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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 4:30 p.m. MDT

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Baltimore, MD

Chris B

Nice try, but doubtful - BYU has a bye this week.

btw, is Utah even capable of executing anymore with the dumpster fire that the Utes now have at quarterback?

Since the BYU-Utah game (last 5 games):

Taysom - 106-162, 1455 yds (65.4%), 11 TD, 5 int, 157.11 rating; 440 rushing, 4 TD
Travis - 77-136, 861 yds, (56.6%), 7 TD, 11 int, 110.61 rating, 98 rushing, 0 TD

Cheyenne, WY

On saturday night Bronce will be at home with his family.
Mark it down.

Plano, TX

This Cougar team lets up when they get ahead. Badly. Reference the 3rd quarter against BSU. (Good win though). That will cost them games at Wisc and ND, then they win out at Nevada. Wisconsin by 17, Notre Dame by 5, BYU over Nevada by 28. KVN leaves college by winning out in his hometown.

Plano, TX

I would love to see BYU up against Utah in a bowl game for 2 reasons. One, that Utah gets its mojo back enough to get bowl eligible. Two, there is zero chance they lose to Utah in a bowl game, and the seniors leave with a win against Utah.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

Think how good the MTN West would be if TCU UTAH and BYU would have stayed. What could have been.. .

Now Utah and TCU are Bottom dwellers and BYU is playing for nothing every week.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Christy B:

USC 19, Utes 3. How does your team execute any worse? By not getting bowl eligible. Enjoy your bowling lanes.

Marysville, WA

"We need to step on the neck of our opponenets [sic] when we have them down; all great programs do."

As much as I would like to see this too, I think Bronco plays it just right. As an independent, you have to schedule quality programs, and you want nothing less than one-for-one games: They have to come to LES. If you gain a reputation for embarrassing teams by running up the score, they won't want to play you in the future. BSU's coach was questioning the long series with the Cougs after this past game, and the score was still respectable. The long game is be gracious to your guests so they will agree to come back after you beat them. Beat them by enough to be convincing, but don't embarrass them.

Unless it's Utah. ;-)

Cheyenne, WY

This just in BYU Wisconsin on either ABC or ESPN.

Baltimore, MD

Chris B

Taysom is 3-2 versus BCS teams this year; Travis is 1-4.

Taysom is 6-2 versus FBS teams; Travis is only 3-4.

Taysom's team is ranked just out of the Top 25.
Travis's team isn't even close.

Playing the 21st ranked schedule, Taysom has beaten THREE teams that the Utes have never beaten.

It's blatantly obvious that Taysom is vastly improved since the beginning of the season, while Travis has gotten so bad he'd be replaced, if the Utes had a quality backup to replace him.

Plano, TX

"When was the last time byu went 4-0 against Utah?"

4 different spans between 1972 and 1992. (6, 9, and 4 straight runs) Utah won two games in that 20 year period. From 93 to present, Utah is up 14-7 overall and has twice won 4 in a row.

That will swing back to the Y's favor next fall.

Happy Days are here again !

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Look to hear this phrase out of Bronco come Saturday night:
"We didn't execute"

Listen to Whit and Wilson after the USC game. It's what coaches say...

Cheyenne, WY

Congrats on the sweep chris.
I am sure we will hear that plenty in December
When BYU is still playing.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Chris B

Unlike U, BYU's entire season doesn't hinge on one game.

Remind us how many national player of the week awards Travis has won this year.

Taysom is obviously the better quarterback and BYU is obviously the better team at this point in the season, and as usual, BYU will finish the season with a better record and higher ranking than Utah.

West Valley, UT

Last time BYU had a bye week they did not perform well when they had to play. Go Anderson and the Bagers.

St George, Utah

Chris B

Dude give it a rest...
If beating BYU is all that matters to you, you can have it!
Honestly, this rivalry should be put to an end. Utah is nothing more than a regional opponent who lives and dies by beating a team that has overshadowed them for almost 50 years. We have much more to gain in scheduling National opponents and letting those develop into rivalries over time. And honestly, all the rivalry does is bring out the worst in both fanbases. Enough is enough. Time for both programs to go their separate ways.. BYU will continue to improve and find success in Independence, and Utah will diminish with it's PAC-12 membership.

And seriously, it is so sad that you waste SO MUCH of your time and energy on BYU football comment boards. At the end of the day, you have nothing more than your 4-0 screen names and PAC-12 stickers.Try making some room in your heart and day for something other than hatred.

Surfers Paradise, AU

BYU has beaten the top team in the American, Big12, and MWC. They are also one catch/one first down from being a 1 loss team. The U did own BYU in Sep. Not bad for this point in the season. Keep it going in two weeks.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Should be an easy win with how good we are.

Salt Lake City, UT

"And yet Taysom will end his byu career WINLESS against Utah."

Yes I am sure that going 0-1 against Utah will not make up for his victories against Texas, Boise St., Georgia Tech and Houston.... NOT!

Let me give my friend Chris a little bit of insight. For every BYU fan that I know, beating Utah is not at the top of our list of priorities. Yes we want to win but it does not define our season.

I would much rather be 6-2 with a loss to Utah than 4-4 with a victory over Utah. That in a nutshell is the difference between the two fan bases.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Chris B

I noticed you've completely given up comparing stats for Taysom and Travis, since Taysom has dominated Travis for 5 straight games.

Enid, OK

Article quote: "Danny’s (Sorensen) the best safety that’s played at BYU, in my opinion,” Bills said.

Nice try, but no dice.

The best Free Safety BYU ever had?

Kyle Morrel, clas of 1984:

- 4 yr letterman
- 3 yr starter (sophomore, junior, senior)
- Defensive Captain as a senior
- All-American as a senior
- NFL 4th round draftee (back when they had 12 rounds...that's like a round 2-3 today)

For those die-hard BYU fans, yes, HE'S the guy that made the mid-air/pre-snap/behind the back tackle on Hawaii's Raphael Cherry that helped preserve BYU's perfect season the year we won the National Championship (1984).

Now THAT guy was an absolute beast!

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