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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 4:30 p.m. MDT

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River Falls, WI

Can't wait. I'm so conflicted as a current Badger but die-hard Cougar... win-win but I'll still be routing for the Cougars.

Farmington, UT

I'm hoping you meant "rooting" for the Cougars. The Badgers are the ones I hope get "routed."

River Falls, WI

touche. It'll be a good one.

Saint George, UT

A week off? They're going to need it. No offense meant.

west jordan , UT

Glad that BYU will have a chance to heal up for the next game. Could not have asked for a better time to have a bye week.
Hope that BYU can win the next two if not win out the rest of the season, it has been a blast.
I do think next year will be a special year for BYU, that this year is the stepping stone for a great year.

Roy, UT

Y has won 5 in a row & w over Texas, should b ranked, guess they'll have to beat Wisconsin, and ND to force voters to put them in.

Cedar Hills, UT

wins on the road against Wisconsin and ND would really open some eyes for the Y.No easy task for sure but these BIG 10 schools actually match better for the Y than schools with speed like Florida State.

Frisco, TX

It'll be interesting to see where the odds makers put this one. I'd give the Badgers a slight edge but only because they have home field. I think the Cougs have a real chance of winning, which I wouldn't have said a month ago.

Wisconsin's strength is their smash mouth running game, but BYU's front seven should be able to slow them down. On the other side of the ball, will the Badgers be able slow the Cougs high powered offense with a perfect blend of run and pass?

A win in Wisconsin would be sweet, and I think it's a real possibility!

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU, Wisconsin and Notre Dame are fairly close to one another in performance this year. The outcome will largely be a matter of will. As technical and strategic a game as football is, the will to prepare and the will to perform at 100% with belief in a positive outcome is a huge factor in big contests. Gary Anderson will have his troops up for this game, there will be no relaxing by Wisconsin. The question is, and the outcome will depend on, the will and effort BYU brings to the game. BYU needs to play its best games the next two contests.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

You know I'm driving down to Camp Randall for this game - can't wait! This is definitely the toughest game remaining on BYU's schedule. I suspect the Badgers will be around a 7 pt favorite. BYU must get Sorenson back and healthy to have a shot at winning - we just don't have enough depth in the secondary to contain Wisconsin's run game without him.

Having said all that, I think the Cougars drop a close one here but will win the rest of their games to finish 9-3 and then add a bowl victory for win #10. The Virginia loss is a tough one but what can you do.

Highland, UT

I'd feel a little more confident about this one if Wisconsin didn't have a bye as well to get ready for us. Playing against our 100+ play offense is a difficult task, but having two weeks to get ready makes that task easier. I am very very impressed with the play of Taysom Hill. This kid is very good and going to be great. I wish Anae, was not so concervative with a lead. We need to step on the neck of our opponenets when we have them down; all great programs do. A few more runs off of tackle instead of plunging up the middle would even be a welcome change. And just for the heck of it, I could diagram a WR screen and send it in, or better yet, just watch Oregon.

Mission Viejo, CA

I'll take BYU and the points.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Wisconsin doesn't have a bye this week; the Badgers play Iowa on Saturday.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Look to hear this phrase out of Bronco come Saturday night:

"We didn't execute"

Cheyenne, WY

Give credit where credit is due.
BYU is 6-2 with the 21st ranked schedule (probably the best record a school from Utah has had against this tough of schedule)
9 out of 12 teams BYU will/ or has played will play in a bowl (10 if you include Utah)
Houston, Texas, and Wisconsin could end up in BCS bowl games this year.
No offense BYU has lost to 2 of the worse opponents this year.
BYU victories (sagarin rankings) Texas-22, GT-33, BSU-38, Houston 40, Utah State 41, MTSU 110
Utah victories Stanford-7, BYU,24, Utah State 40, Weber 211.
BYU losses Virginia-86 Utah 39
Utah losses OSU-34, UCLA 17, USC 31, Arizona 30.
Looking at those rankings BYU has some good victories, and so does Utah.

Orem, UT

@Chris B

It would be extremely difficult to un-execute worse than the Utes on Saturday against the USC 3rd stringers and Sports Information interns in uniform.

St George, Utah

Chris B.

"We didn't execute" would be a good excuse for the Utes 19-3 loss, if USC wasn't playing their 3rd and 4th stringers as you so boldly pointed out. That Div. South title sure is a tight race! Too bad the Utes won't ever be in it.
It appears the Utes priorities aren't much different than yours. Beating BYU is everything.
I always enjoy your predictions btw, especially cause they are wrong 98% of the time...

Las Vegas, NV

Poor Krissy :( Must be difficult to have nothing bad to say, only a fictitious qoute from the future. We feel for ya bud! Its getting harder and harder to put down the mighty Cougs that you hate so much.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Chris B,
How did your Utes do in the execution area this last weekend? 1-4 in conference, hope you can get a refund for your tics to the PAC12 Championship game and The Rose Bowl!!! Gotta hurt to see BYU already bowl eligible and accept a bowl invite!!! Love my Independence!!!

Go Cougs beat the Badgers!!!

Lindon, UT

At the beginning of the season, I had Wisc. penciled in as a loss and am afraid I haven't changed my mind. I do think it will be a lot closer than I once though. Love to be wrong, however. One of the things in BYU's favor with these big name teams is they tend to overlook our defense-- look at Texas. There's no way Gary Anderson lets that happen for this game. Hopefully, our tough run D stuffs them and our offense can keep them spread out. Wisc. isn't known for passing but I could see Anderson adding at least more mid-range passing with a follow up run. I'll be cheering like crazy but not counting any chicken just yet.

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