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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 4:30 p.m. MDT

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Portland, OR

@DaveKnowsWhatsUp: If BYU had to earn a bowl, they would also have plenty of time off at the end of the year. I see you just landed the 2015 Poinsettia Bowl! You must have had a great season back in 2015, to earn that post-season position - oh wait, this is only 2013 ... you mean post-season games aren't about who is best, but only who can fill a stadium? Oh, now we all know what's up.

Syracuse, UT

After reading the negative posts of Utah haters, it's very apparent that some cougar "fans" would rather see Utah struggle rather than see their own team win. What other explanation is there for their continued negativity on Utah articles? Unless you are Notre Dame, after your first loss, the season is over. Is it then jealousy takes over and your focus shifts to Utah?

The PAC-12 is a very strong league, rated second best in the country. Utah is getting faster, stronger and deeper but they still have a ways to go. Will they get there, yes. Even a USC team with several injuries(Utah has several key injuries too) is stronger than most teams in the country. They only recruit the cream of the crop across the country. Any knowledgeable sports fan knows that USC always has a top five recruiting class.

To address a previous comment regarding byu being brought up continually, the only Utah fan bringing up byu is Chris B. All other comments are in response to negative byu posts.

Go Utes

Vancouver, WA

Say what you want about Utah beating BYU but in the end BYU is the better team. Andy Roddick once lost in the first round of the US Open 1 year after winning it all. An undefeated Patriots lost in the Super Bowl to 6 loss Giants team. Heck, the Jazz beat the Heat last year. Is Eastern Washington better than Oregon State because they beat them? If so..then they should be playing Oregon for the PAC-12 Championship. Point is upsets happen. What matters are the Final Standings. Heat lost to the Jazz last year but were named NBA champions. BYU lost to Utah but will finish in the nations Top 25 and go bowling for the 9th straight year. Utah may have gotten a few lucky wins but the end result shows true blood. Bottom of the Pac and no bowl game. I'll send a postcard from SF in December.

Syracuse, UT


"Say what you want about Utah beating BYU but in the end BYU is the better team."

LOL If byu was the better team then they wouldn't have lost four straight and nine of 12 head to head games. Utah is a better team playing a tougher schedule. Check recruiting scores. Check number of NFL players from each program (Utes have almost 4 times more NFL players).

Congratulations on your 9th straight bowl game coming up. Utah had nine in row and has played nine out of the last ten years, winning eight (including two BCS bowl games).

Top 25 finishes? Again, look at the last two years schedules. If you would rather play a soft schedule and win more games, thus receiving more votes, you are cheering for the right program. If you want to play in a power conference and have a tougher time making a bowl game, cheer for the Utes. Although frustrating, I'd much rather be playing in the PAC-12.

Save your postcard, the Kraft Fights Hunger bowl isn't anything to brag about.

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

We see just how big of a difference there is between WAC teams like byu and usu and the Pac 12.

Utah owns byu and Utah owns usu. byu and usu then like to beat their chests about beating up on a bunch of nobodies.

If byu and usu can't beat Utah, and Utah struggles in the Pac 12, I truly wonder if byu/usu would win a single Pac 12 game.

After all, they can't beat Utah. So who would they beat?

I'd take Colorado probably over them.

Cheyenne, WY

Well according to the experts Sagarin, Coaches, AP.
BYU would be ranked 6th in the Pac-12
The experts have Utah at 10th, right where they are.
Maybe the experts are right.
lol too easy.

Salt Lake City , UT

Chris B,

Utah is better than BYU and USU? But still the PAC 12th door mat. Bo Didly tech even for 3rd string USC.

Salt Lake City , UT

Chris B,
@Chris B
Forget about inviting BYU to Pac-12.
IMAGINE Utah going independent and having a schedule like
BYU. Not even in your dreams can Utah do what BYU is doing as independent. The only games you will get is Stevens Henager and Eagle gate college if you were to go independent and the only media contract you will get is Deseret news.

BYU has been way successful than what Utah has done in PAC-12. It doesn't matter if you are in BCS bowl if you cant' even win games. Utah is so irrelevant in PAC-12 that most of national viewer still refer PAC-12 as PAC-10.

