. It will hurt recruiting.

Membership in the PAC-12 practically requires that our 2nd and 3rd string players are as good as your first string. Recruiting must drastically improve for Utah to succeed.

Will Coach Whitt be able to withstand rising criticism? Utah is in a tougher situation (in many ways) than BYU is with independence. And that is saying something!

I predict that we'll see a change at head coach on the hill in 12-24 months. And that will be a shame. Whit is really good at getting his team up for 1-3 tough games per year. He certainly does it for the BYU game. Whit gets that last measure and effort out of his players. He plans and out-strategizes his opponents. But Utah lacks the depth to compete in the PAC-12 on a week-to-week basis.

San Diego, CA

The Moose, other than being in the MWC, when has BYU gone to the same bowl? Third different bowl in 3 years... just sayin'

Cheyenne, WY

Give credit where credit is due.
BYU is 6-2 with the 21st ranked schedule (probably the best record a school from Utah has had against this tough of schedule)
9 out of 12 teams BYU will/ or has played will play in a bowl (10 if you include Utah)
Houston, Texas, and Wisconsin could end up in BCS bowl games this year.
No offense BYU has lost to 2 of the worse opponents this year.
BYU victories (sagarin rankings) Texas-22, GT-33, BSU-38, Houston 40, Utah State 41, MTSU 110
Utah victories Stanford-7, BYU,24, Utah State 40, Weber 211.
BYU losses Virginia-86 Utah 39
Utah losses OSU-34, UCLA 17, USC 31, Arizona 30.
Looking at those rankings BYU has some good victories, and so does Utah.

Mtn Tracker
Ephraim, UT

I saw a shirt the other day that had a tiny little Utah logo in the middle of it with great big Pack 12 across the top. I couldn't help but laugh!! I'm sure New Mexico and Air Force fans are wearing big Mountian West Conference shirts loud and proud too!!! BYU has had Every game on National TV. Their contract with ESPN gives them more than the puke 12 ever could. Face it the only reason Ute fans wear that crap is to taunt BYU fans. Too bad they just make us laugh!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm surprised that so many of my fellow die-hard Ute fans have given up on our team this year. It obvious by the focus and attention to next years schedule before we even finish this year. I'm disappointed in all of you. I still see a bowl game on the horizon for us THIS season!

Go Utes

Ogden, UT

"Pac-12 may get more than its share of bowl berths"

Which really means the conference teams play against lower-level "competition."

Otherwise, they'd knock each other off in conference play.

I can't stand the Pac-12 football; yes, Utah included!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@USN Gary

Yes, and the lowest of the low tier bowl game each year..........jusy stayin

6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 wins sends BYU to the same destination. It is fair? Probably not. Is it true? Absolutely!

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

4 in a row,
No bitterness here! 6-2 already bowl eligible and going bowling!!! Team is playing great and have some great games ahead!!! Must kind of hurt that the team you barely beat is now so far ahead of you in so many ways!!! Love my independence!!!

Go Cougs beat the Badgers!!!

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

"BYU has had Every game on National TV."

SoonerUte: "So do the Utes."

Unless, of course, you have DirecTV, in which case, you can't even get Utah games in SLC.

I've been able to watch every BYU game here in Baltimore, but less than half of Utah's games.

Cheyenne, WY

@scenic view
Or most major cable companies east of the rockies.
Pac-12 Network available in 40 million homes
BYUtv 50 million

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


TCU has the same sort of injury problems that Utah has. Its a depth issue. TCU lost their starting QB and other key starters during the first two weeks. Utah started losing key players early too. The injuries are piling up. BYU helped out with that even though Utah won. You can't ignore that the game had a physical and emotional impact on the Utes.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I have been watching every Utah and BYU game here in Spokane. I have an application (ESPN Familly and PAC 12 Channel)for my I-Pad so I can watch every Utah game, no matter where I go. I can't do the same for BYU games, but who gives a rip? Have we reduced our selfs to argueing over TV access? Pretty sad.

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