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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 4:30 p.m. MDT

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Great Match Up. This will be BYU toughest game to date. A win would put them in the top 25. (IMO) Looking forward to it. Also, Wisconsin got totally jobbed at Arizona State, the refs took that game from them.

Cheyenne, WY

Thanks Spokane Ute.
I hope the Utes get at least two more so they can go to a bowl and improve over last year.

Unreconstructed Reb
Chantilly, VA

Good grief, Chris B.

At some point the sheer volume of your posts drowns out anything substantive you have to say and positively screams desperation.

West Jordan, UT

Cougar fans,
Why do you guys even respond to Chris B? Judging by the maturity level shown in his posts, not to mention his grammar, he is probably a 15 year old kid with a smartphone who should be paying more attention in class. And yet every third comment by a BYU fan is in response to his senseless drivel. He is a troll. Ignore him!

West Point , UT

"A win would put them in the top 25. (IMO) Looking forward to it."

Always classy, thank you. I agree Wisconsin will be the toughest matchup and Camp Randell is always a difficult place to win. BYU will have to play their best all-around game of the year. Good luck to the Utes...hopefully they can heal up during the off week as well. Should be tough games on the 9th, ASU will be a tough one for Utah as well. Hope Wilson's finger gets better so he can play the way he's capable against them.

Enid, OK

@ Chris B - Salt Lake City, UT - "Pavalova, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech are all ranked higher than Texas. Texas is at best the fourth best team in the Big 12. Fresno is the top team in the MWC, and byu did not beat them. But don't let facts stop you."

Chris B -

And yet you guys on the hill still managed to get beat by a USC team playing their 2nd and 3rd stringers.

Nice job....

(BTW, FWIH, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are all ranked in the top 19 of the BCS standings.)

West Point , UT

A simple fact check gives us the Big 12 standings. Texas and Baylor sit ON TOP of the Big 12...not 4th, but 1st. If someone said Baylor is better than Texas I would actually give that some credence. Someone's confused, especially when listing a team Texas already manhandled as being better than the Longhorns.

Entertaining as always, Chris. LOL!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Oklahoma is ranked higher than Texas. Doesn't that mean they're better?

Or are you agreeing Utah is better than byu since we beat you, even if the rankings don't agree with that?

Flip Flop!


Which is it byU fans?

Texas is at best the fourth best team in the Big 12 according to the experts.

But hey, you guys probably know more than them huh?


Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B
So the experts are right in saying BYU is better than Utah?



Cedar Hills, UT

wins on the road against Wisconsin and ND would really open some eyes for the Y.No easy task for sure but these BIG 10 schools actually match better for the Y than schools with speed like Florida State."

This is exactly right. There are a couple of types of speed and it seems Florida St., Clemson, Oregon, and LSU type of "speed" is a real problem for BYU whereas B1G and Big 12 is more manageable.


"dallas realist

rockwall, texas

Think how good the MTN West would be if TCU UTAH and BYU would have stayed. What could have been.. .

Now Utah and TCU are Bottom dwellers and BYU is playing for nothing every week."

All three schools are far better off financially than they would have ever been in the MWC under any postseason scenario. Furthermore, while BYU's bowl ties haven't been as appealing, the exposure they get now is basically the best. I don't see how any one of the three loses.


Chris, Utah won the heads up game and has won the last four. There's no use trying to debate that BYU is the better team though given how things are going now I don't understand how BYU lost both of the games they did.

I think that's where you're going with the Texas example as honestly, Texas is probably the best team in the Big 12 right now. Baylor's No.'s are inflated by who they've played and their defense is awful. They'll lose 2-3 games when it's all said and done. Should I say mark my words?

West Point , UT

Chris B:
We're talking about the Big 12 conference. Please look at the standings. Until these so-called better teams actually de-seat Texas from their #1 standing in their conference, your statement means nothing. I know this is difficult for you to understand because your beloved utes are never in that position in their conference.

Texas lost twice which keeps them from being ranked higher than the teams you think are better. In a conference that's how it works...you beat said teams, you win the conference. I'm sorry that Utah can't beat the teams in their conference and are 1-4, but that doesn't change the fact that Texas is 4-0 in conference which is tied for first place. Trying to compare that with Utah's situation vs BYU is an epic fail...Texas is 5-2, 4-0...Utah is 4-4, 1-4. Obviously the experts see that BYUs loss to Utah was similar to their loss to UVA. They obviously see that BYU is better than both Utah and UVA but didn't play well in those games...all based on what BYU has accomplished and Utah/UVA have not since playing each other.

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

So Utah is obviously better than byu since we beat you(again) if byu fans reasoning is that Texas is better than Oklahoma since Texas beat them?

Didn't see that logic coming back to bite you guys huh?

Too easy.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Baylor are all better than Texas.

Texas is at very best fourth best team in the Big 12.

Utah has a top 10 win this year.

Does byU?

Utah's worst loss is to a team that will go bowling.

byu's worst loss Virginia. And guess how many Division 1 wins Virginia has this year?

ONE(just byU)


Ball state beat Virginia

Duke beat Virginia

byu did NOT.


West Point , UT

"Texas is better than Oklahoma since Texas beat them?

Didn't see that logic coming back to bite you guys huh?"

What logic? Texas might be better than Oklahoma, that remains to be seen depending on how well they do the rest of the season...Oklahoma may win the Big 12, we don't know. See, Texas has only 2 losses, Oklahoma has only 1. Who's the better team will be determined throughout the season. According to you Oklahoma is better but we all know how your predictions go...maybe 30% accuracy.

On the other hand, BYU is 6-2 and getting better every week, while Utah is 4-4, 1-4 in conference and getting whipped by delapidated teams like USC. That's the difference and where your logic fails. BYU fans have said all along that it's where you end the season, not one game. Texas and Oklahoma are similar right now in record and both playing well. BYU and Utah are NOT similar and moving in opposite directions. Comparing Texas/Oklahoma with BYU/Utah is apples and oranges considering those teams' circumstances. Claiming Oklahoma is better than Texas is what is illogical.

Cheyenne, WY

Haha. They aren't using that logic silly it just proves Texas is a good team.
Too easy. LOL you are the one who agrees with experts so BYU is better than Utah according to them.lol
Too easy.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Woudlnt it be nice if byu and Utah could meet on the field to determine who the better team was?

Oh wait, they did!

Winning team: Utah
Losing team: byu

Second 4-0 sweep for Utah over byU in the last 15 years.

Guess how many 4-0 sweeps byU has over Utah in the last 15 years?


Cheyenne, WY

I think everyone admits that Utah was the better team on September 21st.
Now it MAY different. But the experts sure think so.

Salt Lake City , UT

@Chris B

According to you Texas Tech , Oklahoma, Oklahoma are better than Texas because they are ranked higher than Texas even though Oklahoma lost against Texas. So, based on your logic BYU is better than Utah because BYU is ranked higher even though they lost against Utah.

Is that what you are trying to say? Thanks for supporting the fact that BYU is best in the state as of right now.

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