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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 4:30 p.m. MDT

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Cinci Man

The game last Friday was one that I enjoyed more than any game in last few years. BYU put on a complete game with excellent effort and 'execution'. Anae finally discovered that there are tight ends on the field. BYU is getting better as the season rolls along, I hope. But the next game couldn't be more important for the national discussion. If BYU wins, they'll be spoken of very favorable. If not, then Wisconsin will be the talk. Wouldn't it be great if BYU could become a topic of great conversation in two weeks? I wish the Cougars well. If I say 'please' in caps, the moderators will not allow my post. So, may I say very quetly (so as not to offend desnews), pleeeeez have a great game. shhhh.

San Diego, CA

Funny, I haven't seen the key to the game mentioned yet: O lines. If Wisconsin's O line beats our D line, it's a tough day for us. And the reverse is probably more important: if our O line can protect Taysom and open holes, we'll be fine, even if Wisconsin scores, since we can score faster. With the Big 10's rep as a bruiser, 3 yards and a cloud of dust conference, it could go either way, but my heart is with the Cougs. Wish the Utes and VA had more wins to make our losses there more respectable.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Chris B

BETTER team according to:

AP - #28 BYU BETTER than Utah with no votes

Coaches - #30 BYU BETTER than Utah with no votes

BCS - #28 BYU BETTER than #45 Utah

Sagarin - #24 BYU BETTER than #39 Utah

Composite(100+ rankings) - #16 BYU BETTER than #41 Utah

Sorry to burst your crimson bubble, but obviously, the spin from the hill isn't reaching beyond the Salt Lake valley.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech are all ranked higher than Texas.

Texas is at best the fourth best team in the Big 12.

Fresno is the top team in the MWC, and byu did not beat them.

But don't let facts stop you.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B.
Not talk last decade lets talk last 2 1/2 seasons.
2004 and 2008 are irrelevant.
Stanford win though good is also irrelevant if you don't do anything with the season.
Ole Miss beat #7 LSU (Ole Miss is going to a bowl game)
Truth is Utah is becoming much more irrelevant than when they were in the MWC (and I cheer for the utes just being honest)
According to rankings BYU lost to two out of the 4 worst teams they have played (utes included in that)
ESPN fridays announcers said BYU looks like the old BYU and have passed up Boise.
Claim all you want BYU is relevant as the top mid-major
Utah is not.
And Chris you keep quoting Williams but he chose BYU over offers from Utah and Oregon.
I would give that quote a rest.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


What does "not talk last decade" mean?

2004 and 2008 are irrelevant, except for people who care about top 5 undefeated seasons and big time bowl games.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Jamaal Williams wasn't offered by Oregon.


Keep making things up though.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"Claim all you want BYU is relevant as the top mid-major
Utah is not"


You're right. Because Utah isn't a mid-major.

We're in the Pac 12, the second best conference in all of football.

LOL mid-major fan

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

Just for fun, IF BYU wins out ( big if ) what will be their final ranking ?

Provo, UT

Amazing that the Y is only a couple of plays away from being undefeated. The reason the Y is not ranked now is because of that INT at Virginia. Looking at it now that was one UGLY loss.
Otherwise BYU would be in the top 20.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B.
Your right he was getting letters from oregon.
Utah is the 10th place team. You hear that 10th place out of 12 teams lol.
Washington State has a better conference record lol.
Vanderbilt has the same conference record in the SEC (how you are the vandy of the Pac-12 they upset a top 15 team) lol
When was Utah last ranked 2010 before getting blown up at Notre Dame. BYU took a team that went to the National title game to 17-14 last year.
BYU is going to be on network television twice.
Utah has been relegated to the Pac-12 network (whole lotta nobody sees that east of the rockies)
Claim relevance just like vandy, rutgers, kansas and kentucky do. Be careful Cal and Colorador are one game behind.
Relevance lol

Cheyenne, WY

Ok if it is about top 5 finishes. Utah has 2 BYU has 2.
Question when Utah is on National TV do they talk about Utah's legacy?
National Title?
They talk about a mid-major who won two BCS bowls.

Cheyenne, WY

Utah #4 SOS schedule
BYU # 21
4 teams in the top 20 have a tougher schedule.
Differende between the two
BYU 6-2
Utah 4-4

St George, Utah

Chris B.

Not only did you completely avoid any points I made in my comment but you continue to embarrass yourself. WHY? NOBODY cares about Utah's flash in the pan success, and NOBODY cares that you have won 4 straight over a team you claim is irrelevant. Your arguments are baseless and just make you look incompetent. Over Utah's 4-0 sweep, BYU has had the better overall record 2 of the 3 seasons completed, not to mention BYU has gone to and won bowl games in each of those last 3.

And 2008 was a looooong time ago bud. Since 2008 Alabama has won 3 National Championships. Your Utes haven't even won a conference championship. Utah has a losing record against PAC-12 opponents and has yet to win a conference road game against a team with a winning record.

And Williams picked BYU over your Utes so what does that tell you?

Seriously... You need a new hobby dude.

Cheyenne, WY

Hey you know vanderbilt is 4-4 now.
Just glanced through the sagarin rankings
any idea who the first team is that is ranked that has a record of 6-2 and an SOS of 30 (BYU 21)
Texas A&M
BYU is in some fine company there.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

Chris B
Anyone can make stats support their argument Example :

Byu is 20-15 in the last 35 meetings against Utah

see how easy that is ? that stat means nothing to anyone.

kinda like your stats

here are some more

BYU has 18 top 25 finishes
Utah has 7 top 25 finishes

BYU has 3 top 10 finishes
Utah has 3 top 10 finishes

BYU has 13 bowl wins
Utah has 12 bowl wins

Cheyenne, WY

By the way last time the pac-12 won a title a disputed 2004 title.
In fact they have only won 4 since 1984
And basketball
1 in twenty years.
Conference of Champions in Chess and Diving.

Cheyenne, WY

How many times has Utah taken recruits that were offered by USC?
BYU has done it twice this year.

Cheyenne, WY

How many NCAA tournaments have the Utes made in the last decade?

Cheyenne, WY

Give credit where credit is due.
BYU is 6-2 with the 21st ranked schedule (probably the best record a school from Utah has had against this tough of schedule)
9 out of 12 teams BYU will/ or has played will play in a bowl (10 if you include Utah)
Houston, Texas, and Wisconsin could end up in BCS bowl games this year.
No offense BYU has lost to 2 of the worse opponents this year.
BYU victories (sagarin rankings) Texas-22, GT-33, BSU-38, Houston 40, Utah State 41, MTSU 110
Utah victories Stanford-7, BYU,24, Utah State 40, Weber 211.
BYU losses Virginia-86 Utah 39
Utah losses OSU-34, UCLA 17, USC 31, Arizona 30.
Looking at those rankings BYU has some good victories, and so does Utah.

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