Salt Lake City , UT

Success of BYU is not based in Utah game where as I can't say same thing other way around. This is my opinion based on Utah fans bragging comments

Layton, Utah

so you're spelling my username correctly then I guess? whatever. The Utes can stay in the PAc basement and if that makes you happy then I'm happy too. You must know the future since you think Byu won't ever be affiliated with a conference ever again. Like nothing will ever change in College football ever again.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Cheyenne, WY

Well according to the experts Sagarin, Coaches, AP.
BYU would be ranked 6th in the Pac-12
The experts have Utah at 10th, right where they are.
Maybe the experts are right.
lol too easy.


Against Big 5 teams you are 2-2, those teams have a combined record of 16-15.

For a comparison, in our first 4 games we were 1-3, a combined record of 23-7.

See the difference? I am sure you don't.

Highland, UT


Currently BYU has a 6-2 record with an SOS of 21 whereas utah has a 4-4 record with an sos of 5. Now you seem to believe the utah's sos of 5 is legit and want to use it as part of your excuse for their lackluster 4-4 record. But if that is true then you have to also believe that BYU's 21st ranked sos is also legit and that a 6-2 record against that highly ranked sos is pretty good.

On the other hand I did look at last years sos and found utah's to be ranked 41st, substantially lower than the 21st BYU currently has. Yet utah only put up a 5-7 record against the mid tier 41st ranked schedule whereas BYU has put up a 6-2 record against the upper tier 21st ranked schedule.

So please use your utah "fan" "logic" and tell us why utah's 41st ranked sos and inferior record is somehow superior to BYU's 21st ranked schedule and superior record?

I'll take any logical explanation with respect.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


LOL at the disjointed comparisons you have to invent so you can sleep at night.

BYU is 6-2 versus FBS teams; Utah is only 3-4.


Against BCS teams, Bronco is 15-15 (50%); Kyle is 21-20 (51%)

Against PAC teams, Bronco is 9-8 (53%); Kyle is 12-18 (40%)

Despite your frantic and emotional spin, it's quite obvious which coach has been more successful against PAC teams.

In the USA Today, CBS Sports, Sagarin, and BCS rankings,

BYU's average ranking is: 26.75
Utah's average ranking is: 47.25

See the difference? I am sure you don't.

Salt Lake City, UT


When the overall results don't fit your crimson-colored vision of reality, dive into the minutia and pretend that individual details are really what it's all about.

No wonder the Utes have only won six conference titles in the last half century, and only have six double-digit win seasons and five AP Top 25 finishes in their entire history. In order to achieve those lofty achievements, you actually have to have sustained success over an entire season, not for just a couple of games against a carefully defined subset of teams.

Baltimore, MD


"Against Big 5 teams you are 2-2, those teams have a combined record of 16-15.

For a comparison, in our first 4 games we were 1-3, a combined record of 23-7."

It's hilarious how you cherry pick your stats and still end up comparing apples to oranges.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Sorry, but when you dictate what days you will and will not play, a major conference won't take you. I could see them joining a conference again, but it would be more like the WAC (WCC in basketball). No BCS conference is going to entertain their demands. Look on the bright side though, I spelled your name right! Take Care.

Cheyenne, WY

@ uteology
Do you get paid to analyze football?
the pollsters do.
BYU lost to two of the 4 worst teams they have played.
I am going to stick with the experts not fans.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Spokane Ute
I respect your comments but BYU needs a little respect
They could have taken money and played on Sundays.
They probably will have an opportunity again.
But they stand by what they believe and that garners respect.

Cheyenne, WY

I do see the difference 1 more win for the Y in the BIG 5
and the two lossed to the two worst of the Big 5 teams

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

Tom in Ca,
You hit the nail directly on the head. Utah's recruiting will tank next year and they will have to rely on their 12 star players to get their 4 wins. BYU, however will be able to pick up some good players in southern California as they WILL be bowling n the area. Plus the kids can play on NATIONAL TV every week and not some hard-to-find network in the pac.

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