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Published: Saturday, Oct. 26 2013 5:10 p.m. MDT

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Saratoga Springs, UT

Very sad. Playing an injured QB. Sounds like what BYU went through last year with Riley Nelson playing with brusied rib, broken back and who knows what else.

Hopefully the bye week will give him time to heal up.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

didn't someone mark it down?

West Point , UT

I think the cushion on Kyle Whittinghams seat is officially getting very hot. I like Whit but he has not proven an ability to handle the big lights and flash of the PAC12.

West Jordan, UT


KW is safe this year because he beat BYU again. That is all that matters to a large portion of the Utah fanbase. It is the next two years when the rivalry takes a hiatus that KW could be in jeopardy is he cant turn things around in Pac-12 play.

West Jordan, Utah

This season is a huge letdown. All four losses have been painful because either Utah should have won or they lost largely as a result of Travis Wilson's hand situation.

Utah is a way better football team than their record shows. The injuries overall and Travis Wilson's struggles have crushed Utah's season the last two weeks. It's too bad. Wilson has the ability but it seems it's not meant to be for him this year.

The defense did everything needed to win and the offense was beyond horrible. The only reason USC scored the 19 points they did was because the offense handed those points over and Utah was -4 in the turnover margin.

What does Whitt do? What can he do? I don't think Conner Manning's redshirt should be pulled. Adam Shultz is who he is (limited). And I doubt Wilson will recover this year.

Another blown season.

Utah blew their first two years in the PAC by gambling on Wynn's shoulder while offensive talent was wasted. Now they have playmakers and a QB, but Wilson is shot and the too many playmakers are out for the year. It really stinks.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Too bad for Utah. They missed anothER opportunity to show why they are not the doormat of the PAC 12. As I said earlier BYU was their bowl game.

Vancouver, WA

The Utes may have won the first leg but BYU is winning the marathon. Don't worry Chris B we'll send you a postcard from San Fransisco.

AZ Cougar
Gilbert, AZ


It has nothing to do with an injured QB. Now that Utah is in the Pac12, all their recruits are 5-star, blue chip players. And all their new Pac12 revenue gives them a huge edge in training facilities and player development. So their backup QB is WAY better than anyone backing up Riley Nelson.

Utah's problem is they are so great now, they can't get motivated for any game unless it's a top ten opponent like Stanford, or their annual bowl game against BYU.

Tooele, UT

When Utah beat Stanford two weeks ago, I thought for sure the Utes would win at least 7 regular season games and possibly have an outside chance to win 8.

I predicted the Utes would possibly play in the Sun Bowl or maybe the Alamo Bowl.


The Utes will be lucky if they can win 6 games. The Washington State game looks to be the one which will decide whether or not the Utes got to a bowl game.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

I marked it down. Utah is extremely lucky to have the record they have. At this point 2-6 would be much more representative of the current status of their program.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Looking more and more like the Stanford game was an anomaly.

Syracuse, UT

Uncle Rico,

As it is every year.

The Utes could go 1-11, and feel that their season was successful if they beat BYU.....Only at the u could this happen.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Ouch. 3 points. That is an embarrassment. I even had it marked down.

The Utes need to win at least 6 games so there is an outside chance of a BYU/Utah rematch but at this rate I don't think Utah will be bowling.

What ever happened to the King?

springville, UT

cheer up ute fans, your bowl game was in Sept. Your back where you belong, play one important game a year BYU.

"You're who we thought you were"

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT


West Jordan, Utah

This season is a huge letdown. All four losses have been painful because either Utah should have won or they lost largely as a result of Travis Wilson's hand situation.

Call them what they are. Losses.

The Utes have only beat down one team this year. Weber...

Provo, UT

Game with CU will be to see if the Utes win six games and go to the New Mexico Bowl? Don't Ute fans pan BYU for playing for the New Mexico bowl?

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Don't mean to pile on but if the tables were turned you can bet that the first 10 posts would be by Chris B, taunting the Cougars. Fortunately for all of us on both sides Chris B will not be heard from for some time. See? There is a silver lining even in a loss.

Well there is always basketball.....oh wait. There is always skiing.

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

Way to represent the state. 3 points over a medicore team? Really? Chris promised a win.

Salt Lake City, UT

We now know that the utes are not as good as USC's third string. At least not today.

Frisco, TX

I really thought the Utes had turned the tide with the big win against Stanford, but 6-6 looks like best case scenario. If the Utes don't get a bowl invite, Whit will start to feel the heat; but his job is safe for now . . . unless the Buffs blowout the Utes. Although a bowless season this year and next, and Whit will have to get his resume out.

I really hope the Utes steal a win against ASU and WSU. No chance against the Ducks. And beating the Buffs should be as easy as beating the Wildcats.

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