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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 5:15 p.m. MDT

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Alpine, UT

All this talk of loyalty is silliness. It just really doesn't exist anymore in todays NBA.

These players have a relative short window to earn a lifetime of income and regardless of where we all are in life not to many of us walk away from money that you can get if you are doing the same work either way.

Stop acting like the NBA is some liberal utopian fantasy. These guys are here to earn all they can while they can because most of them are done in their mid-to late 30's.

It is pure naivete' to ask Hayward to take less than the market is willing to pay him. There is little doubt given the obscene money that similar type players are getting/already have gotten that he won't get a deal either from us/another team that people deem too much. The market dictates.

I would not be surprised to see the Jazz wait to see what free agency offers he gets.

Hayward is NOT going to put up obscene stats this year. He is going to struggle because this team is inexperienced and bad.

Try and sell that for a "max" deal Hayward.

Norman, OK

The Spurs find guys with Hayward's skill set at a fraction of the price he is searching for. Danny Green is not a franchise guy but is a "D" and "3" guy. He makes $4 million/year. Perfect complimentary piece type of player that is needed on a championship team. Which I think Hayward would be. If we got one of the studs coming out of the upcoming draft as the franchise guy, and then had Favors and Hayward locked up long term at reasonable prices the Jazz could make some major noise.

South Jordan, UT

ThomasJefferson: You don't get it, do you. Why do you think LeBron left Cleveland? Because he wasn't doing his job ? Because he wasn't trying as hard as he could to win a championship? Or was it because he could see that Cleveland was not committed to winning a championship? Same is true for Chris Paul and many other free agents.

Money (including endorsement opportunities) is almost always the first consideration. But when they have two fairly balanced offers between a team with a winning tradition vs a team with a losing tradition, they will go with the winners almost every time.

Sure, there are some secondary considerations such as:
- Playing time (who already plays their position on those teams)
- Location
- Arena or travel conditions
- etc

But the chance to win is second to money in almost every case.

Please tell me you recognize that and were just being facetious in your comments.

South Jordan, UT

A losing culture also means articles published with relatively few post on the message boards. If you use the message boards as a metric, Jazz fans are much more excited about Fredette's activity in Sacramento and Davies in Philadelphia than they are about the home team. Routinely I see Jazz articles with half a dozen or fewer comments while these spurious NBA articles about home town heroes have dozens of comments.

That, my friends, is an indication of a losing culture.

Tokyo, Japan

I dont think its fair to Hayward....that he is at fault here...i think its his agent that wanted the bigger deal....this is why i dont really like sports agents....they feed useless things inside their players heads...

Tokyo, Japan

To be honest...the only thing that makes Hayward valuable...is that...there is a scarcity in SG/SF position in the league...that plays both ends of the floor...i am pretty sure a few GMs are lining up...for the possibility of acquiring Hayward...who'll i think we'll be a good 2nd or third option on a team with a legit scoring star...but i don't think Hayward is involved with the negotiations...and he let his Agent do the talking...which is technically fine...because that's what an agent is supposed to do....but...he should have reached out to his agent and said...look...i want to be in this team...and whatever they offer....i'll take it...anyways...if we don't get him...and we land the Number 1 or 2 pick on the draft...i don't think it'll be an issue...we would get either Wiggins or Parker...Burks would be the starting 2....

Ivins, UT

Ladies and gents, I have read my comments and your opposing views and I do feel many of you do make a stronger argument that I do about Haywards deal. I think it is too much in this day and age to expect players to be loyal to a team, and especially a small market team when other teams can offer more incentives. I guess Stockton and Malone spoiled me by making me think great players will stay with the team that drafted them if you treat them fairly. ( I know Malone left his last year but his playing days were really over and with Stockton retiring I didn't blame Karl for going to Hollywood for his last year). Anyway, kudos to you all and I hope the best for the Jazz and Hayward what ever direction they go. As far as who should be loyal to the Jazz, I'll remain loyal to them thick or thin but unfortunately I can't dunk the ball or hit a high percentage from the arc.

Richfield, UT

Everyone is jumping the gun on this loyalty stuff, wait until the deadline is over. By the way I didn't hear much about lack of loyalty when Paul Milsap accepted a front loaded contract with Portland which was totally designed to keep the Jazz from being able to match.

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